“Don’t let me try them on-” I warned, “because I won’t take them off, and then you’re going to have to arrest me to stop me from leaving with them on.” It didn’t stop them from offering (very persuasively), though I’m sure they kept a keener eye on my neck, and the good news is, I’m still a free woman. The bad- or good, depending on how you look at it- is, I’ve been absolutely enchanted.

I spent two hours last night gazing at diamonds of all shapes and sizes, all brilliant, at Soo Kee Jewellery’s Valentine Day Preview tea party. They say tea but it was really champagne, and they say party but it was much more an intimately elegant session designed to make you feel as much a princess as your mum tells you you are. What, you ask, is a college undergrad doing staring at diamonds? I asked myself the same thing the entire day, right up till the point where I walked into the Soo Kee Jewel Pavilion at Wisma and glazed over in mesmerized delight. You can make all the feminist arguments you want regarding Monroe and Madonna and the Material Girl, but it doesn’t change the fact that diamonds are just simply damn sparkly.

A good part of the night was spent admiring the gorgeous, gorgeous Brilliant Rose, With Love range, the V-day limited edition collection branching from their classic Brilliant Rose range, featuring a 66-facet cut over the typical 58- I peered through the microscopic looking device and all so believe me when I say it is that much sparklier. The other half of the night I perused the rest of the new collection launched for Valentine’s 2013- the Lovita range featuring the Eiffel tower for the younger crowd. There’s more on this- but i’ll leave it till the end because i want to gush about it a bit.

Some of the other collections that fascinated me: the Christmas 2012 Party line, where each piece was modeled after a cocktail- the mojito and curaçao for example- and I’ll leave you to guess the rest of the drink inspired rings.

Costume jewelry at it’s finest and cheekiest. Each piece was one of a kind, which automatically means I won’t be able to afford anything from this line for the next five years, but such a statement piece. I also fell in love with the Mine to Mine Private Collection by Israeli Designer Roni N.- or, as I like to call it, the In-your-dreams collection because that’s the only place I’ll ever be able to own them. In my dreams. Each piece is just amazing- look at these babies.The setting is done by Roni N and the diamonds are Soo Kee’s. They’re so intricate- I think I might just die of fright if i wore them out though, for fear of accidentally snapping the chain and losing the charm.

Some of the other gems i hung out with last night:

(i love this one talk about sparkly)

This collection is actually pretty sweet- the idea is, you engrave the number of days you’ve been together on this little pendant that goes where the necklace chain clasp is. A sweet notion i think some girls might go for.. except i’m not too keen on the drama that might ensue if the guy remembers the wrong number of days. Still, an idea for Valentine’s, which brings me to my next point:

It has suddenly become totally feasible to afford a diamond for Valentine’s.

This realization kind of just blew me away. I got extremely excited and started gesturing to all the diamonds agitatedly with a glass of bubbly in my hand which i think worried them a little bit. I also kind of freaked out Cindy, who happened to whatsapp me regarding being inspired to color her hair, by replying her: Im inspired too. TO BUY A DIAMOND. which i assure you she did not take well to. But guys- hold it- let me explain myself.

Too many times I’ve had guy friends freaking out over what to get their girlfriends for birthdays, anniversaries, christmas, valentines, and so on. I don’t know why they like asking me for advice on what to get their girlfriends because i have obviously not had a girlfriend before. But that is besides the point. Usually I suggest according to price range as per follows:

Below 50: Swarovski crystal pendants/ charms
Below 100: Urban Decay’s Naked/ Naked II or an Instax camera depending on what kind of girl she is
Below 150: Perfume a la Anna Sui or Chanel (I’m not sure if you still can get the Chanel for below 150)
Approx 200: Classic Return to Tiffany’s heart pendant.
Above 200: Since you have so much money hire a personal shopper/ if i choose for you it’s going to cost you a meal.

*Readers please bear in mind that I’m at the age where everyone’s girlfriends and friends are turning 21 ok so people tend to be more inclined to splurging/ buying “big/ significant” gifts. If you’re like 16 or something this is completely impractical and if your boyfriend isn’t earning his own money he shouldnt be buying you things like that in the first place. Also, all the way for handmade gifts.

It’s not just Valentine’s though: because of the recent spate of 21 birthdays I’ve chipped in on so many gifts of the silverware variety. Last night I realized that for the same amount of money I could have bought a friend her first diamond. It was an epiphany. The Soo Kee Valentine’s Lovita range had the most charming, diamond studded white gold pendants going for easily less than two hundred dollars- I think i got a bit light headed at this point. This one was my favorite:

“Is the other half of the heart silver?” I asked, fingering it gingerly.
“We .. don’t really do silver here.”

I died. This little baby is half diamond studded, half white gold. In what universe could this be under two hundred dollars?? But then again- why do our fingernails grow? Why don’t fish have eyelids? So many questions to life we will never have answers to.

I also want to clarify right now that I’m in no way advocating the idea that gifts should be of the expensive variety- this kind of thinking is potentially dangerous, same kind of mindset that gets people hooked on branded items. What I am saying is, if you’re going to spend 200 bucks on a present anyway, GET A FREAKING DIAMOND. I mean- silverware/ crystal elements vs a diamond? Dude.

It’s just something about diamonds, you know? The idea of giving a girl her first ever diamond is just .. a little mind blowing. I don’t know anyone my age who has given someone else a diamond before. I’ve always assumed it was because diamonds were like, five thousand dollars, and come to think of it possibly everyone else thought so too, but this is is on par with Tiffany’s, price wise. And because no one else considers diamonds as practical gifts at this age.. it’s definitely going to be a pretty sweet surprise. Beyond Valentine’s, this is perfect for a girl’s twenty first – and it won’t even kill your pocket if you’re sharing with a group of friends.

Yes alright so that’s basically what I wanted to gush about earlier. New gift option, you guys, and I still cannot get over the fact that a diamond isn’t just a faraway dream that costs a HDB flat. I did ask them why the diamonds were so affordable- and it’s because the ones on these pendants are the small studded kind, so don’t be expecting to get a solitaire diamond ring to propose with for two hundred bucks a pop. Let’s be realistic here. You are not Bella Cullen you do not need a rock on your finger at the age of twenty one. I still can’t quite wrap my mind around the fact that advertising and branding has got us paying the same amount for diamonds and silverware. Fact of the day you guys.

Other things I thought you all might be interested in, especially if you’re potentially interested in getting one of these- Soo Kee offers complimentary lifetime polishing and cleaning services for their jewelry, which is a huge plus point considering how sending a piece of silver for cleaning can cost you anywhere from 30-60 bucks.

So yes, in sum a very dazzling night. The good folk at Soo Kee were absolutely charming– there is simply no better word for it- and I thoroughly enjoyed myself and my newfound knowledge. You can and should like their Facebook page here while perusing the rest of their designs, though let me warn you right now, it’s a bit addictive.

Thank you for the lovely night, Soo Kee!