Top: Love Bonito | Skirt: Supre | Coat: Friend’s | Bag: Gift from friend | Hair by Hairloom
imagesSydney, Australia.
All photos taken with the Nikon D750 on a 35mm lens

These visuals were shot in the street behind our airbnb apartment in Syndey – which was really a refurbished warehouse, but that’s a story for a different day. I love how everything is more photogenic abroad. I used to put it down to psychological difference but I later learnt that not all sunlight is equal, and the type we get over on our sunny singapore is decidedly less photogenic than the type you get everywhere else.. ah well. Equatorial sun, and all that.

Anyway. I had my hair sliced and diced at Hairloom, my new hair sponsor, a couple of weeks ago. I joined Hairloom at the chorus of praises my other click girls sung of them – and Roz and Shu An have the most perfect, on-pointe hair, all the time, so I trust them. Good call, it seems. All Calvin did for me was touch up my roots and cut my hair, but he must have worked some magic on it because my hair is 15x easier to style now. My morning routine has been cut down about 20 minutes, and for that I am eternally grateful. He tells me this is called the invisible disconnect cut, which gives me triangular layers in my hair while retaining length. Don’t ask me what that means: in my book it just means amazing.

I’ve always maintained that finding a good stylist is like finding the perfect spouse – hair is such an intimate thing, don’t you think? A good cut brings you further than a full face of make up: I would know, I just hosted a major hair makeover event with Liese a couple of weekends ago to an audience of fresh faced teenaged girls. Although I’m not exactly the technical expert when it comes to the nitty gritty details, I know hair that works when I see it. And this cut, boy, it works for me. So many people have commented on it since I visited the salon sans prompting. I adore it: both the cut and the attention. The internet is no place for public declarations of affection, but I think I may have found the proverbial ‘one’.

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