Currently listening to:Party Rock Anthem by LMFAO


Latest temptation. Pink. Glitter. Boots. Five inch heels. All my weaknesses balled up into a pair of twinkletoes and presented to me by Jeffrey Campbell. Why.

Last night,The Lincoln Lawyer. It was really boring at first but then it got better but overall it was still kinda.. i dont know. Would give it a three upon five. After the movie, XQ, Shu (new blondie in town yo) and Shruts sat in macdonalds and played with fries and contemplated the state of society.

loljk we were talkin about boiz.

Its good to be doing typical teenager things on a typical teenager girls night out and feelin like a typical teenager. ShruthiAva was screaming some deep beep deet deet deet song really out of tune to Shu’s horror. Also, the rest of the customers. Oh dear.

This song has been stuck in my head the entire day.

You need to watch the video to get it.

Tonight saw me sittin in coffeebean with daphne and XQ going DERP DERP DERP TIU TIU BEEP DEET DEET DEET EVERYDAY IM SHUFFLIN SHUFFLIN SHUF-F-F-F-LIN. I drove them nuts but then again the song was drivin me nuts in the head.

So many things happenin this coming week