#1815| Just around the River Benz


What did I say about touristy things? We visited the Mercedes Benz museum sometime last week, and although I’m not very into cars myself, it’s something of their pride and joy here in Germany so we thought it’d be good to give it a shot.

Mercedes Benz Museum
Mercedesstraße 100, 70372 Stuttgart
Closed on Mondays, Open 9-6 Tues-Sun
Entry: 8Euros/ adult, 4Euros/ discounted ticket (I assume this means student card discount or something because we only paid 4)

Cars to me are just shiny and pretty and if they get me to where I need to go without having to wrangle with public transport, I love. The cars here though, were in a totally different league. The museum showcased the history of the brand and other cars/brands associated with it – my favorite section included the one with the old school buses and gorgeous vintage cars. They just don’t make automobiles like that anymore. I’d take the bus everyday if it looked anything like the one pictured above. You’re not actually supposed to climb into the exhibits, but yolo.


some things remain the same no matter what country you’re in..

There were also some pretty sick miniature carvings on display showcasing the history of the automobile. Check it out:


I bet the couple in the front is having some sort of embarrassing lover’s tiff in front of the kids and the woman behind tried to skip paying her fares. Looks like citizens in the past were just as law breaking.

All things said and done though, this place is probably a car fanatic’s wet dream. The exhibits are gorgeous, no doubt, but I was kind of through with the place after a couple of hours. Worth a visit if you’ve got the time to spare and/or love cars. Probably a guy’s kind of place, come to think of it.


Oh yes, it’s right next to their VFB Stuttgart soccer stadium. Definitely a guy’s place then.


Messing around outside the museum at dusk. The place is really gorgeous – and it looks like fall even though it’s really winter right now. I went along with the whole excursion/field trip theme and wore this adorable collared dress c/o i.t Labels Singapore there along with thick blue leggings, boots, and a green coat.


Dresses are so convenient, no matter where you are, you know? This one is a bit more cutesy than im normally used to, but here’s to new things in the new year. Thank you i.T Singapore for the love!

Next up on the blog: The luxurious town of Baden Baden.



In other news, things I’m excited about include the latest episode of That F Word being released back in Singapore – an episode, ironically enough, about Chinese New Year fashion.

Let me know what you think! x

#1814| ich wohne in stuttgart! / house tour


Joy Check Top c/o Earlgreyparty, Kyar wrap skirt in black c/o Earlgreyparty, boots from Guangzhou, Hair styled with Surf Bomb Sea Salt Spray c/o Original Mineral. Photos: Shane.

Welcome to my home for the next couple of months, guys! I thought it’d be nice to sit down and do a proper introduction / house tour post before I launch into all the touristy things that I will inevitably do.. because I am a sucker for touristy things. Art museums and landmarks here i come!

Anyway, as most of you know, I’m here on student exchange. My term was actually scheduled to start in March, but they realized we dont know any German somewhere in November so we had to come up two months early to do this intensive German course that cost a total of.. about two thousand dollars. I feel like im hemorrhaging money you guys. The good thing is, I get to spend more time living in Europe, which I’m sure I’ll come to remember fondly in the future. It’s also winter here, which I’m very excited about, but it’s persistently refusing to snow, which is a bit frustrating. 0 degree mornings and 4 degree afternoons is what we’re talking about here. We also got the option of choosing a home stay vs dorm room option, and I really recommend the homestay option to anyone considering Winter Semester in Germany or any similar model of educational exchange with other schools!!! I’m staying with the sweetest German couple in this gigantic wood house. It’s gorgeous, but also very far out. Takes me about an hour to get to school everyday, which means 6am mornings. The title of the post is technically not correct- I stay in Filderstadt, which is a town 13km to the south of Stuttgart itself, but they’re joined by trains and buses.


Meet Hans-Peter and Dorothee Freund! & yes, that’s a glass of champagne on the table in the middle of the afternoon. What are we celebrating, you ask? Well, the fact that it’s the afternoon and the sun is out. Yay!! (We’ve got a wine cellar in the basement.)

Anyway, reasons why I recommend the home stay option:

– It’s essential if you want to feel like you live in a country and arent just a tourist there, and it’s especially helpful to live with a local if you’re in a country where you’re unfamiliar with their mother tongue. I really feel like i’m in a home away from home here- Dorothee makes me breakfast and packs me lunch in a ziplock bag how adorable is that?!?!

– You get to try all sorts of legit german food, not just the tourist spots. I mean, it’s not like you’ll be able to order from a german menu so chances are you wont know where to go/ what to order. Dorothee has been cooking all sorts of amazing things, and we get to partake in german family culture too – how they have these amazing breakfasts on Sundays, with their kids coming back home (they live in other cities now) for sunday breakfasts.


iphone snaps because im usually too hungry to take proper shots with the dslr hahahah

– I also feel like I actually spend less money than i do in singapore, because my host family keeps feeding me so i dont keep spending money outside on food and such. It’s quite unexpected. And of course, i’m expressly forbidden from cabbing because apparently they’re really expensive, so I save a lot of money on that.

