#2061 | That Amazing Omakase – Sushi Nakamura, Otaru

Sushi Nakamura
Otaru, Hokkaido
All photos taken on the Samsung Note 8

I was in Otaru for one night in January, passing through to Sapporo Chitose Airport after a week of falling on my face in Niseko. Whilst I was there, I had one of the best meals of my life, as recommended by a chef friend of Roz’s (Chef Petrina Loh of Morsels Singapore, also a very good restaurant!). I hesitate to use the phrase life-changing but, yknw, it was a phenomenal meal. I documented it at length on instagram stories, but after it expired many people wrote to me to ask about the place, so I decided to export the commentary from that night wholesale and post it here:


After the omakase, we were greedy and just wanted more. Everything was so good thus far that we figured we would regret it forever if we didnt get more. Turns out that was the right sentiment – here we go: BONUS ROUNDS!



Sushi Nakamura
Japan, 〒047-0025 北海道小樽市山田町 一番二十一号
+81 134-26-6566
Reservations required

The best japanese meal of my life. I dream about this meal: I cant wait to go back some day.


#1857| From the kitchen of a broke student // Citrus Tuna Pasta


I was reading an article the other day titled something along the lines of ‘How to make dinner when you’re broke as fuck‘ and I felt like I could really relate, you know? Part of living like a student really just means you have no money all the time because you spent it all trying to support your sushi addiction. Or is that just me? Oh well. Could be crack.

Anyway. Just wanted to say that, and now I’m not sure why I started with that.. Regardless. The other day I was sitting around craving the tuna pasta salad from a couple of posts back, but because it was positively storming, the boyfriend asked if I could make something warm instead. So between that and the vague craving for a refreshing tuna pasta salad.. this weird citrus aglio olio tuna pasta dish was born. I really liked it though, so that’s another one to document here:


Some olive oil (I used about 3 tablespoons)
3 cloves of garlic
Lemon Zest
2 Eggs
1 can of tuna
Mint leaves (optional)


1. Cook pasta according to package instructions. I used salted water, I like how it makes my pasta taste. Approx 10 mins. Set aside one cup of pasta water and drain when done.

2. While pasta is cooking, peel and crush garlic on chopping board and grate your lemon till you have about a tablespoon or two of zest. How much you want depends on how refreshing you want your pasta to be.

3. Heat olive oil in a pan, and throw in garlic when hot. Stir till fragrant.

4. Add pasta, pasta water, lemon zest, tuna, and stir well on low heat for about three to five minutes. Add salt and pepper to taste.

5. Dish out and serve immediately. Arrange mint leaves in shape of a star for instagram.


Hard boil two eggs and slice them up to serve with pasta. I use eggs for everything because they’re so damn cheap, also, I get bored waiting for my pasta to cook so I always use the time to make other random bits of food that can be thrown in with the main dish.



Technically you could replace the tuna with chicken or ham or even just not use it altogether, but I was craving tuna. The hot pasta is really interesting when cross bred with citrus which is meant to be refreshing and cooling – I loved it!! Everything used was also relatively cheap / ingredients can probably be found in your kitchen at home.

It also just occurred to me that I post way too many pasta recipes here when I really am more of an asian food person.. so I’ll probably post an asian recipe next.



#1852| the best chicken in austria


All photos above taken with the Canon 500D on the 50f1.8 lens and the Nikon 1 J2

imagesSalzburg, Austria

What exactly transpired, I believe, is this – Shane started singing some kentucky fried chicken pizza hut song on the streets in the middle of the night in Salzburg, and to my general horror, started engaging in a which country has the best fried chicken debate with Sebestian, our courchsurfing host. I’m not sure having a Kentucky Fried Chicken chain in Singapore counts as it being our national property, but the long and short of it is, we were recommended this little joint up some riverside hill that apparently had the best fried chicken in all of Austria, and faced with such conviction from a local it was difficult to resist..

We were rejected the minute we walked in the door – apparently you needed a reservation – but we wheedled and batted our eyes a little bit: we heard this place has the best backhendl in allllll of austria, and the waiter sniffed a bit and went yeah, we do, but looked slightly mollified and told us to come back in forty five minutes. Long sort of wait, and trust me, even longer when you sit down and order, but when it came it was so worth it. Pun maybe sort of unintended. I always believe that the mark of a good restaurant is its standard of sidedishes – and the potatoes and salad that came with the chicken were divine.

The chicken itself was amazing and possibly the only exception in all of history where it’s acceptable to use the word moist. Generous portions and relatively fairly priced – i think it worked out to about 15 euros a person, which is really quite decent for somewhere claiming to be the best in all the land. I’m not a food reviewer so I don’t know exactly how to keep on raving about a meal without sounding too much like a glutton, but hey, I googled the place after leaving and it’s got 4.5stars on tripadvisor, which is good enough for me anyday.

Bärenwirt Salzburg
Müllner Hauptstraße 8, 5020 Salzburg, Austria
+43 662 422404


#1845| soccer sundays: for people who can’t cook


I seem to be spending a disproportionate amount of time in the kitchen, which isnt a very promising statement on feminism if im making a living example of the fact that once a woman has free time all she does is read and cook.. Anyway. Split between a desire for instagrammable material, boredom while the boyfriend spends the entire weekend watching soccer (damn you, EPL), and rapidly expiring food in my fridge, I whipped up this skillet of mishmash ingredients last weekend. Still, comments on facebook, questions on askfm and most recently a conversation with Amanda (better known to you guys as @beautifuladieu) made me realize one thing: most people are under the severe misapprehension that i can actually cook – no, no i can’t. I’m hopeless at it, i dont know the difference between the different types of pans and have no idea what tarragon even is.

