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1. The back of most toilet doors dont have bag hooks 🙁

2. So many dogs

3. It is possible to be attacked by spiderman in Central Park with a PMD and have your arm broken as a result, which is exactly what happened to my housemate last week.

4. People don’t like, but still use, Amazon here

5. So many gyms. So many pasta shops.

6. Today I asked someone what Adderall was after getting caught up with the Caroline Calloway drama, and she was so shocked she said: “oh my god, I cannot believe I just heard someone say that sentence what is Adderall”

7. Suddenly I understand why everyone keeps asking me – are you using any substances – and I understand that it is not personal, and that I, for the most part, pass as painstakingly regular.

8. Where are all the cats, I asked, and someone told me, this is a city, if a cat went on the streets it would die immediately. I heard this and in my minds eye I saw the four cats that live in my void deck back home and the seventeen that live on my street and I knew that it is not the abstract city that kills cats, it is New York City, which consumes the independent street felines, for it is only the ones on a leash, or reared to venture only as far as the fire escape, that make it out alive.