I was listening to Melissa Benoist’s rendition of Moon River in the car the other day. It’s from the CW Supergirl x The Flash crossover musical episode, which basically makes it a shoe-in success in my books because i love musicals and i love my cheesy television. Anyway the episode is great. And also anyway that is not the point. The point is that Melissa Benoist, who plays an adorable and gawky Supergirl, is awesome. And girl can sing!

Here’s where we pick up the thread of the story: I’ve been addicted to her rendition of Moon River for the last week, which means I’m always playing it in the car as the boyfriend drives (quick poll: who gets control of the music in the car – the front seat passenger or the driver who has to keep his eyes on the road anyway?) which annoys said bf to no end since his music taste is trash and he can’t appreciate the dulcet mezzo-soprano tones of Melissa Benoist. As his hands have to stay on the wheel he has resorted to different ways to get me to change the music, one of which was yelling that huckleberry friend alludes to slavery so I should stop singing the song to which i was like huck finn wasnt a slave u doofus (for those of you wondering about Huck Finn and how we should read books like Twain that openly use words that are problematic in the modern context, this piece from The New York Times is a pretty good read).

Aka it did not work. The drive from our homes to the CBD is a good half hour, so that’s half an hour of him trying different methods to get me off the song while keeping his eyes on the road. I had all but won, I could see him being worn down. Victory was so close. If I won rights to play Moon River it would mean rights to music jurisdiction in the car forever. Ten minutes from my office he started laughing and I (regretfully) asked him why. He refused to answer but started laughing again every time the song restarted. Finally, he went:

You’re basically mooing.

What do you mean?

She goes: Moooooooooo-n river.

Shut up.


Shut up!


Long story short he ruined the song for me with a cow impression.

Modern romance, y’all.