#1293| a buffet of information

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Hey Guys,
its been a hectic few days and I’m exhausted, so this is going to be somewhat of a mishmash jumble of (possibly incoherent) thought. You guys are probably tired of my long and wordy posts by now, no?

Anyway, wednesday night i headed down to Bar Stories with Christel to meet Stephanie (@stooffi) and Sarah (@sarah_chong), two of the other WCI girls from 1.5 years back.

bar stories is this lovely place on the second floor of one of the haji lane shophouses. they don’t have a fixed drink menu (or at least i didnt see one) and they craft a different unique drink for you each time you order! Basically they shoot off a bunch of questions at you “sweet/ salty/ sour/ spicy/ no sugar/ adventurous/ safe/ etc?” and then create one on the spot for you! It’s the first bar I’ve been to that does this, very intriguing and the staff are incredibly friendly too.

Some of their creations!

If it’s your first time there, sit by the bar. It’s dinner and entertainment- watching them craft each creation is nothing short of amazing.

Bar Stories
57A Haji Lane (2nd Floor)
6298 0838

Besides that,I’ve been hooked on this cover of Hey Ya by Obadiah Parker:

From the may mixtape i originally got from the designeditor.

listen to the mix here.
All credits to the design editor!

A lot of you have also been asking me what my work entails/what i do exactly. The thing about being a copywriter is, if you mention it to anyone outside the media industry, half give you blank stares and the other half assume you’re some sort of photocopying machine. So just for clarity’s sake: a copy is anything written. Ie. Press releases, any text on a website, emails, proposal write-ups, white papers, editorial calendars and so on. So a copywriter is someone who basically writes a whole lot of copy. Someone once described it as being a graphic designer, but with words, and i think thats about right.

The other half of my job is being a social media strategist for Havas Media. Which mainly involves creating decks (slides), proposals and campaign road maps for clients detailing what they should be doing on social media channels for x amount of time.. and most of the time, execution too, ie. handling their social media channels.

Here’s a very simple deck i created for one of my clients this week. It’s by no means exhaustive, and barely scrapes the surface of social media strategizing, but its a rough overview. Also, its catered specifically to what the client asked for, so it only covers some areas of SMSeeding.

I sat down for a good two hours and poked around the internet and powerpoint till the point where my entire brain was saturated in fonts and typography and have since officially made powerpoint my bitch. This would have been very useful for my PW if i were still in jc .. but oh well. My sister, on the other hand, has been very quick to exploit this for her school presentations.

Starting off my morning right with starbucks and a fully charged Mac.

Like i said, it’s been a pretty hectic week. Exhaustion is now pretty much a consistent state of being.. but besides that, i’m feeling incredibly refreshed and oxygenated (lol!) In light of my whining about my backaches, the good folk at total health chiropractic had very kindly invited me down today for a bit of whacking up the bones into shape! I sounded about fifty years old saying that, didnt i. Nonetheless, it felt amazing- way better than any massage i’ve been for- but that deserves its own post. Soon.

I also attended the Nooka x Manicurious launch this evening with Eunice and Andrea: a concept store which sells nooka watches as well as manicures specially designed to complement them. It’s also a cafe, and a bar, all within one shop space, which i imagine can get a little crowded especially during the peak periods.

Mandatory photo wall shot.
They also gave complimentary manicures, which was nice, except it got really crowded after 7 when the event opened to the public. Fortunately, Eunice and I went early under our media passes and didnt have to wait very long.

Is it just me? I don’t get nooka watches. i don’t even know how to tell the time on them. According to the brand ambassadors, you count the dots or squares on the watch which are directly proportional to the current o clock. Knowing how much a sucker for instant gratification i am.. i would probably get frustrated with it real fast in a JUST TELL ME THE TIME, DAMNIT! way. The brand ambassadors did confirm that once you got used to it, telling the time was instinctive and a breeze though.

My favorite- the hello kitty nooka! This one has dots in a circular manner so its one of the easier ones to read.

i liked this so much i was considering getting it stenciled on my wall, except i mentioned a passing desire to shop and cindy tried to confiscate my master card.


personally i don’t think its very fair. I mean, Andrea bought 7 dresses in a day just last week! And whats with this rule that people shouldn’t buy more than one thing at a go anyway? its so.. restrictive.

