#1907| Guide to: Shapewear / Flattering Dressing (c/o Impression Lingerie)

Hey guys,

Ever since starting up my ask.fm over a year ago, the one theme that keeps resurfacing (besides the classic relationship advice for some reason) is that on how to dress – or specifically, how to dress flatteringly, especially if you’re not stick thin. It seems looks still play a huge part in how one perceives oneself, if all the letters I get denoting insecurities are anything to judge by, and while I can’t change how you see yourself, I guess what we can do right now is change how others see you. You can watch my latest episode on how to dress – I guest starred on Budget Barbie this month to a flood of emails asking for more:

Hence.. one of my most requested posts ever – The Guide To: Flattering dressing, part one; Shapewear.

Because what can I say? It’s what’s underneath that counts.

Lets start from the bottom.

Don’t judge a book by its cover. (Judge it by its underwear.)

And all sorts of other cliches. Ok, enough. Lets get started.


I find that one of the most common misconceptions when it comes to dressing up for size is the notion that you should get something as oversized/baggy as possible. Despite the fact that every single magazine / website has long denounced oversized dressing as the worst mistake possible (it actually makes you look even bigger!), people everywhere are still committing to baggy boyfriend tees and loose shift dresses in an attempt to hide their flaws. I get it, it’s a vulnerable place to be in. There’s a reason why tent dresses were so popular at one point in time. You can’t see one’s tummy in it – but then again, you can’t see the difference between yourself and a curtain rack either.

The uncomfortable truth is, you’ll look better in something that’s cut to fit, that skims, not hugs, and that basically doesn’t smother you in swaddles of cloth.

Right now, let me just briefly pin down what I consider to be some of the key rules in dressing: the rule of thirds, the fit and flare, the color pop, the accentuating of curves. All of these can and will be elaborated on in a later post, but for now it suffices to know that they have one thing in common – they all include creating some sort of shape that isn’t just a huge, flaw covering blanket. What you want to do is dress in a way that imitates what pop culture commonly calls the “s” shape, and the first step to getting there is making sure that what goes under your clothes sets the foundation for that to happen.

Why you need to know your underwear:

1. Most girls (80%!) wear the wrong bra size, or wear their bras wrongly
2. Wearing your bra wrongly can over an extended period of time actually make you look bulkier because it squishes your flesh together and creates weird and unsightly bulges that stay there after you take your bra off
3. The wrong bra will give you back fat and underarm fat.
4. If you wear the right type of bra early, you’re less likely to sag later on.
5. Wearing the wrong underwear is basically uncomfortable and makes you grumpy.

The bottom line is this: if you have back fat or underarm fat around the band of your bra, chances are you’re wearing it wrong. If your bra is the right one for you, you should not have back/underarm fat. Tada! What a glorious revelation.



Go get yourself fitted at any lingerie store, it should be free. Don’t be embarrassed about it, because this is important! You need to know what size you should be wearing – both cup size and rib size. You can measure it yourself with this guide here, but still go to a professional to get it measured because they will know best what products suit your body type, and because not all bras are created equal, so if you’re a 34B for one brand doesn’t mean you’ll be a 34B for another brand. The store assistant should be able to recommend what size you’ll be based on your measurements with them.


What works for someone else may not work for you


Easier said than done, right? I’ll be listing a couple of things to look out for here. Everything I’m featuring below can be found in all Impression Lingerie outlets, because they’re the ones who kindly sponsored this post, but the tips can be exported across all bras in general and will be useful to know in any case.


Above Pictured: Impression store in BHG Bugis Lingerie Department

To illustrate what I mean, I dragged out a bunch of clothes to demonstrate my point – starting with my old prom gown. Because when else do you fret the most about how you look, eh?

Picking out shapewear for formal events


You know how it is with things like prom, or dinner functions. Glamour comes in shimmers and silhouettes. Adorable minidresses with cinched waists, sequined drop back dresses, full length mermaid gowns all demand some sort of silhouette creation, and unless you’re planning to wear a tux (which, for the record, I find pretty cool. Girls in tuxes, I mean), you’re going to inevitably end up in something rather more skin hugging than your daily fare. For both my proms, I picked full length gowns partly because I find them to be the most flattering cut and partly because it’s a rare opportunity to go all out on dressing. And this is where shapewear comes in.

When it comes to picking underwear, something too loose is uncomfortable and insecure, but something too tight creates very unflattering and unsightly creases. And when you’re wearing something tight fit, like a formal gown, everything is emphasised even more.


See what I mean?

