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I grabbed some frozen strawberries so I could ice your bruising knees/
But frozen things they all unfreeze

Last night was spent with the group of girls above- 80%MS at A Pinch Of Salt celebrating Sa’s nineteenth! Full update to follow when i get Pamela’s shots- she took most of the photos and i got lazy so i just left the Kiss in my bag and took it out for groupshots. Elissa’s gotten beautifully sundrenched from her entire day at USS, which reminds me: I havent been to USS before! 🙁

Yesterday morning i had this extremely unfortunate incident involving a swirlstorm of glitter. After reaching the office at nine thirty as i do each day, i was unloading everything from my bag and accidentally spilt some of the fine silver glitter from my makeup case on to my desk.

The more i tried to clean it off the more it blew around cheerfully and in about seven seconds i had this… tornado of fine silver glitter flying everywhere, in my hair, in my face, all over my laptop….. when i blinked i literally blinked glitter. Everywhere i sat for the rest of the day i left a trail of glitter. When i shook my head a puff of glitter would sort of implode in a pouf.

That was right before a client meeting with DBS in the afternoon. Sigh.

Anyway before people start suspecting that the only thing going on in my life involves really frivolous things like glitter flying everywhere (though in my defense i dont know how that happened ohmygoodness), i better post some vaguely informative stuff.

16 Things You Didn't Know About Sleep
Via: Psychology Degree

7. Dreaming is normal. People who do not dream generally have personality disorders.

Well i had a dream last night involving a stairwell and some broken panes of colored glass which i used to mess about with the sunlight streaming in from the windows before someone walked in on me and thought i was trying to kill myself with all that glass so i guess that means im okay since im dreamin.

oh yes and some photos from xtel’s iphone from last week’s Diva Universal Networks Fairly legal preview. Still havent gotten the shots from the official photographer yet though so you’ll have to make do with our funny faces


I guess that’s about all. Read the phantom of the opera this week but i preferred the musical. Its been a pretty good week though, despite the stupid throat. Fever/Flu’s gone, and im left with the throat inflammation and hyperventilation (but theres nothing i can do about that) woooo~

Next Week: Monday (holiday!), Tuesday Wednesday, THURSDAY FLYIN OFF TO PHUKET WITH THE TEAM. They say there’s gonna be team events and talks and stuff but all i hear is me, xtel, and LOUNGING AROUND ON THE BEACH LIKE A BOSS.