Photos taken with Canon 500d, on a 30f1.4 lens
imagesPrague, Czech Republic
Is it an ancient civilizations thing? Are people naturally drawn to water? I’ve never seen myself as much of a beach/river/lake sort of girl, more of gridlocked in the city where people dont look at you weird if you primp your hair and wear heels, yet with every city I visit these days I find myself gravitating towards water bodies..

Maybe I’m overthinking it and the weather just seems more forgiving when you’re walking down a river with a mojito in hand. Prague isn’t even supposed to be known for its rivers, but all I wanted to do was strip down and plunge headfirst into the water. Make friends with a swan, keep it as my familiar.. I watch too many Disney movies. It quickly established itself as my favorite city within the first day – but I’ll save a more in-depth post for another time. Right now allow me my daydreams of mint leaves and water..