If you’re not confident of sculpting your ideal silhouette in the gym before your event date, you can thankfully sculpt yourself out based on more structured, boned shapewear. Here I picked out what can pass as lacey full body underarmour, really. Let me break it down for you.

1. Impressions body shaping bra. (The one I got was black, with lace details)

What to look out for:

- Side and back panels of the bra are higher than normal bras, with firm boning instead of the filmy gauze panels regular bras subscribe to. The boning prevents your back from bulging or creasing even when you slouch, functioning like a cast that ‘sets’ your muscle or bone in place. This works to redistribute the excess fat from your sides, giving you a slimmer silhouette.


Notice the higher panels of the body shaping bra as compared to a normal bra?

- Firm support especially on the side of the bra – creating a push-in effect at the underarm area – preventing armpit cleavage. A bonus benefit is that it actually enhances your boobs at the same time, so that’s just peachy.

2. Corset

What to look out for:

- Firm boning support all round for tummy control. You can feel it for yourself when buying/trying it on – pick something that doesn’t ‘bend’ easily so as to really keep your body shape together. Most corsets are also designed to curve inwards, so they have the effect of creating an hourglass effect. I picked one with a zip function because it’s easier to wear than the elastic kind you have to slip into – having tried both, I believe it’s far more effective as well.


3. Seamless underwear

C’mon, do I really need to spell this out? Tight fitting clothes make VPL even more .. visible, so wear underwear that’s seamless. Come to think of it, this applies to all your body hugging clothes, not just with formal wear.

This is what seamless underwear looks like, for those of you who have been happily pairing your normal underwear with tight fitting bottoms.

The overall effect?


No distracting bulges. Creation of an ‘s’ shaped illusion that I don’t actually have in real life.

Moving on.

Picking out shapewear for the day to day.

If we are all agreed that wearing sackcloth benefits exactly no one, then I trust that we also see eye to eye on the idea that your clothes should fit your body properly, skimming your body in all the right places with proper contrast at others. Think a loosely fitted bohemian top with slim cut jeans. A tank top with a beautifully flared midi skirt. The idea is for part of your outfit to ‘fit’ your body and the other part of it to ‘flare’, creating a curved silhouette that comes in at the waist. As such, the parts of your outfit that ‘fits’ your body should strive to skim it in the most flattering way possible, with no unsightly creases or bulges.


The great thing is, you don’t actually need to wear a corset all day long to achieve this effect – save your corset for the formal events. If you wear the right bra, as mentioned above, you can generally minimise creases and get rid of unsightly bulges, especially on your back.

Below, I’m reusing the body shaping bra that I showcased in the formal wear section. You don’t have to get a different type of bra for every single occasion is what I am saying. A body shaping bra is a lifestyle choice, not a special occasion thing. If you wear it everyday, over time, your posture will improve and your flesh will ‘remember’ its shape and stop sagging or bulging in places it shouldn’t be.


Black Body Shaping Bra with lace details and optional padding


Nude Body Shaping Bra with lace details and optional padding

Two basic colors each girl should have for pairing interchangeably with your clothes – for example, please don’t wear a dark coloured bra with a sheer top. Notice the high side paneling on both bras again?


If you’re wearing a fitting dress like this and you’re moderately uncomfortable still, you can wear a shaper underneath. Underwear that doubles as shapers generally come in high, medium, and soft tummy control levels, so it really depends on what you’re comfortable with wearing all day. Probably start with the medium if it’s your first time wearing it. I suggest picking something seamless as well, because if you’re wearing a fitting dress you won’t want to worry about VPL.


Femme Girdle which comes in 4 different styles. Tucks in the tummy and seamless at butt area to create no VPL.

Sometimes your outfit doesn’t allow you to wear a classic body shaping bra as shown. Now that’s a pity – because I hope by now you’ve decided to wear a body shaping bra every day of your life – but it happens, when you’re wearing something like a tank top that’s cut low round the back and sides.


Apologies in advance for the scary face.

Nothing is grosser than letting your bra straps or sides show – so pick out something that’s strapless but still not flimsy. A half cup strapless bra is what you’d conventionally go for when wearing a tank top, but go one step further and look out for one that’s also seamless and that has solid boning, similar to what you get in the classic body shaping bra.


This is what I got.

The Classic Seamless Bra comes in 4 styles. The one pictured here is a half-cup seamless style which one can wear with detachable straps – I obviously removed them for this outfit.

The boning of bras like these, while not as full-control as classic body shaping bras, will still give you a moderate amount of support with the added advantage of making sure your bra doesn’t slip down when you move.