And the incredibly loud music by DJ Nomsta. It was so loud we were shouting our conversations at each other and after we left we continued shouting because we were slightly deafened. Passerby’s stared.

Manicurious Concept Store
41 Beach Road
Singapore 189680

alright, thats about it for now. Im so sleepy my head is about to burst. I don’t know how that links up but somehow it makes sense. It probably won’t tomorrow, but you know what they say- jamba jumbo nooka blop. Or something along those lines. Yes i just made that up. See what i meant about incoherence?


#1265| Are you sad yet?

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At about 4:07pm, a johnny depp lookalike turns his voice towards us and says

“if you’re not sad now, you’re gonna be.”

Joy: “yeah. sorry ’bout that.”

John Paul turns to Joy and says in a guttural voice- Are you sad yet?
This is so awesome, because then we can sell them after the show!

We laugh.

Joy is cursing me right now
She throws back her head, i can imagine, and laughs
Little bit different key how we normally do, little bit lower
yeah i noticed that
little bit lower
later you’re going to be like wow that was really fun and off the cuff, how you reverted to the old version in the wrong key
i just love how you did that!
just keeping it fresh for me!
can i borrow your towel!

An afternoon with The Bacchae and The Civil Wars.

Download their entire album free here



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Pretty awesome night with the SNB being articulate and bringing the boys out. You know the Kpop wave is getting insane when people start taking sides (heatedly) between kpop and this guy called Armin..? In any case, people like me who listen to (neither) sat there bewilderedly until spice girls came on. NEVER GETS OLD.

Speaking of which, here’s a long overdue mix tape for you guys

have yourself a trippy new year

The Thrill (Wiz Khalifah) / Time To Pretend (MGMT) / Wannabe (Spice Girls) / Good Day (Nappy Roots) / Houdini (Foster the people) / Mr Blue Sky (Electric Light Orchestra) / Dancing in the moonlight (Toploader) / Call it what you want it (Foster the people) / Hello (Martin Solveg ft. Dragonette) / Pumped up kicks (Foster the people) / Send me on my way (Rusted Roots) / Stick n Stones (Jamie T) / In Too Deep (Sum 41) / Under cover of darkness (The Strokes)

click here to download

Besides that, the two kids at home have started school in Raffles Girls and Meridian JC respectively (middle is in callisto!!! THE BLUE BIRD LEGACY CONTINUES) and you would think that with the promotion in academic institutions, they would display a higher level of maturity and stick to their own beds, but no. I came home yesterday to find my bed, blankets AND pillows stolen by the two of them.

such is life.


#1235| national jewels

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First up, guys. If you guys have been following the news, you’ve probably heard of Nabillah Jalal. If you haven’t, take a minute to get up to speed here.

Done? Welcome back.

Nabs is one of the twenty students annually to be offered a place in the London Royal College of Music Keyboard department worldwide, and it is virtually unheard of for someone who hasn’t taken music at an A level or diploma level to be accepted. Pretty much well on her way to becoming our national pride after captivating the RCM director and professor at the audition, except for one thing- her family can’t afford the fees.

Im therefore doing a shoutout for her: she’s already applied for several funds and scholarships but she hasn’t received any concrete financial support. If anyone out there reading this wants to help in any way, you can reach her here: nabillahjalal@gmail.com

a few more details

School fees: £19 200 (annually)
Estimate living expenses (based on RCM’s guide): £10 000 (annually)

Total amount requested: Full scholarship for 4-year course: £116, 800

Other graduates from RCM include Andrew Lloyd Webber (Phantom of the Opera, Cats, Love never Dies) and Vanessa Mae. Past local graduates have also made significant attempts to further the Singapore Arts Scene by initiating a tie-up program between NAFA and RCM, but its worlds apart from living the real experience.
COME ON, GUYS, SUPPORT LOCAL TALENT. And even if you can’t help financially, i’m sure she’d appreciate it if you dropped her a tweet of encouragement/support @Nabillah with the hashtag #nabsforRCM. 🙂

now run and tell that.


#1227| Sir, have you considered.. adopting?

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So we kind of wanted another sibling but mom and dad refused point blank to have another one and my sisters and i are not married, also, given our christian upbringing, will not engage in premarital methods to procure another family member. There is also the fact that my sisters are 12 and 16 respectively.