– It’s quite the experience, living in a huge house with so much space. My housemate is a hyperactive puppy (more on him next time), and I feel like im living a completely different life from the one i led in NTU, waking early and trekking 15 minutes to the train station with actual, hot, breakfast, coming home to a puppy’s kiss everyday, selecting wines to go with dinner while cooking and so on. It’s very different from what I’ve experienced cozying up in a tiny room in NTU, though I love that too. It also helps that the house I live in is so damn gorgeous. I’ve got the whole second floor, while Dorothee and Hans-Peter live on level three. Ground floor is the living room and kitchen, and there’s a mega huge game room, laundry room, and wine cellar in the basement.


this is the living room where I sometimes curl up with my laptop to work and laugh at the turtle because i can

The living room also leads out to our backyard, where this was shot:


The girl is crazy! Dorothee said when I hopped outside in this. But the lengths one must go to for instagrammable photographs, am i right. It was about 4 degrees out but there’s no point hiding an outfit this sweet under a coat. The Joy checkered top is slightly sheer under bright light, which also consequently means it’s incredibly comfortable and lightweight. I find it a constant challenge to find semi dressy long sleeved tops that don’t cook you in singapore weather, so this was a godsend – and the color is incredibly photogenic! & the skirt is the Kyar Wrap skirt I mentioned in the last post, this time in black. I’m wearing my glasses because it was a sunday afternoon which I originally intended to dedicate to snuggling under the covers and reading, but then I realized im not usually home while it’s bright out, so I changed out and took these photos before running back inside and curling up by the fireplace.

So yes, this is what my life for the next couple of months will look like! It’s been good so far, though incredibly tiring, this waking up at 6 everyday thing. They give homework everyday, can you believe it? Anyway. Praying for snow sometime this month, but besides that, I’m pretty happy with everything now. (See, i did say i’d be back with a new post within the week.) Will make an effort to update regularly, but meanwhile you can follow me on instagram where I’m much more active!

For now – Tschüss.
See, now you know how to say bye in German too x


#1813 | Stuttgart in Print

Coat: Guangzhou | Donna Printed Top c/o earlgreyparty | kyar wrap skirt in white c/o earlgreyparty | Boots: Guangzhou | Hair: styled with Atomic Thickening Spritz c/o Original Mineral

Hallo from Stuttgart, Germany you guys!

It’s been nearly a week since I’ve arrived and frankly, there is just no excuse for not immediately hopping on the internet and blogging, given how addicted i am to narcissistic social sharing. If it’s any consolation, i’ve been pretty active on instagram and askfm though. Anyway. The minute I touched down, it’s just been school then home, school then home, which kind of explains my absence online. German lessons here start 845am, which means 1. i have to wake up at 6am to get to class on time 2. the minute i get home and shower in the evening i just crash without bothering to check and reply emails or do any work, a bad habit i really need to correct. I’d never tolerate traveling two hours to school in singapore, which i guess speaks volumes about my double standards. Trains here and their passengers are so frequently pretty though..

These photos were snapped hurriedly behind my school campus, actually right next to some dumpster thingy. You see, everything is prettier in europe. Im used to only colorblocking, but i’m loving the detail a bit of print adds into photos. I know it’s winter here (actually, it’s freezing at about 0-4 degrees) but i wore this long sleeved top in singapore too and it’s surprisingly comfortable, even though it’s made of relatively more substantial material. And if you’re following me on instagram, you’ll already be familiar with the kyar wrap skirt featured here which i also have in black. It really is the most lovely thing. Completely changes the shape of your legs, and it’s incredibly flattering as compared to the straight cut basic skirt that i’m such a fan of. You can get it in sizes here.


Post photo credits: Shane

Speaking of fashion.. kind of, the interview i did with Asian fashion website Tanjong Bazaar by Yvette King and Katherine Liew is out and you can read it here! I’m quite excited about it because they call me sweet and say a lot of nice things about me, heh. Hugest thanks to you two for the kind words x much love all the way from europe.

In other news, I’ve actually got tons to say, but i haven’t got the space or coherence to pen them down right now.. as we speak, my eyes are closing, actually. Either way, i’ll leave you with a promise- that i’ll be back with a proper post before the mid week is done. Thank you to all of you who’ve been leaving me sweet comments, well wishes, and offers to show me around via email, fb message, and askfm, it’s amazing to know i have readers/ viewers in europe too. I’m in Stuttgart right now and I’ll definitely be traveling around as much as possible once i get settled in here, so see you guys if i see you guys! x


took off my coat to show you guys the full details of the top but brrrrrr it’s FREEZING