I also took the chance to wear a bodycon skirt to show you what I mean about underwear with tummy control and to highlight the existence of high waist girdle shapers that are a pretty decent compromise between corsets and regular underwear.


Just as a side note, even if you’re not wearing a particularly fitting dress, VPL is a real and obvious issue. As a general rule, try not to let any of your undergarments show – be they bra straps or panty lines.


Seamless, cotton, or mesh net underwear will solve this problem – and an additional benefit of mesh net underwear is that it’s great for travel, since you can wash it everyday and it essentially dries in a jiffy.



It sounds so simple, but this is where it makes all the difference. There’s no point owning the right bra if you don’t know how to put it on. It sounds so simple, but it turns out most girls don’t know how to put on their bras either. Apparently, there’s a technique to it.


Brittany has an awesome article on how you can put on your bra correctly, which you can read here. In any case, for your convenience, this is what i pulled from thinandcurvy.com:

1. Put on the band and hook it. It doesn’t really matter whether you prefer the put-it-on-straight method or the put-it-on-in-front-and-twist-it-around method.
2. The straps should not be too tight at this point. If they are, loosen them up. Once you are used to this bra you can keep them on the length you like.
3. Lean forward and put the straps on your shoulders and fit your breasts into your cups.
This is the most important part! Neglect this step at your peril! Reach into the cups, to the side, under the wire in your armpit. Pull the flesh forward and up. If you have “armpit fat,” pull this in too. Trust me.
4. At this point, if you have bulging or “four boobs” above the top of the cups, it means you are wearing the wrong size!
5. Now you can tighten the straps. Don’t tighten them so that they are pulling on your shoulders, just tight enough so that there isn’t any slack and there is a slight bit of tension.

Still not sure how to do it? Here’s a very helpful youtube video that shows you exactly how to wear your bra in a way that gives you the best support and that flatters your upper body the best.

You need to know how to wear a bra correctly even if you’re not wearing a body shaping bra. Every girl should watch this.

She’s super cute, so watching it should be both entertaining and educational. See, we watch out for your needs here.

And there you have it! With the right bra and the knowledge on how to wear it right, I guarantee you will see a difference when you put your clothes on and go out and about every day. This post is especially timely because Chinese New Year is around the corner, and we all know that is just code for cheongsam, and other tight fitting bits of clothing. After trying out the shapewear myself for a whole month, I decided to bring my mum down to Impression, BHG Bugis to pick out some for herself as well before the CNY period kicks in, since I feel like shapewear will be especially helpful for older women and mothers.


They’ve got all the CNY themed underwear in now, heh. For those of you who are big on the red = auspicious thing.


For my mother I got basically the same thing I had – a body shaping bra and a medium control underwear shaper.

And you can see for yourself how effective/ happy she is with it.


1 x shy mum

There’s an obvious slimming effect on the silhouette, even with clothes that aren’t very tight fitting to begin with. Yes please!

In any case, although the main point of this post is to show you guys how to pick out slimming underwear and what you should be looking out for when buying shapewear, I’m also glad to announce that if you’re looking to get your first piece of shapewear and still would like someone to guide you through the process in real life, Impression is giving away 5 sets of Bodyshaping Bras (for yourself and your mum!) on their FB page, which you can take part in here. Otherwise, I’m also holding a mini giveaway on my end on instagram – five sets, for you and your mum, and all you have to do is show me some lovin by posting a picture with your mum and hash tagging it so I can see your pictures!

For the Facebook Contest, all you have to do is:

1) “Like” the Impression page at www.facebook.com/iloveimpression
2) Share the “Jemma goes lingerie shopping with mum at Impression” post
3) Leave a comment with the reason why you’d like to win the Body Shaping Bra. Eg ” I hate armpit cleavage!”/ “My mum thinks she needs it!”
4) Period of Entry will be 30th Jan to 15th Feb2015 11.59pm.

