#1895 | Calling all Curious: Fossil 2015 Holiday Collection


imagesAbu Dhabi, UAE.
Featuring: Fossil’s 2015 Holiday Collection
The Curious Set

Fossil to me has always represented a form of achievable luxe, toeing the line between affordability and quality that endures the test of time. I can’t count the number of Fossil watches I’ve bought or chipped in for for birthday presents, christmas gifts, etcetera – it’s that kind of brand. I’ve long associated it with gorgeous male timepieces and accessories, mentally dubbing it the male gifting equivalent of a Tiffany, if you will, but Fossil actually has a really strong female line as well. I picked up a few pieces to bring along to my recent trip to Abu Dhabi, and took the opportunity to shoot a feature for them – two bags and two watches, which is your favourite?


Original Boyfriend Chronograph Dark Brown Leather Watch ES3907

A slightly feminine twist on a classic male design – for girls who like to borrow their boyfriend’s watches but still have it flatter one’s wrist. Would buy if I were a boyfriend who’s watch keeps getting stolen. A great christmas gift and a subtle way of getting to hold on to my own watch all in one. Perfection.


Chelsey Multifunction Rose Gold & Acetate Watch ES3890

I can’t even start on how in love I am with this watch. Chain linked watches have never been my thing, but the rose gold accents and shimmer horn acetate won me over. Look at that dial face! The bold design seems primarily masculine (though I dont think this was intended as a boyfriend watch at all), but it balances out nicely with the glitz on the face ring and mirrored dials. Perfect for christmas season, but definitely wearable throughout the year.


Emerson Satchel (Maroon) ZB6458601

I would say about 80% of my bags are big bags. This is by virtue of both profession and nature – 1. I need my DSLR with me most times, and 2. I’m a hoarder. This bag is as roomy as I need and is a great color to boot – any shade of red is a good shade in my books. It’s also got a ton of compartments, which I used to keep my entire life history in.


Preston Flap (Espresso) ZB5875206

Often I look on in envy as my friends tote tiny bags, baby satchels, crossbody bags, etcetera. While I’ve always flirted with the idea of getting some, the reality is that I need too many things with me (see above re: hoarder). My portable charger, cables, phone, planner.. and so on. This bag isn’t exactly tiny, but it’s sure a great deal smaller than the normal ones I carry, plus it’s expandable. Still won’t fit my DSLR, but it houses nearly everything else – plus it forces me to reevaluate how much I really need my huge camera on a daily basis. Fashionable and comes equipped with lifelong decision making skills. Plus, leather!


Despite being part of a holiday collection I cant help but feel as though these pieces are wearable all year round. And in all climates too, as I hope my desert trek has proved.

Thank you for the love, Fossil!

PS. All products featured are currently available instore :)


#1894| Digital Fashion Week Day Two + Friends


Outfit: Bebe Singapore | Holographic Clutch: Colette by Colette Hayman | Rings: The Ordinary Co | Make Up: Urban Decay Singapore
Hair by Hairloom

Photography: Nedra Lim

How much of fashion week is fashion, and how much is seeing old familiar faces? Maybe evenly split in half, methinks.

I was dressed by Bebe for the second day of Digital Fashion Week. I was going for a willowy power suit look, if that makes any sense at all. I should talk more about my outfit given that it’s fashion week, I know, I know. But what I really want to talk about is this Taiwanese movie I just watched which is giving me the major feels, and also, the fact that as I’m typing this my cat is knocking things over and scaring itself all over the house, and it’s hilarious. Plus, if you want to know more about my outfit, you can always look at the photos, am i right.


DFW Squad

Ok so, a tiny bit more about DFW. Most of the fun I have at fashion weeks happen before the shows even start, because it involves running into really old familiar faces and screaming about ridiculous things. This year, the stars of my DFW were probably the sensational youtube duo, Munah and Hirzi. Munah and I briefly acted in a skit for a local commercial earlier in the year, which was later taken down because it was apparently too controversial, even though it was not. It was also apparently culturally inappropriate, which was a lie. These are criticisms lobbed at the video that I’ve seen floating around the internet, much like the rest of the opinions floating around on the internet that nobody asked for, my own included, I guess. I can say this because 1. I was in the commercial and therefore I know what I’m talking about when I say that nothing of the sort was meant, and 2. I’m pretty damn sensitive, so I think I would be the first to get offended if there were something to be offended over, thank you very much. But hey, some people just want to watch the world burn..