Which is why most of the recipes I post here are idiot-proof approximations cooked up while randomly cracking things in the kitchen and making note of the things that don’t burn. Maybe one day I’ll really learn some legitimate cooking skills, who knows? But for now maybe it’s best I relabel my recipe posts ‘FOR NOOBS WHO CAN’T COOK’, primary noob being myself. Anyway, today I’m here for vague instructables regarding my most recent invention- the random baked skillet.

– 1-3 eggs, depending on size of your skillet
– a skillet
– potatoes
– other things you like to eat/ about to expire in your fridge
– oil
– an oven

– 3 eggs
– 5 potatoes
– oil
– 1 onion
– 2 hotdogs
– some bacon
– 1 tomato
– some rocket salad for garnishing
– 2 slices of KRAFT cheese


PREHEAT THE OVEN (i always forget this)
to 180 deg

1. Cut 2 potatoes into strips and dice the rest. Cook them by heating up some oil in the frying pan and putting the strips in, flipping till both sides are golden brown. Do the same with the diced potatoes.
*this will take awhile so the following steps can be done while waiting
*you can also choose to strip all the potatoes but i couldnt be bothered because diced potatoes cook so much faster and also only the top layer needs to look nice anyway

2. Fry bacon in separate pan, drain and put it away on a plate.

3. Dice the onion at the same time and fry with sliced up hotdog on the same pan till onions turn translucent. Set aside.

4. Mix the diced potatoes and onion/ hotdog mix in the skillet and arrange it with a spatula till it’s relatively flat. Lay out the nicely sliced potatoes on top to make a top layer that looks more coherent.

5. Put bacon and strips of cheese on the top.

6. Crack eggs directly onto the skillet, spacing them apart evenly.

7. Bake in oven for about 10-15 minutes till the eggs are properly cooked (you can tell because the egg whites will be, well. White.)

8. Garnish with salad of choice (I used rocket), grind some pepper on top because it looks nice in pictures, and serve immediately.


Enjoy! Not bad for an attempt to rid my fridge of everything about to expire, huh. It was GLORIOUS. Also, I was bored while waiting for it to bake, so i made croutons. Croutons in a sentence: cut your bread into equal strips and fry them in a buttered pan on both sides till evenly brown. Got it? Got it.

Guten Appetit!


#1838| Mason Jar Stories: Overnight Cold Tuna Pasta Salad


Homemade Greek yoghurt museli with fruit and honey

I’ve recently developed a new addiction to mason jars – basically pretty molded glass jars commonly used in canning to preserve food. Admittedly, I first hopped on the mason jar bandwagon for instagram/pinterest related reasons – have you seen how gorgeous these things are?? Belatedly though, I started realizing that these things have the rare advantage of being both pretty and useful, which sadly applies to very few people things nowadays. Combined with my propensity for waking up too late to do anything more than throw on whatever’s on top of my wardrobe and hop out of the door mumbling shit shit shit shit and making for school most days, I’ve also taken to making food the night before to bring along to wherever I’m headed the next day, school or road trip. Because they’re so hardy, you can bake or freeze stuff in your mason jars, which is fantastic for making single serve brownies or salads or whatever suits your fancy, really. They’re also airtight, which means you can even fill it with a smoothie, screw on the lid and toss it in your bag without fear of it making a mess as even the best tumblers are prone to do.

But this isn’t a mason jar advertisement, and I’m getting carried away as i so often do. I just wanted to pop in here today to post up the recipe for an overnight cold tuna pasta salad, which is the easiest thing to do in the world, really. I made this in half an hour the night before my road trip to Switzerland so I could grab it from the fridge at 6am the next day (the worst part about road trips is undeniably the awful hours you have to get up at) and have it for brunch on the road. Super easy and one of my favorite dishes – i think sometimes i forget how much i love tuna.


– Pasta
– Salad leaves (I use rocket)
– 1 can of tuna
– Some mayo
– A squeeze of lemon juice (optional)
– Whatever else you like in your salad


1. Cook pasta according to box instructions until al dente. I used penne, but I think pasta shells would do nicely as well.

2. Drain pasta and run under cold water till room temperature.

3. Meanwhile, mix your can of tuna with some mayo (how much you want to add depends on how creamy you like your pasta) in a separate bowl.

4. Add tuna mix to large mixing bowl with pasta, throw in salad leaves and whatever else you’d like. I used cut tomatoes, sliced boiled eggs and rocket salad. Toss. Sprinkle some salt and pepper to taste. I also squeezed a bit of lemon juice over it.

5. Serve immediately, refrigerate for a couple of hours before serving, or do as i do and leave it overnight in a mason jar ready to be eaten first thing the next day.

Voila! Isn’t that the easiest thing. You could do it with one eye closed – you dont even have to keep a particularly keen eye on the stove. I love this recipe so much – and it’s perfect for hot summer days because it’s both savory and refreshingly cold. Not that it’s fully summer season here in Germany, or maybe i’m in denial, but either way, so much love for this mason jar of wonders. Hurray for effortless mornings is what i am saying.


PS. You can get your own mason jars here.