Head over to my instagram page or the Impression FB contest to take part in the respective competitions. You can take part in both too, for a higher chance of winning! :)

Thank you for all the love, Impression! You can find Impression Lingerie on and off-line in the following places:

Facebook @ www.facebook.com/iloveimpression
Instagram @ www.instagram/impressionlingerie

IMPRESSION LINGERIE is available in store at the following locations: BHG Tampines, Isetan Katong (Parkway Parade) , Isetan West Gate, Isetan Nex (Serangoon) ; John Little Marina Square, John Little Plaza Singapura, John Little Tiong Bahru, John Little Jurong Point ; Metro City Square, Metro Woodlands, Metro Seng Kang; Tom & Stefanie (West Mall and Civic Centre); OG Albert, OG Orchard Point, OG People’s Park

And for all of you, remember – now that you’ve read this, you have no excuse! Dressing flatteringly starts from bottom up, so keep in mind all that I’ve mentioned when shopping for new garments and under-garment this CNY, and all the best in your respective quest to look gorgeous as always x




Frozen fingers, frozen toes. Some necessary sacrifices involved in taking the pictures you see above – pictures I’m incredibly proud of, given that I’m no professional photographer. I’m just a girl with a tripod. When we hit the gorgeous Twizel / Mckenzie region in New Zealand famous for it’s star littered skies, I knew I had to immortalize it in film somehow – but I’ve never been able to capture stars before despite trying so many times in Europe, even missing out on photographing the first meteor shower of the season we caught in Ponza. What a pity – but never again. I borrowed a tripod and googled my way through it, and here’s my first ever successful attempt at starscape photography with a simple How-To guide on things that have worked for me I’ve compiled – I hope it’s helpful to you too!

What you need:

1 x DSLR (Your normal cameras just won’t cut it, much less your iPhone. Believe me, I tried.)
1 x Tripod (ABSOLUTELY necessary)
A fully charged battery/ extra batteries (Because you leave your camera trying hard to focus all night long, it drains batteries insanely fast.)
A whole lot of patience.

I was shooting on the Nikon D610, which is a fantastic full frame camera with great battery life and two memory card slots (perfect for me since I tend to shoot a lot and filter them later), and the NIKKOR 35mm and 85mm f1.8 lenses. The 85mm takes better photos on a day to day basis, but it’s very close up and I wanted more area covered in my pictures, so I found that for this purpose the 35mm worked better.

So we drove up to a beautiful countryside area, I set up my tripod and angled my camera, and started the long waiting game.


Vanity shot while waiting for it to get dark

The thing about star photography is, you tend to have to set up while it’s still relatively bright because you want to be able to see to frame everything properly. At the same time, when you actually take the photo, everything has to be pitch dark because light interference from nearby buildings or a half-set sun will cause your picture to turn out as just a white blank. Thus begins the long waiting game – I sat on the floor next to my tripod, took out my phone, and started googling my way through the night.

Here are the settings I used:

1. Switch your camera to manual mode.
2. Turn the focusing ring on your lens to infinity (This solved the focusing problem I had, before this all my stars were just unfocused speckles of light.)
3. Set your shutter speed to 30”. Thirty seconds. That’s how long your shutter has to stay open – which explains the need for a tripod, because any handshake will instantly blur your picture.
4. Set your Aperture to f/1.8 or f/2.8.
5. Set your ISO anywhere from 2,000 to 3,000. 2,500 was the magic number for me.
6. Frame your picture while it’s still bright.
7. Wait for it to get dark.

Another option, which is easier and much quicker, is to change your shutter speed to Bulb. This makes the pictures snap real fast and capture a couple of brighter stars. However, I find that this just doesn’t do the night sky justice, and after traveling halfway across the globe for the perfect setting, it’s time to either go big or go home.


Picture taken on Bulb mode

The actual taking:

Some people suggest using a wireless remote shutter to trigger your camera because it reduces the risk of handshake when you press the button. I didn’t have one so I don’t know how big a difference it makes, but i was just really careful when taking the picture and it worked out fine for me.

1. Make sure your framing is more or less accurate by peeking through the viewfinder.
2. Switch to live view.
3. Try to focus on a faraway bright star, or a tree, or something. This reduces the risk of blurring.
4. Fire the shutter.

I lay next to my tripod for about two hours in the seven degree night, shivering and determined to get the incredible night sky that was Twizel. A lot of my pictures turned out blur – I think it’s inevitable for a first timer, but after a bit of trial and error I did get my money shot, which I’m incredibly proud of!


This picture was also later picked up and featured on A Beautiful Mess Official.

Worth it? You bet.

I’m just so incredibly proud of these pictures, even more so because I’m such an amateur at these things. It just made me happier when I saw the pictures taken on the camera again because the DSLR is powerful enough to pick up details and colors that the naked eye just can’t detect – like that incredible color shading and vague nebulas in the distance! The gorgeous night sky, now more than a memory, can be shared with everyone I know – I sent the pictures to some of my friends back home and everyone was suitably dazzled.