Hirzi I know because I barrelled straight into him at a H&M outlet, also earlier in the year, consequently traumatising him for the rest of his life. Now whenever we meet each other we have to flirt with each other outrageously to make up for the earlier awkwardness. It’s a long story, don’t ask.

Anyway, the two of them I bring up because I adore what they have going on – the two best friends are inseparable and Hirzi styles Munah and himself for each show. And then they drop down on the red carpet floor just to dubsmash their way into the shows. I look so bad when I laugh hard because my face scrunches up in the most ridiculous way, and thanks to these two, 50% of my DFW photos are unusable. You can check out their style and sass game at StyledByHirzi.

So that was my DFW. I initially only picked two shows to go for this season because my Masters thesis is not going to write itself, people, but after all the pre-show fun I almost regretted not coming down for more. Still, five thousand words of heavy literary theory is due, and I do have to get down to it..


PS. I started off this post talking about cats and a taiwanese movie. Re: Cats – I just downloaded this tamagotchi-esqe game on my phone called Neko Atsume, and it’s legit addictive. Try it, but be warned. Re: Taiwanese movie, it’s called Our Times (我的少女时代), and it’s a complete train wreck. I think I dehydrated the last three years of my life crying during the movie. So good!!!! I’m crying again thinking of it. Ugh, don’t look at me. I’m such a sucker for old school romance movies like these – in fact, I’m basically a sucker for most things lah. 10/10 would recommend!!

#1893 | Digital Fashion Week Day One Lookbook x Run After


Pink Tulle skirt: Ted Baker | White Collared Shirt: Young Hungry Free | Bejewelled Collar: Mint and Pint Accessories | Leather Jacket: MDS Collections | Heels: Topshop
Hair by Hairloom

Photography: Nedra Lim

One of the two looks I styled for Digital Fashion Week this year, and my fourth.. fifth? collaboration with Ted Baker Singapore. I truly love Ted Baker – the luxe, soft, material I could bury my face in over and over again, the fervent attention to detail, the incredibly inspired pieces they pull out of their hat of magic tricks every season.. This pink tulle wonder drew gasps when I stepped out of the changing room, and close up looked as though someone emptied a candy box of glitter on it. Close ups here.

When being interviewed on the red carpet this year by the gorgeous Yvette King, I was asked what was preferable – investing in quality pieces, or fast fashion. Now, I dont presume to be any sort of authority on fashion, and my opinions are just that: my own. One’s environmentally conscious side would obviously pick the long term quality investment (obviously), but what of practical economics? What sort of rich do you have to be to only purchase designer pieces yet also wear them only three times each?

In the end I talked about learning to balance the two – how staple, statement, pieces can be tested for the strength of their versatility when mixed with more affordable variety. In Singapore we have the unique pleasure of being offered access to so much affordable online retail (or at least, it seems that way to me when my friends abroad complain about the cost of their online/instore shopping), and that gives us the elasticity of style. I knew this pink tulle skirt would be something that’d be the hook to any outfit, yet give me space to style in a variety of different ways over time.. so here’s one of them – a pressed white shirt, leather jacket with silver hardware, a collared diamante necklace, picked up by the silver in my heels. Hair in a low ponytail, because with so much going on, you’d want it off your face to minimise distraction – but at the same time, styled sleek with an angled bump to give one’s face shape. (Thank you, Hairloom!)

I dont think that affordable pieces equate fast fashion – they’re not always mutually exclusive, but by some stroke of luck I’ve had the pleasure of purchasing pieces that have lasted me way longer than expected. On the other hand, having been blessed enough to work with international fashion houses, I do know that there is a significant difference – not just in design, but in cut, threading, and overall quality. Theres nothing wrong with preferring one over the other – it comes down to personal prerogative. But for those of you who ‘grew up’ with me, young adults who are now looking to expand their wardrobe and dip into investment pieces while balancing your chequebooks, this is what I can offer: an idea on how to start.


