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Scribbles with markers on takeaway Spinellis coffee cups, very sleepy yawns that shake off the cobwebs of the dreams of the night before.

Done with: The White Queen by Philippa Gregory
Now reading: Anna Karenin by Leo Tolstoy

The White Queen was good, i liked it better than The Boleyn Inheritance. I think part of this is because I actually studied Richard III for literature extensively, and The White Queen is about Elizabeth Woodsville, mother of the two princes in the castle. More than once i stumbled across bits which made me go IVE STUDIED THIS!! I KNOW THIS!! which made me feel simultaneously overexcited like a child on christmas day and quite silly like a child on christmas day.

I remember being extremely confused when i first started on Richard III by Shakespeare, because of all the names and stuff (Honestly, didnt anyone in the fourteen hundreds know any other names besides Henry and George and Richard?? And my goodness, the number of Katherines they have.) and i couldnt figure out who was who. This book made it plenty clear- i wish i had read it last year.

Highly recommended to any RIII lit student. Dont take whatever the book says wholesale though- don’t think Cambridge will take very kindly to being told that Richard was really quite romantic and that Elizabeth Woodsville was a half water goddess descendant.

“Edward lives as if there is no tomorrow, Richard as if he wants no tomorrow, and George as though someone should give it to him for free”
The White Queen, Philippa Gregory

This made me laugh.

Today: We had lunch with Monique from Microsoft’s MSN at Barpazza. Its quite a lovely place- sitting there amongst the red and white checkered cloth and white chairs with white brick walls, i felt abit like i was back in one of the cafes from Italy 2010.


The pizza was fantastic- they’re apparently really good with their pasta as well but i found it slightly too creamy for my liking. They have really yummy salad, tried it the last time with Christel.

Capital Square 3 #01-02
25 Church St
Mon-Wed 11.45am-10.30pm
Thu-Fri 11.45am-midnight
Sat 5.30pm-10.30pm
Closed Sun

We had: Salami pizza, Pepperoni pizza (YUM), and some new Sub-something pizza. (Couldnt catch the name) Also, Carbonara pasta (too creamy), Sweet potato fries, Calamari and Mushroom soup. Nomz.

Im so full i could curl up under my desk and make like a snoozing kitty.

The Lincoln Lawyer tonight with XQ- TALK ABOUT EXCITED. I havent been to the theaters since .. uh.. i dont remember. I think it was Just Go With It early last month.

I am sleepy.

Abrupt ending out of nowhere.