I hope this was helpful to any of you out there aspiring to point your cameras heavenwards – otherwise, I hope you enjoyed the starscape as much as I did. Thank you for being so breathtaking, Twizel. x



*This post is written as part of a series of travel photography articles for Nikon Singapore and originally appeared on Nikon.com. Hop over to Nikon Singapore for more!

#1905| Mocha Mondays: Coast and Company


All photos taken on the Nikon D610 on a 35mm lens.

Mocha Mondays is a new and semi-regular feature on cafes and how workable they are, for freelancers or students looking for a place to park themselves at while getting work done. It may or may not actually feature mocha.

Happy Mocha Monday, you guys! Today we head to Coast and Company, which is in itself as confusing as google’s directions for getting there – is it a bike shop or cafe? Are we there to coast or.. for the company? Did they mean Toast and Company? All your burning questions answered and more..

Coast and Company
Famous for: Coffee
Seats: Sufficient on weekdays, gets crowded on weekends
Wifi: Nope
Power points: Yes

Right, so. Away with the gameshow host voice.

I was surprised the minute i walked in – I’ve had friends tell me they tried and tried and got turned away multiple times because C&C is just that popular, you really can’t get a seat there.



Lucky me, I guess? I walked out a couple of times to ascertain that I had the right place, and then the barista explained it to me: weekdays are just kinda slow. Oh, okay. I get it though, it’s incredibly difficult to get to unless you drive (we did) or cab (I would have). The kind of place that you save for the weekends. For the time being, that just meant lots of empty space and our conversations resonating throughout the empty cafe. The barista is in all likelihood way too acquainted with the noise of my chewing now, but there are worse situations to be in I guess.

The food was good – minimalistic sort of one-page menu, which seems to be the hip thing to do these days. I had the Smoked Salmon Thingy Toast, which was great because salmon always is, and Shane had this beef rendang thing on toast. You know I’m not cut out to be a food blogger because I don’t even remember the names of the dishes and they’re all something ingredient something vague thingy. I do, however, take brilliant photos.


I’m not saying it to be annoying, I’m saying it because any photo taken with the Nikon D610 turns out gorgeous. I would know. These were taken on the Nikon D610, with the 35f/1.8 lens. And aren’t they? Gorgeous, I mean.


To be completely honest, smoked salmon is always a bit of a cheat dish for me – it already has the added advantage of my complete bias and devotion to salmon, and it’s kind of easy to prepare. You just take it out of the packaging and slap it on some toast. Still, not all salmon are created equal. The one here was slightly fishy, I felt, and had a bit of an .. aftertaste. When I was actually having it, however, I was in heaven.


Shane’s dish was probably the better of the two, culinary skill and innovation-wise. I have no idea what it is exactly, but I’m pretty sure it’s an adaptation of a local dish, and it was just so tasty.

It was, unfortunately, over too soon. The serving size felt more like a shared appetiser than an actual main course, but I suppose that’s quality food for you? I don’t know.

The coffee, on the other hand, was hands down delightful. I’ve heard so much about their coffee and it didn’t disappoint. We have already established that I’m a coffee pretender so I can’t wax lyrical about the notes.. or aroma.. or the ethical production of beans in Ethiopia… but it was pretty darn good coffee.


And of course, the place itself is pretty, all wood, white, and expensive hipster magazines printed on 200GSM paper. In other news, perfect for envy inducing instagram posts.

Because this series is supposed to actually evaluate the workability of cafes over just pretty places, I asked them if they allowed people to do work in their cafe, with their laptops and notes and basically whatever. The answer is yes – but just over weekdays, since that’s when business is slow. Weekend work here is pretty impossible. Fair enough.

If you’re here over the weekend and can’t get a seat, Dutch Colony Coffee Co is just down the corner on Frankel Avenue, so there’s that at least.

Coast & Company
Address: 54 Siglap Drive, Singapore 456176
Phone:6681 6681
Opening Hours: 10am-7pm (Tues-Fri), 9am-10pm (Sat-Sun), Closed Mon



PS. New Fiction Piece up on the Book Blog.


A pop star is moderately successful. He doesn’t do drugs, drinks in moderation, and has been in a steady relationship for three years. He’s not even gay or anything.

Read the whole thing here.

#1904| Wanderlust: Queenstown


Top: Eightslate | Skirt: LoveBonito | Heels: Topshop

Pictures taken on the Nikon D610, with a 35mm lens.

imagesQueenstown, New Zealand.

