imagesAbu Dhabi, UAE
Nobody really needs that many bags, is the right thing to tell onesself, but one cannot help if one wants them.

Seriously, though. Had the honour of working with Braun Buffel sometime last year to shoot a series of visuals for their SS16 collection in Abu Dhabi, the city, the desert, and more. Braun’s SS16 collection is inspired by the tiles of morocco, an oddly specific visual reference that translates surprisingly well onto patented goat leather. And where better to locate them than on the Rub’ al Khali, the largest contiguous sand desert in the world? Well, save for Morocco itself, of course. But that’s a trip for another day.

Featured above: the Oasis clutch in lapis lazuli, Riad tote in Saffran, Medina bucket in Tangerine, and the Fes crossbody in Turquoise.