What did I say about touristy things? We visited the Mercedes Benz museum sometime last week, and although I’m not very into cars myself, it’s something of their pride and joy here in Germany so we thought it’d be good to give it a shot.

Mercedes Benz Museum
Mercedesstraße 100, 70372 Stuttgart
Closed on Mondays, Open 9-6 Tues-Sun
Entry: 8Euros/ adult, 4Euros/ discounted ticket (I assume this means student card discount or something because we only paid 4)

Cars to me are just shiny and pretty and if they get me to where I need to go without having to wrangle with public transport, I love. The cars here though, were in a totally different league. The museum showcased the history of the brand and other cars/brands associated with it – my favorite section included the one with the old school buses and gorgeous vintage cars. They just don’t make automobiles like that anymore. I’d take the bus everyday if it looked anything like the one pictured above. You’re not actually supposed to climb into the exhibits, but yolo.


some things remain the same no matter what country you’re in..

There were also some pretty sick miniature carvings on display showcasing the history of the automobile. Check it out:


I bet the couple in the front is having some sort of embarrassing lover’s tiff in front of the kids and the woman behind tried to skip paying her fares. Looks like citizens in the past were just as law breaking.

All things said and done though, this place is probably a car fanatic’s wet dream. The exhibits are gorgeous, no doubt, but I was kind of through with the place after a couple of hours. Worth a visit if you’ve got the time to spare and/or love cars. Probably a guy’s kind of place, come to think of it.


Oh yes, it’s right next to their VFB Stuttgart soccer stadium. Definitely a guy’s place then.


Messing around outside the museum at dusk. The place is really gorgeous – and it looks like fall even though it’s really winter right now. I went along with the whole excursion/field trip theme and wore this adorable collared dress c/o i.t Labels Singapore there along with thick blue leggings, boots, and a green coat.


Dresses are so convenient, no matter where you are, you know? This one is a bit more cutesy than im normally used to, but here’s to new things in the new year. Thank you i.T Singapore for the love!

Next up on the blog: The luxurious town of Baden Baden.



In other news, things I’m excited about include the latest episode of That F Word being released back in Singapore – an episode, ironically enough, about Chinese New Year fashion.

Let me know what you think! x