I’ve heard so much about couchsurfing but I’ve never had the opportunity to do it because 1. there’s nowhere to couchsurf to in singapore, 2. it’s cheap enough to get a hotel in most southeast asian countries without blinking twice and 3. Asians are just more conservative I guess. But I’ve always wanted to try it, and when better to when you’re young? In Salzburg I couchsurfed with Sebastian, this hippie law student who reads law in the day and composes music about world peace at night. World Peace. These hippies, man.. It was a bit of a musician’s house, actually, with one housemate being an opera singer and the other being a jazz pianist and what not, but what it really meant was pretty amazing jamming sessions and shaky handheld phone videos im never releasing to the public. Waking up to a view of the Austrian Alps out of my window has to be one of the more amazing ways i’ve started my mornings, but it has nothing on the day I woke up to Sebastian announcing that we were going for a picnic, only to realize what he meant was we were going HARD CORE HIKING. These hippies, man…


At least we got this amazing view, though, Sound of Music filming location right there.

Great sort of way to experience life as a local, insert whole traveler vs tourist debate here. Now I can tell everyone that I truly know what being a local in Salzburg is like: ie. someone who confuses the concept of relaxing picnics with insane hiking and caving.

I’m mostly kidding. Had the most wonderful time with Sebastian, so grateful to have met strangers online who were so willing to open their doors to me – goes against all my STRANGER DANGER and CYBER SECURITY instincts instilled since young, but what are we if not progressive as a generation? What indeed.


All photos in this post taken with the Canon 500D on 50f1.8 lens, Nikon 1 J2, and iPhone 5s.