Hey guys,

Just on here again because I realised how doom and gloom I sounded the last couple of posts, and wanted visual, solid proof that much of my being is really exuberance!!!! and more!!!! and that it is only in the quiet of writing that my retrospective, and thus, sombre side emerges. It is what it is. Regardless, part of the reason October flew by so fast was because I was basically filming nonstop for various travel shows and also other things. You know the going is good when the show launches and you’re just mourning all the good footage that didn’t make it into the cut thanks to time restrictions or whatever. But, yknw, brevity is not my strong suit, so it is probably for the best that judicious cuts be made on my behalf, anyway.

Here we go! The DFS shoot I did a couple of weeks ago. When DFS Changi asked me to host an episode of their #ShowYourCraft series and told me I’d be basically making cocktails all day.. I was like, guys. Is this a prank? That doesnt sound like work at all. It turns out, as you’ll see in the episode, that the plan all along was to lure me in with whiskey then prank me. Gasp! Diabolical.

Another thing that just launched – the travel show Roz and I were filming in Osaka last month (insanely quick turnaround time, props to the crew!) which was one of the most fun shoots I’ve done, ever!

It’s always so great when you work with people you love. Everytime Roz and I get together on set it’s almost like people are just hiring us to hang out and have fun, which is what we do all the time anyway. Happiness and hilarity ensues, etcetera etcetera. My university professor messaged me after watching it to ask if she could show it at next year’s open house; ergo, the moral of the story is that a masters degree in English Literature can lead to an illustrious career in rapping bad puns onscreen. Let nobody accuse academia of inflexibility, is what Im sayin.