imagesAbu Dhabi, UAE.
Featuring: Fossil’s 2015 Holiday Collection
The Curious Set

Fossil to me has always represented a form of achievable luxe, toeing the line between affordability and quality that endures the test of time. I can’t count the number of Fossil watches I’ve bought or chipped in for for birthday presents, christmas gifts, etcetera – it’s that kind of brand. I’ve long associated it with gorgeous male timepieces and accessories, mentally dubbing it the male gifting equivalent of a Tiffany, if you will, but Fossil actually has a really strong female line as well. I picked up a few pieces to bring along to my recent trip to Abu Dhabi, and took the opportunity to shoot a feature for them – two bags and two watches, which is your favourite?


Original Boyfriend Chronograph Dark Brown Leather Watch ES3907

A slightly feminine twist on a classic male design – for girls who like to borrow their boyfriend’s watches but still have it flatter one’s wrist. Would buy if I were a boyfriend who’s watch keeps getting stolen. A great christmas gift and a subtle way of getting to hold on to my own watch all in one. Perfection.


Chelsey Multifunction Rose Gold & Acetate Watch ES3890

I can’t even start on how in love I am with this watch. Chain linked watches have never been my thing, but the rose gold accents and shimmer horn acetate won me over. Look at that dial face! The bold design seems primarily masculine (though I dont think this was intended as a boyfriend watch at all), but it balances out nicely with the glitz on the face ring and mirrored dials. Perfect for christmas season, but definitely wearable throughout the year.


Emerson Satchel (Maroon) ZB6458601

I would say about 80% of my bags are big bags. This is by virtue of both profession and nature – 1. I need my DSLR with me most times, and 2. I’m a hoarder. This bag is as roomy as I need and is a great color to boot – any shade of red is a good shade in my books. It’s also got a ton of compartments, which I used to keep my entire life history in.


Preston Flap (Espresso) ZB5875206

Often I look on in envy as my friends tote tiny bags, baby satchels, crossbody bags, etcetera. While I’ve always flirted with the idea of getting some, the reality is that I need too many things with me (see above re: hoarder). My portable charger, cables, phone, planner.. and so on. This bag isn’t exactly tiny, but it’s sure a great deal smaller than the normal ones I carry, plus it’s expandable. Still won’t fit my DSLR, but it houses nearly everything else – plus it forces me to reevaluate how much I really need my huge camera on a daily basis. Fashionable and comes equipped with lifelong decision making skills. Plus, leather!


Despite being part of a holiday collection I cant help but feel as though these pieces are wearable all year round. And in all climates too, as I hope my desert trek has proved.

Thank you for the love, Fossil!

PS. All products featured are currently available instore 🙂