Front Row at DFW’s Run After Show

Anyway. It’s middle of prime time season for my Masters programme (yes, it’s still ongoing even though I dont talk about it much!), so I just took time out this DFW for two shows, one of them being the launch of Run After by fashion blogger and personal friend, Melissa Celestine Koh.

More and more local influencers are launching labels, and I’m pleasantly surprised by how great they are. Designing is hard – I say this in the way I say math is hard, or science is hard, it is hard to me because I cannot do it. Perhaps for some people designing draws from an unlimited flow of inspiration and they are only limited by the hours of the day and upon seeing my declaration – Designing is hard – they think, what is she banging on about?! Lucky people, those. But for me, I cannot do it, and so I greatly admire the people who can. There were a lot of squeals this year during the Run After show, and I would say about half of them were about the pieces showcased on the runway.

The other half, it has to be said, must have come from the incredible show. Over the past few years I’ve attended quite a few fashion weeks, and nothing makes me happier than to be able to stand here now and say that one of the best ones I’ve seen was created by a Singaporean designer. The Run After show was incredibly inspired. From the seamless flow between the trailer video and the actual show, to the lithe dancer opening the show showering petals on us all, to the live band crooning to the beat of the runway.. it was fantastic. I was really impressed. I suspect the unconventional angle comes from Melissa’s personal travels – if you follow her online, she attends fashion weeks all over the world, the most recent ones being New York, Milan, and Paris, and raves about the more inspired show structures she’s seen frequently. (I’m remembering now a particular post gushing about Coach’s show..) Of course, this is speculation – but I think it’s given her the push to break out of the conventional blasé-cool runway strut, and to experiment with different forms. And I think it’s safe to say that it’s paid off. The show was engaging and memorable without overshadowing the actual pieces. That’s success, in my books.

I took a short clip of the show, which you can watch here.


Post Show Shenanigans with Amanda : Photos by Melvin from Multifolds

And that’s it for day one. After the show I went off to meet the boyfriend and his friends, and then we played DOTA. It was great until I started using a completely new character called Luna, which I only picked because she was sexy and also cos she rode on a lion. Big mistake. Couldnt figure out how to use it at all, and by the time I did I had died a gazillion times and was big-time grumpy. This is probably one of those dont judge a book by its cover moments, but whatever. Back to Viper it is.


#1892| Singapore Staycation: The Fullerton Hotel via Hotelquickly


I was a twelve year choir girl, ages seven through eighteen. When you’re a local chorister, you’ll be familiar with this: running in heels, or with heels in hand, padding across the bridge from Raffles Place MRT across the Singapore River, trying to get to Victoria Concert Hall. And then, hours later, slowly making your way back, exhilarated off the high of performance. Looking up at the Fullerton with misty, young, eyes. I remember once telling Jenna that the Fullerton looked magical, like some sort of castle, that I wanted to get married there in a huge ball gown. I remember her telling me it cost thousands and being mindblown. I remember sneaking into the Fullerton lobby to pee.

So it was with a strange sense of fulfilment that I stepped through those giant gold revolving doors again, as a guest this time. We booked the room the night before on the HotelQuickly app, the whole premise of the app being last minute staycations on discount, you know, when hotels push their empty rooms for sale on the day of or right before you’re intending to stay. We got this at a pretty decent rate, about twenty percent off, though I have to say right out that the app absorbed the cost of the booking for us as a media gift. Ha, will you look at that. I’m media!

The entire time we were there Singapore sat under a cloud of haze. So we stayed in and napped in the hotel room that I spent my childhood dreaming of, and then foursquared our way to what was apparently the 7th best ramen in Singapore, just down the road:


Ramen Bar Suzuki

We took it slow. When Singapore is hazy, it’s like the whole city swims in the thick air, in slow motion. Your limbs become heavier, your eyelids more lethargic. Why fight it? we reasoned. We have a grand hotel room. And what are hotel rooms best for?

After all, staycations.. are meant to be a break from work. You take the break you think you deserve, and all that. Or was that quote meant to be about love? Either way.


