Top: Modparade | Jeans: Random store in Far East Plaza, Singapore | White bucket bag c/o Hervelvetvase | Watch c/o Daniel Wellington Watches | Military green sneakers c/o Superga | Location: Best Western Cranbury Court, Queenstown.
Photos taken on the Nikon D610 with a 35f1.8 lens

My relationship with sneakers as a whole can be somewhat likened to summer flings and short romances. I’ve owned over five pairs in the last year, going through short spurts of intense passion with each, wearing them nearly everyday for a couple of weeks before relegating them to the back of my shoe cupboard in favor of heels or pumps. I tend to live my life in elevation – the higher the heel the better I feel and all that, you know? Still, there’s something about the incredible comfort and laid back chic of sneakers that have me always gazing wistfully at them in shopfront windows..

Before leaving for New Zealand, Superga Singapore sent me a pair of their classic sneakers. I’ve been lusting over my own pair for awhile now, always hovering over the counter because I’m afraid of falling into another fling that won’t last. What a timely delight. We’re sure it’ll serve you well on your trip, they said, and they were right. I soon realized that my pretty ballet flats just weren’t cutting it in the rocky regions of the South Island mountains, or on treks down to famous lakes and waterfalls. But these heavy duty sneakers have been following me everywhere – mountains, water bodies, even when flinging myself off planes … and going surprisingly well with my outfits. When we checked in to our beautiful apartment one rainy afternoon in Queenstown, I thought to myself: what a perfect opportunity to feature these babies. And what indeed.


Our apartment in Queenstown was all I ever wanted in a house – all wood, white, and natural light. Look, that even rhymed. What a perfect place for an English major. A short drive from our place led us to the hidden gem that was this rocky region overlooking a vast expanse of water: and suddenly, our time in Queenstown seemed much too short, too soon.


I’d recommend Cranbury Court to anyone coming to Queenstown in a heartbeat. To date, it just might be my favorite accommodation this trip yet.

Best Western Cranbury Court
19-23 Gorge Road, Queenstown 9348
03-442 6483

Thank you for your hospitality, Cranbury Court, and for these lovely kicks Superga Singapore!