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Sup Guys.

So, a dinnertime conversation last night with the best friend went something like this:

BBF: i am a good bbf i read your blog
Me: bullcrap you only go there to look at the colourful pictures you dont have the attention span to read a paragraph
BBF: awcrapdangz bbf your blog isnt funny no more you used to be damn funny
Me: thats cos i was FIFTEEN and i wrote bimbo nonsense rubbish and all you like to read is rubbish
BBF: …….. moo.

Yeah well. It went something like that and because BBF’s opinion counts for quite a lot to me i am going to dedicate this post to BBF and write in the style of my fifteen year old self.

So lets cancel out my initial sup guys and go with oh golly dang, hellowellojellybeans everyone! . Crap i am regretting this already i sound like lindsey lohan on crack. PLUS i am pretty sure i didnt blog like this when i was sixteen.

Anyway. It was a good (gollyjollyfizzbangclapwhizwoohoo see bbf here is the blonde nonsense you are so fond of) Friday yesterday- TGIF times a million- and morning saw me at Suntec with the team for the Internet Show Asia Exhibition and then it was writing nonstop like a writing machine + meetings the entire day- good meetings though- at then dinner at night with my cow of a best friend and his girlfriend which was pretty much the cherry on top of the icing for me. I love nights out with the bbf and his girlfriend they make me laugh and they are so cute they should start their own line of soft toy dolls or something similarly cheesy.

Dinner at Simei Ramen Place called some don don men don dont know what cheeseballs.


Sounds like some doremon/pikachu-like shop to be perfectly honest.

BBF: blah blah blah i am goodlooking blah blah eh check it out i have musclezxzzx from NS woohoo blah blah blah eh are you taking a photo of me can you stop it i am not photogenic OEI STOP IT


typical BBF sentences.


My sister says BBF looks better when he wears his army specs (though indri and i disagree) cos she likens them to eyeliner around his incywincy coin slot teeny eyes and she says they make a Statement.

Like, “yoohoo look here i actually have eyes yeah those aren’t just slits, they are EYES!!” kinda Statement.

BBF: “Thats not nice meemz!”
Indri spits out greentea while violently doubling up in laughter
Me: “well i do believe you just got owned your girlfriend is on my side AGAIN”
BBF cries in a corner.

K kidding lah he didnt cry. but still.


BBF says: “I will hide in a dustbin and punch your sister when she tries to throw away some trash.”

Yes dear bbf, but what happens if she doesnt have any trash to throw away? Aha fatal flaw in your plan.

BBF think he cute take so many consecutive shots.


Indri is so lovely she looks like some angel walking on earth or something ok great i just made her sound like some extraterrestrial being from a sugarspun planet but NO she is really the sweetest girl everrrrrrr!! Plus she always sides me in bbf-stand-offs-who-is-cooler so i like her


Check out her eyelashes. Blink. Blink. Blink.




BBF trying to prove that his girlfriend is half mouse.

Me messin with BBF’s phone.


…Damn. Ive become predictable.

I like this photo!


Honestly everytime i see my BBF and BBFG i go all awwwsosweetmeltzxzxzx on them i am turning all mushy and stuff o m g.

Evidence. Observe:

Me: Im here, call me when you reach! Sitting at starbucks.
BBF: you fast nut! tell me 730! we’re on our way.
Me: awww so cuuuuuuute awww
BBF: Im pretty sure i didnt order a McMoron
Me: Eh bitch you 7th day of block leave then come meet me you dont have insulting rights
BBF: Lol its you lor! You’re the one with work if not i can meet you at the very start of it
Me: Now you sending me on a guilt trip
BBF: heehee! we’re reaching alr. meet you at starfishes
Me: Omg you heehee me im pretty sure i didnt order a McGay.

Our bestfriendship is obviously built on insults. Sigh.
anyway the point is 1. BBF and BBFG are seriously the Cutest Couple Ever i go all awwsocuuutesomgomgomgomgomg on them ALL THE TIME and 2. BBF is turning all mushy also please heehee me all slap his face lah.

Yeah okay didnt make sense moving on




Me: (looking at the photo) eeyer why you never smile properly
Indri: heehee i think he has javachip frappocino in his mouth
BBF: (vague mumbling while being torn between laughing and swallowing his water)

The other photos turned out okay. Or as okay as they can get without hair.


Indri looks a whole lot better in BBF’s specs than BBF does. Just sayin~~


my favourite couple. I like them better than selena gomez and justina bieber and that’s saying alot. Oops, did i just say justina? Accident. Or Not.

Yeah anyway my best friend iz a mightymoomoo cow.

Nonsensical enough for you, BBF? Have fun checkin back in to commando leaders tomorrow and gettin your ass pwnd by tower jumps and parachute jumps and helicopter jumps and dont die or i will have no moar best friend kthxbai.