In the morning we yawned our way down to breakfast and then flopped back onto the soft white duvet, making lazy conversation until check out. Not having to jam-pack our day with activities was nice. Allowing ourselves a full day in a room with a huge bed that had one purpose and one purpose alone was nicer. Spontaneous breaks from reality.. are going to be a thing from now on.


Thank you for the introduction and quick break, Hotel Quickly Asia! x


#1891 | YOUR BEST START TO THE YEAR! TPB x Jemma: 2016 Planner

TPB x Jemma1UntitledUntitledUntitled

The Paper Bunny x Jemma, 2016 Planner

I never travel without my diary. One should always have something sensational to read in the train.
-Oscar Wilde, The Importance of being Earnest

Hey you guys,

This is something I’m so freaking excited about that I’ve been keeping quiet for a really long time.

So sometime at the start of the year, late January, early Feb maybe, Jaime and I sat down for a casual lunch at Veganburg to discuss life and dreams. And from there, the idea for the TPB x Jemma planner was conceived. As something of a litgeek myself, luxe stationery is something I find myself pouring over with lust and love.. but of course, the perfectionist in me picks out things I’d want to improve, or that I wish were included.

Enter: The TPB x Jemma 2016 Planner! This planner was about 8 months in the works, and I have Jaime and her team to thanks for endlessly working on the design and illustrations, all of which I am 0% gifted at. On my end, I drew inspiration for quirks and features I wanted included in a planner I’d actually use myself by browsing bookstores from all over my travels, and sourced a reservoir of quotes to be peppered across the planner. They were originally all going to be literary quotes (you’ll see my adoration for Eliot and Twain pop up between the pages), but later they expanded to include my favourite inspirational quotes from all over – books i’ve read, figures i admire, the charming laughter and snippets of conversations I overhear in bars..


The Planner comes in three iterations – Pink, Black, and Marble

The TPBxJemma planner has everything I’d want in my own planner, obviously. Everything I dreamed of when flipping through my various planners over the years. First things first: it’s light. It’s a slim volume, made of fine paper, easily slipped into a handbag. I have a penchant for creamy, thick, paper myself, but for 365 days – I prioritise the ability to actually carry my baby around. Secondly: it’s got the calendar month view at the start of every month, for an overview, and then at the top of each page so you know where at the year you’re at. Each month has it’s own side tab as well for easy flipping – it drives me nuts when planners dont have this.


A closer look inside the planner x

Thirdly: it’s got a generic birthday&celebrations page, a goals page, and a budgeting page. A to-do segment at the side of each day’s space. Things I actually need, and use.

And lastly, it’s got character. There are ways to tell every story. We have sifted through works from past and present to bring together a neat little collection of powerful quotes from writers of classic and contemporary literature that pepper the planner, and I hope that they’ll inspire you as you continue to pen down your own story from the day to day in this agenda – read, write, and make it sensational.


I have also put together a little video showing you what the flip through of the planner is like in real life – I hope you like it!

Filmed on my gopro and edited in iMovie – one of my first attempts at video editing, so please be kind!


To celebrate the launch of a year of hard work, TPB and I want to give you the best gift we can think of – the best start to your new year. We have collaborated with Ready To Tour and my old flame Nikon Singapore for an epic giveaway, running one week from today.


We are giving away:

A trip for 2 to Khao Lak, Phuket, inclusive of accommodation, flights, and itinerary c/o Ready To Tour
A Nikon 1 J5 camera c/o Nikon Singapore so you can shoot gorgeous pictures of your amazing beach holiday
2 TPB x Jemma 2016 planners of your choice, the best planner in the world, obviously.


All you have to do, is match us –

1) Post any photo on your Instagram and share about your best moment of 2015;
2) Tag and Follow our partners @ReadyToTour, @NikonSG, @JemmaWei and @ThePaperBunny; and
3) Hashtag #YourBestStartToTheYear,

*Terms and Conditions Apply. Singaporean Residents only!

The giveaway runs one week from today and will end on the 8th of November. All the same, I wouldn’t leave it a week – start early! And remember to keep your instagram account public, so we can see your entries.

Alright then! I hope you guys are as excited about this as I am, because that is a lot. It’s been a long year – now go and make the next one great already.

The Paper Bunny x Jemma 2016 Planner drops in stores and online Wednesday, 4th November.