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Sup guys

So, you probably know that time isnt much of a luxury extended to me these days. Each morning I drag myself out of bed and make myself a coffee, balance my bag and phone and all the mish mash of miscellaneous things one has to tote to work.

And then when i knock off, its pretty much night and i either pop off for dinner with my Person Of The Day or head home to crash because as much as i enjoy it, work is exhausting. A good kind of exhausting, but still, exhausting.

Another thing about being a full time office girl now is that we’re no longer confined to the boxy fireproof uniform of college, and boy oh boy does it get difficult before long to find different things to wear to work Every single day.

And its not just me- i hear the likes of Syaf and Ern complaining about how clothes seem to run out pretty fast nowadays and as Responsible Ladies of the Working Society we should wear nice and different clothes everyday, but also because we are Responsible Ladies of the Working Society, we dont have much time to go shopping for new clothes.

Its like freakin Catch 22.

ANYWAY. So most of us have taken to either bulk buying clothes (although mum claims its a thinly veiled excuse to go shopping with our new money heh  heh) on weekends or shopping online.Personally im not one for online shopping because 1. i like to be able to look and feel for myself the quality of the clothes im buying and 2. WHAT IF MY CLOTHES GET LOST IN THE MAIL/I GET SCAMMED HUH.

I dont mind with stuff like sunglasses and canon dslr remote controls and things like, though. Just clothes. Dont ask me why.

Well anyway when the ladies down at Rocketonmars asked me to do an advert for them, i was all like oh man but i dont like shopping online but okay i guess i dont mind trying it out. So i went to meet Mich last saturday to check out the clothes: here’s some photos i took with my own camera


Check out my nails!!! Teenage dream, Katy perry collection OPI. okok not the focus here. Uh. May i draw your attention back to the clothes

Inner lining to some of the clothes they consider sheer. (Bottom left)

I asked Mich to hold up one of the tops she described as Sheer on the blogshop to see how sheer their sheer is


There you go!

Verdict: the quality of the clothes are pretty much what they promise on their blogshop- those that they say are sheer, are. They also include the material and description- i like the non pretentiousness of the blogshop. Observe:

1. Quality cotton top with a functional back zip
2. Cotton cardigan with functional side buttons
3. Quality cotton 3/4 sleeve top with a little cute black roll-up at the end of sleeves

Descriptions of the clothes sold are clean and simple, with names like Sid the Geek Slouchy Top
and The Highway Blues Blouse which actually tell you what you’re buying, rather than blogshops which name their clothes things like Celine and Helena. Excuse me?! How on earth would i know what Helena is supposed to be? A shirt? A dress? I could name my pet cat Helena and noone would be any wiser. (Okay no offense to any blogshop who has named their clothes Helena ok i have not actually seen any clothes named Helena but you know, similar things.)

So anyway i went to check out the rest of the clothes they’re selling on RocketOnMars, and i picked out a few i liked:


I dont blogshop much, so i cant tell you if these clothes are common or not. What i can tell you though, is that although they describe their blogshop as having a more Edgy style, i actually think they do span across several categories. The top right white dress with black lines is something that would look pretty good at work, feminine and pretty classy, and the polka dotted shirt reminds me of a cute baseball jacket i think Jane would like. Except, you know. Its a shirt.

Also i quite like their shoes. Which are not for sale.

i like shoes.



I wore the slouchy looking black top last Sunday with jeans and blue vans- really not something i would normally wear given that im more a dress-n-heels girl, but i quite surprisingly liked it! Its comfy and has a pretty interesting form, though that might just be me because i dont really have other clothes like these.

I also liked the fact that their clothes are pretty conservatively understated without being too kiddish. I havent seen anything too revealing on their space yet, nothing you would hesitate for before slapping on facebook. I wouldnt say that their clothes are cheap– affordable, yes, pretty comparable to other blogshops (i did my research ok) but if you’re looking for like ten dollar deals, then you’re not gonna find it here. But then again, bear in mind that these are brand new clothes, and you get what you’re paying for.

Also, Mich and Hilary are both really sweet and pretty- dont think i dont know you go to blogshops to look at pretty girls. Right. RIGHT. Well anyway being sweet and pretty and all, i’d vouch for them personally- you wouldnt get cheated/ripped off/scammed buying from them, one of the baseline fears of most online shoppers.

You can find them here:

They’re a relatively new blogshop, so give them time- i have a feeling its going to get better over time because they’re very open to feedback. You can tell them what you’d like to see and im sure they’d try to bring it in.