imagesStuttgart, Germany
It’s so easy to claim you’ve been bitten by the wanderlust bug but there’s a very compelling part of me that is also undeniably a creature of comfort, someone who wants to close the tabs on all the fare compare sites and my google calendar and hide under my comforter where I don’t have to deal with budgeting and administrative headaches that inevitably come with planning travel.. yet tomorrow I leave for Prague, and I’ll be feeling my way through Slovakia, Budapest, Istanbul and Paris respectively, my first time in all of them save for Paris. Amidst all the planning and packing I find myself hoping against hope that no matter how many cities I visit and planes I board, I never lose that initial gasp of wonder and immense gratefulness as I first disembark and soak in the rays of another country.

Let me never reach the point where each new destination is no longer a big deal. Let me never be bored with this world.