Queenstown and its surrounding areas were amazing. Coming down twenty minutes from Arrowtown, I don’t know what exactly I expected from Queenstown except sheep (no luck), but the entire place was a geographical gem. Nestled snugly between the surrounding lakes and mountains, the buildings were all strategically low rise – for what other backdrop do you need, really? The town knows it cannot and will not compete, its strategy is to complement nature to perfection. I’ve already blogged about where I stayed in Queenstown, now, let me follow it up with a short narrative on the city. When you’re a city girl, used to New York paced walking and Singaporean breathlessness, coming to somewhere so relaxed can be a little unnerving. First day – I felt my fingers constantly twitching towards my phone, checking for emails and updates from back home. Second day – I jumped out of a plane and learned to let things go. In this way do we live.

I had some of the best coffee in Queenstown (Vudu Cafe, if anyone is interested), but the best thing about meals in the town was packing it up, driving ten minutes out of the city centre, and dining by a lake.


Sunglasses: Tens | Coat: Allwouldenvy

At night Queenstown comes to life in a whole different way – everything closes early, and the streets are lit with a slightly eerie glow, but even just grabbing an ice cream from the 24/7 supermart and strolling around the town is a completely new kind of magical.


In sum:
Queenstown is one of those places you kind of have to stop at when doing the entire South island stretch. It’s a landing base from which the beauty that is Lake Wanaka and the likes of Arrowtown can be explored, but more than that, it holds its own as a destination. Next stop: Skydiving on the outskirts of Queenstown.


#1903| Mocha Mondays: Fatcat Ice Cream Bar


Mocha Mondays is a new and semi-regular feature on cafes and how workable they are, for freelancers or students looking for a place to park themselves at while getting work done. It may or may not actually feature mocha.

Today, in honest food reviews..

We actually drink mocha today. Well, hot chocolate, to be specific. When I walk into what’s probably the hippest new cafe in the east, I say I’ve heard good things about their hot chocolate but ask them to recommend a drink anyway. The hot chocolate is their speciality, they reply. And so it is.

Fatcat Ice Cream Bar is pretty new on the block, opened less than a month ago, but it’s already been flooding my instagram feed. Still, I hadn’t taken note of it specifically until Xiaoqi asked me if I’d been there, given how we’re both east siders, and I just looked at her: huh?

Xiaoqi: You’re damn lame for a blogger leh you don’t know any of the cool things.


So, in a bid to up my cool factor and remain relevant, we headed to Fatcat ice cream bar last week.

Fatcat Ice Cream Bar
Famous for: Charcoal waffles with Liu Sa drizzle
Seats: Limited
Wifi: No
Power points: –
NB: Gets crowded fast, so you can’t work here. You can, however, have brunch then hop over to Bedok point’s Starbucks or something.


Lime Mojito Sphere

It’s pretty evident that this is more a fine-dining-desserts-made-relatable place. The presentation of their dishes is exquisite, which reflects in the way their business boomed – via instagram. This was debatably my favourite thing on the menu – it’s a little mojito ball that bursts in your mouth like an egg yolk, and it’s incredibly refreshing. It’s a one-mouth dish, and it was over way too soon.


Charcoal (Premium) waffle with liu sha drizzle, Hay and Honey + Earl Grey Lavender ice cream

Xiaoqi: Is charcoal waffle supposed to be healthier?
Me: I think it’s just supposed to be black.
Xiaoqi: So.. it’s a hipster waffle.

In all seriousness though. The waffle was slightly to gravel-y for me, but I enjoyed the liu sha drizzle very much, and it only comes with the charcoal waffle, not the regular ones. I liked the fact that it comes with little lavender petals because I’m pretentious like that. We both agreed that the Hay and Honey ice cream was significantly better than the Earl Grey Lavender – and we wanted to try Butterbeer ice cream but it was out of stock. I asked, and they said they’re very big on freshness, so once an ice cream flavour runs out they churn it from the start on the spot, which means a good lull time of three to four hours before the flavour comes out again. Oh well.


Signature hot chocolate

It comes with premium melted chocolate bits on the top, which is meant to complement the drink in a very specific lick your lips kinda way. It’s not bad, but I do wish it were a little thicker. Still, it’s better than most hot chocolates I’ve had so far, including the one that Providore is apparently famous for.

Ultimately I can’t decide what I enjoyed more – the food or being able to claim that I’ve been to the new It place on the block. The Creamier of the East, if you will. You know how it is.

Fat Cat Ice Cream Bar
Address: 416 Bedok North Avenue 2, 460416
Phone:8201 1201
Hours: 12:00–10:00 pm