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The first sign i had was a slight tizzying in my head
          Thats weird, i thought and then

it hit me really hard, the choking asphyxiation, wrapping itself around my head and squeezing really hard there were people clubbing in my head like on a friday night and everything went spinning and there was two of everything no three no four and then i thought to myself what the hell is happening to me i cannot see and then there was static

       and i felt like throwing up but there was nothing to throw there was a knife, no, a machete, or possibly a Scimitar piercing my brain the point was lacerating my brain and i couldnt move- rather i could, was, moving, swaying precariously, but i had no control over my movements and i thought to myself it is okay this will pass i dont know what is going on but it will pass it has to because if i dont believe it will pass i am truly dead and then i felt myself break out into cold sweat everywhere and then i couldnt. breathe. at. all. even though i was gasping with the desperation of a drowning man and i was digging my nails into my arm to try and focus on a different pain from the one that was choking me but i couldnt feel a thing and everything was fading in and out into pure static and i thought to myself

this is not passing
there is no light at the end of the tunnel
i am going to die

It was the singularly most terrifying thing to happen to me in my eighteen years of life. I was utterly convinced that i was going to die. After somehow blindly stumbling out of the train last night and scaring the crap out of half the passengers in the process and being pumped full of medicine i have been suspected of cardiogenic syncope which is a condition where you are physically unable to breathe when there is insufficient oxygen in a crowded place and They have concluded that it was a accumulation of stress, exhaustion and possible overdose of caffeine which was triggered off by the lack of oxygen in the train during rush hour

and all i know is that if that ever happens to me again i think i might die