Coat: Guangzhou | Donna Printed Top c/o earlgreyparty | kyar wrap skirt in white c/o earlgreyparty | Boots: Guangzhou | Hair: styled with Atomic Thickening Spritz c/o Original Mineral

Hallo from Stuttgart, Germany you guys!

It’s been nearly a week since I’ve arrived and frankly, there is just no excuse for not immediately hopping on the internet and blogging, given how addicted i am to narcissistic social sharing. If it’s any consolation, i’ve been pretty active on instagram and askfm though. Anyway. The minute I touched down, it’s just been school then home, school then home, which kind of explains my absence online. German lessons here start 845am, which means 1. i have to wake up at 6am to get to class on time 2. the minute i get home and shower in the evening i just crash without bothering to check and reply emails or do any work, a bad habit i really need to correct. I’d never tolerate traveling two hours to school in singapore, which i guess speaks volumes about my double standards. Trains here and their passengers are so frequently pretty though..

These photos were snapped hurriedly behind my school campus, actually right next to some dumpster thingy. You see, everything is prettier in europe. Im used to only colorblocking, but i’m loving the detail a bit of print adds into photos. I know it’s winter here (actually, it’s freezing at about 0-4 degrees) but i wore this long sleeved top in singapore too and it’s surprisingly comfortable, even though it’s made of relatively more substantial material. And if you’re following me on instagram, you’ll already be familiar with the kyar wrap skirt featured here which i also have in black. It really is the most lovely thing. Completely changes the shape of your legs, and it’s incredibly flattering as compared to the straight cut basic skirt that i’m such a fan of. You can get it in sizes here.


Post photo credits: Shane

Speaking of fashion.. kind of, the interview i did with Asian fashion website Tanjong Bazaar by Yvette King and Katherine Liew is out and you can read it here! I’m quite excited about it because they call me sweet and say a lot of nice things about me, heh. Hugest thanks to you two for the kind words x much love all the way from europe.

In other news, I’ve actually got tons to say, but i haven’t got the space or coherence to pen them down right now.. as we speak, my eyes are closing, actually. Either way, i’ll leave you with a promise- that i’ll be back with a proper post before the mid week is done. Thank you to all of you who’ve been leaving me sweet comments, well wishes, and offers to show me around via email, fb message, and askfm, it’s amazing to know i have readers/ viewers in europe too. I’m in Stuttgart right now and I’ll definitely be traveling around as much as possible once i get settled in here, so see you guys if i see you guys! x


took off my coat to show you guys the full details of the top but brrrrrr it’s FREEZING