just chillin n multi masking, as one does

Hey guys,

So many high SES/low SES jokes floating around the internet these days, unintentional courtesy of the Singapore government. Not gonna deny that it hits a bit close to home thanks to my own broke student background. Homegirl’s current disposable income is a brand new thing, is what I’m saying, and a big part of why stress or no, I’m loving being an adult. So yeah, side note to all broke students reading this – hustle it out and it does get better.

Anyway, I digressed. My point was, growing up, my skincare consisted of two steps: 1. drinking a lot of water and 2. not washing my face. I only started on skincare proper in university – moisturiser, sunscreen, the works, and it’s because I straight up couldn’t afford it growing up. Which is why I was so pleasantly surprised when I got my hands on L’oreal Paris Skincare’s latest clay mask range, which is priced so affordably. It comes in three variants and each jar of 50g costs SGD14.90. Perfect, I thought immediately, for students.

I must clarify at this point that L’oreal Paris paid me to do an ad for this on my instagram, but this blogpost is not part of that agreement, nor do they know that I’m writing this. I only take up ads for products I like on my instagram, and whether any of those filter down to my blog content really depends on how impressed I am with the product because I rarely take up paid blogposts – perhaps 2 per year? Anyway. I was approached to do the clay mask ad for IG, brought the masks with me when I travelled, and also tried the masks together with my sisters at home. I was suspicious, in other words, of how effective a cheap mask could be. But after a week of trying the masks out, I returned to L’oreal agreeing to do the ad on one condition – that we also hold a giveaway exclusively for students for the set of three masks. Happily, they agreed. The giveaway is now live on my instagram, so students – open a new tab and head over.

But back to the masks themselves. They come in three variants – detoxifying, illuminating, and anti-pore. The idea is that you use them in varying combinations on your face to multi mask, but honestly, I do end up reverting to doing a mono-mask most of the time because it’s just the most hassle free. The masks are targeted to individual skin concerns – the anti-pore works to mattify oil-prone skin, the illuminating mask exfoliates, and the detoxifying one is a straightforward clarifying charcoal mask. And the most important thing: the masks are very good. My personal favorite is the detoxifying – it’s a classic charcoal + clay mask that glides on and washes off to reveal fresh, clear skin. My modus operandi is keeping the masks in my home toilet, applying them once I get into the shower, and washing them off just before getting out (after shampooing, conditioning, brushing my teeth, and the like, it’s about time to wash it off anyway). The recommended leave time is 10 minutes but I’ve left it on for longer, either ways my skin still feels ridiculously clean and smooth post-masking. I checked in with my sisters too and they loved the masks. Student and adult approved, is what I’m saying.


Is this the best clay mask I’ve ever used? No. The best charcoal clay I’ve used is still the Himalayan Charcoal Purifying Glow Mask from The Body Shop. But that is twice the price at SGD32.90 and therefore you may purchase that when you are earning an income. Other clay masks suitable for people earning actual incomes – the Origins Clear Improvement Charcoal mask, which is fantastic, and Fresh Beauty’s Umbrian Clay purifying mask. The main point, though, is that although the L’oreal clay masks may not be the best masks on the market, they are pretty damned good, and when you take into account their price point, they become, well, excellent.

Western beauty brands can be so pricey, but this is really a great mask series and at such super value too. Recommended: a millenial yaaas, three as included. x