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Jemimah Wei was born and raised in Singapore, where she has been a television host, travel blogger, film producer, screenwriter, English teaching assistant, copywriter, and through it all, the writer behind lifestyle blog jemmawei.com. Originally launched in 2007 as an avenue for writing and expression, it has now grown to also encompass photography and personal thoughts on travel, literature, fashion, and cats. She is currently based in Singapore and New York.

All of the following in lipstick and heels.

Jemimah Wei is a writer and host based in Singapore and New York. She’s a 2019 National Arts Council Scholarship recipient, a Columbia Writing Scholarship recipient, and was recently named a 2020 De Alba Fellow. Her work has appeared in SmokeLong Quarterly, No Contact Magazine, Quarterly Literary Review Singapore, and Math Paper Press anthology From the Belly of the Cat, amongst others. She has several stories forthcoming, and is also presently at work on television projects.

As a writer, producer, and television host, her creative repertoire has thus far been interdisciplinary. She was writer, executive producer, and casting director for viral short film “My BB Love”; executive producer for #0000FF (Jasmine Sokko for MTV Asia); host for various broadcast and digital channels (NBC E!, Clicknetwork TV, Singtel); teaching assistant (Nanyang Technological University, School of Humanities); and has had her short stories published both locally and internationally. She launched the unprecedented #JemmaRecommends reading project in 2017 with Times Books and WH Smith, promoting a range of curated titles with a focus on identity and migration, and in 2018 established an annual scholarship with GrabAcademy supporting one student interested in pursuing a tertiary education in the arts and humanities. She is also the ambassador for the Words on Wheels non-profit volunteer cooperation, a programme by the Singapore International Foundation that brings mobile libraries to countries like Indonesia and Vietnam in a bid to promote reading among children by improving their access to books.

Jemimah worked as a copywriter & social media strategist for Spanish-American based firm Havas Media from 2011 to 2013, and was also the Social Media Community Manager for Air Asia Expedia’s Backkick in 2012. Over the years, she has written copy for the likes of Volkswagen Singapore, Air France, Singtel, Coca Cola, and DBS, amongst others. She shifted much of her focus to literary projects in 2017. In 2018, she completed her editorial traineeship with literary agency Aitken Alexander Associates London, and publishing house 4th Estate Harper Collins, London. She was also a national writing juror for 2020’s Scholastic Art and Writing Awards.

She has written travel guides and creative non-fiction narratives for brands like Airbnb, Disney, and Nikon. She is a columnist for No Contact Magazine, contributing opinion writer for Her World Singapore, reader-in-residence for SmokeLong Quarterly, and currently sits on the Fiction board of the Columbia Journal.

As of Fall 2019, she is currently pursuing her MFA in Fiction at Columbia University School of the Arts in the city of New York. She is supported by the Columbia Writing Scholarship, the National Arts Council Arts Scholarship (Postgraduate), years of savings, and painstaking financial planning, because it is important to be honest about the realities of pursuing one’s dream.


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Variations on the word “closet”.

Jemimah hosts popular online TV series Hype Hunt on clicknetwork.tv with her onscreen sweetheart Roz Pho. You can watch them in action here.

She is also the host of NBC’s E! Travel Diaries, along with Ksenija Lukich and David John Schaap; Singtel’s Ready Set Roam Season 3; and IMDA x Clicknetwork TV’s The Public Investigator.

And one man in his time plays many parts

Besides hosting her own reality TV series, Jemimah has also featured and acted in several TVCs and shorts. Here are some of the more notable ones:

TVC for Laneige: Your Inspiration. Your Dream. Uniquely U Campaign.

2015TVC for Nivea: Jemma’s Mud Cleanser Test

TVC for Coca Cola: Share A Coke to #Saythankyou

TVC for Nivea: #thatawkwardmoment

TVC and hosting for Liese: Creamy Bubble Color

Video shoot for Standard Chartered Singapore: #shopsmarteronline campaign

Campaign for Paypal: New Money Campaign

2015Money Smart’s Geneco Commercial Sparking Savings with Gene Condo

Travel Related:

2015Travel Series for Changi Airport: #ChangiBarepackers

Travel Series for Okinawa Tourism Board x Jetstar Asia 2018: Secrets of Okinawa

Travel Series for Jetstar Asia 2017: Jetstar Flies to Okinawa!

2018Travel Series for Jetstar Asia: Osaka – Battle of the Bad Puns!

2018Travel Series for Singapore Changi Airport DFS: #ShowYourCraft Episode 4

Travel Campaign for Klook: Jemma in Chiang Mai

Travel Campaign for Lotte Duty Free: Lotte Duty Free x Jemma

Travel Campaign for Klook: Jemma’s Korea Instatravelogue

Travel Campaign for Scoot, Taiwan: SG Love Taiwan

Travel Series for Changi Airport: Unravel Travel, Luang Prabang

Travel Series for Changi Airport: Unravel Travel, Vientiane

Video Campaign with Airbnb x Carousell: Share Your Travel Story

Fashion Show Host: Season One of That F Word on Clicknetwork


Hosting for Darlie Singapore: Project #Upgradeforabetterme

If you want roses, plant roses.

Jemma also occasionally swaps out being before the camera to being behind it, and here are some of the film projects that she has worked on:

Executive producer, writer, casting director: My BB Love – Original short film for Laneige Singapore

Executive producer: #0000FF – Music Video for Jasmine Sokko

Writer, creative: Jem and Roz visit the SSG – Skit for Ministry of Environment and Water Resources, Singapore

Writer: Dear Internet: This is Just a Detour – Anthology series for IMDA x Clicknetwork TV [Forthcoming]

Just a word..

If you’d like to read more about my exciting relationship with the coffee machine and other similar things, you might want to check out my twitter account: @jemmawei or if you’re the visual type, im the kind who takes pictures of my food. Like what you see? Get in touch.