The only solution left, friends, is to adopt.

ladies and gentlemen introducing the latest member of our family


We paid the deposit today for Cat, she’s a one month old Siamese kitten so she has to stay with MamaCat till next month, when we’ll collect her. We’ve wanted a cat for the longest time so everyone is really excited about this!

Name wise, I’m very taken by the notion of Athena, Greek goddess of wisdom as per suggested by XQ, or Artemis, Goddess of the hunt. SO, FITTING. The sisters object though, apparently its too atas (but this is a purebred cat what do you mean ‘too’ atas it IS an atas cat). Baby wants to name it… Poufy.

I have a game plan though. If they name it Poufy, completely unbefitting of a queen, really, I’m just going to keep calling it Athena until it only responds to that name. HA! Diabolical. It’s fail proof.

Moving on, for all the Windows phone users out there, my restless app downloading spree has uncovered a few gems you guys need to PIN TO START right now.

FOUR MUST HAVE APPLICATIONS FOR THE WINDOWS LUMIA PHONE (non inclusive of ‘duh’ apps like Facebook and twitter and whatsapp)

1. Mixtapes
I DO NOT KNOW how i survived without this before hand. Ok i do, i survived on the same music for months on end. Tragic. Mixtapes is powered by 8tracks, and you start out by browsing playlists and choosing one/searching for a song, and then it automatically pulls other playlists created by 8tracks users based on the premise of your projected music taste. The first random playlist i was allocated turned out GREAT and I LOVED IT. It’s called Songs That Will Make You Smile which doesn’t do much in the way of phrasing but i guess theres no disputing the intent of the playlist. You may access it here.

2. Thumba Photo Editor
Ive tried a bunch of photo editing applications including free ones Pictomaphone (lovely), flim! (easy to use, instagram style) and bubblegum (also something like instagram), but the best by far was the Thumba Photo Editor. It costs about 1.99 which is WAY worth it, for an app that does the basics (resize, crop, rotate, watermarking, polaroid effects) and image adjustments (auto contrasting, hue and saturation editing, sharpening, shadows and highlights, posterize, noise removal) and filters (colour filtering, color selection, cross processing, glow, HDR, lens flare, a bunch of lomo effects, retro, tilt shift, different kinds of film simulations, etc) and lastly, effects (diffuse, invert colors, oil paint, old photo, silent movie, watercolor and so on). Apparently there are over 70 adjustments and effects, and it’s really amazing.

For those of you who refuse to spend any money on apps, the pictomaphone app has proved to be the most comprehensive free photo editor for me so far.

3. Evernote
This really depends on the individual, but I’m a self confessed evernote addict. it’s the most awesome GET YOUR LIFE TOGETHER app ever- a journal sort of application on my macbook which subdivides into different notebooks. I have one for each subject because i hate taking notes on microsoft word, it gets so messy when you want to save each topic individually and there are windows EVERYWHERE. The best thing is- it syncs across all your electronics with evernote installed, for me, the iPad and blackberry. The evernote app for Windows completely pwnz the other two though, its so clean cut and gorgeous. SUCH A JOY TO USE. Everyone needs to install this. Its available on nearly all platforms. Yes this is me obnoxiously imposing my own views onto you. INSTALL IT NOW.

4. Weave/ Pulse
Both are pretty good news reader/RSS feed apps. Sort of the mobile equivalent of Flipboard for iPad which i love (everyone with an iPad should definitely download Flipboard, it turns your news feeds into a beautiful digital magazine. I have Gizmodo, Mashable, Harvard Business Review, the New Yorker, Harpers Bazaar and a bunch of other tech + fashion + news feeds on my flipboard and i CANNOT go two days without reading it.)

By the way guys, those of you with lumias- Nokia is giving away $25 worth of marketplace apps till the end of january. Go to www.appmylumia.com to figure out how to redeem yours. Also this effectively removes all excuses for not downloading Thumba. Possibly also, Assassin’s Creed.

And yes you are welcome.

My posts are getting increasingly wordy these days, aren’t they? I find myself unnecessarily vocal in the cyber evenings. I’m not sure if this is a good or bad thing.