#1894| Digital Fashion Week Day Two + Friends


Outfit: Bebe Singapore | Holographic Clutch: Colette by Colette Hayman | Rings: The Ordinary Co | Make Up: Urban Decay Singapore
Hair by Hairloom

Photography: Nedra Lim

How much of fashion week is fashion, and how much is seeing old familiar faces? Maybe evenly split in half, methinks.

I was dressed by Bebe for the second day of Digital Fashion Week. I was going for a willowy power suit look, if that makes any sense at all. I should talk more about my outfit given that it’s fashion week, I know, I know. But what I really want to talk about is this Taiwanese movie I just watched which is giving me the major feels, and also, the fact that as I’m typing this my cat is knocking things over and scaring itself all over the house, and it’s hilarious. Plus, if you want to know more about my outfit, you can always look at the photos, am i right.


DFW Squad

Ok so, a tiny bit more about DFW. Most of the fun I have at fashion weeks happen before the shows even start, because it involves running into really old familiar faces and screaming about ridiculous things. This year, the stars of my DFW were probably the sensational youtube duo, Munah and Hirzi. Munah and I briefly acted in a skit for a local commercial earlier in the year, which was later taken down because it was apparently too controversial, even though it was not. It was also apparently culturally inappropriate, which was a lie. These are criticisms lobbed at the video that I’ve seen floating around the internet, much like the rest of the opinions floating around on the internet that nobody asked for, my own included, I guess. I can say this because 1. I was in the commercial and therefore I know what I’m talking about when I say that nothing of the sort was meant, and 2. I’m pretty damn sensitive, so I think I would be the first to get offended if there were something to be offended over, thank you very much. But hey, some people just want to watch the world burn..

Hirzi I know because I barrelled straight into him at a H&M outlet, also earlier in the year, consequently traumatising him for the rest of his life. Now whenever we meet each other we have to flirt with each other outrageously to make up for the earlier awkwardness. It’s a long story, don’t ask.

Anyway, the two of them I bring up because I adore what they have going on – the two best friends are inseparable and Hirzi styles Munah and himself for each show. And then they drop down on the red carpet floor just to dubsmash their way into the shows. I look so bad when I laugh hard because my face scrunches up in the most ridiculous way, and thanks to these two, 50% of my DFW photos are unusable. You can check out their style and sass game at StyledByHirzi.

So that was my DFW. I initially only picked two shows to go for this season because my Masters thesis is not going to write itself, people, but after all the pre-show fun I almost regretted not coming down for more. Still, five thousand words of heavy literary theory is due, and I do have to get down to it..


PS. I started off this post talking about cats and a taiwanese movie. Re: Cats – I just downloaded this tamagotchi-esqe game on my phone called Neko Atsume, and it’s legit addictive. Try it, but be warned. Re: Taiwanese movie, it’s called Our Times (我的少女时代), and it’s a complete train wreck. I think I dehydrated the last three years of my life crying during the movie. So good!!!! I’m crying again thinking of it. Ugh, don’t look at me. I’m such a sucker for old school romance movies like these – in fact, I’m basically a sucker for most things lah. 10/10 would recommend!!

#1893 | Digital Fashion Week Day One Lookbook x Run After


Pink Tulle skirt: Ted Baker | White Collared Shirt: Young Hungry Free | Bejewelled Collar: Mint and Pint Accessories | Leather Jacket: MDS Collections | Heels: Topshop
Hair by Hairloom

Photography: Nedra Lim

One of the two looks I styled for Digital Fashion Week this year, and my fourth.. fifth? collaboration with Ted Baker Singapore. I truly love Ted Baker – the luxe, soft, material I could bury my face in over and over again, the fervent attention to detail, the incredibly inspired pieces they pull out of their hat of magic tricks every season.. This pink tulle wonder drew gasps when I stepped out of the changing room, and close up looked as though someone emptied a candy box of glitter on it. Close ups here.

When being interviewed on the red carpet this year by the gorgeous Yvette King, I was asked what was preferable – investing in quality pieces, or fast fashion. Now, I dont presume to be any sort of authority on fashion, and my opinions are just that: my own. One’s environmentally conscious side would obviously pick the long term quality investment (obviously), but what of practical economics? What sort of rich do you have to be to only purchase designer pieces yet also wear them only three times each?

In the end I talked about learning to balance the two – how staple, statement, pieces can be tested for the strength of their versatility when mixed with more affordable variety. In Singapore we have the unique pleasure of being offered access to so much affordable online retail (or at least, it seems that way to me when my friends abroad complain about the cost of their online/instore shopping), and that gives us the elasticity of style. I knew this pink tulle skirt would be something that’d be the hook to any outfit, yet give me space to style in a variety of different ways over time.. so here’s one of them – a pressed white shirt, leather jacket with silver hardware, a collared diamante necklace, picked up by the silver in my heels. Hair in a low ponytail, because with so much going on, you’d want it off your face to minimise distraction – but at the same time, styled sleek with an angled bump to give one’s face shape. (Thank you, Hairloom!)

I dont think that affordable pieces equate fast fashion – they’re not always mutually exclusive, but by some stroke of luck I’ve had the pleasure of purchasing pieces that have lasted me way longer than expected. On the other hand, having been blessed enough to work with international fashion houses, I do know that there is a significant difference – not just in design, but in cut, threading, and overall quality. Theres nothing wrong with preferring one over the other – it comes down to personal prerogative. But for those of you who ‘grew up’ with me, young adults who are now looking to expand their wardrobe and dip into investment pieces while balancing your chequebooks, this is what I can offer: an idea on how to start.


Front Row at DFW’s Run After Show

Anyway. It’s middle of prime time season for my Masters programme (yes, it’s still ongoing even though I dont talk about it much!), so I just took time out this DFW for two shows, one of them being the launch of Run After by fashion blogger and personal friend, Melissa Celestine Koh.

More and more local influencers are launching labels, and I’m pleasantly surprised by how great they are. Designing is hard – I say this in the way I say math is hard, or science is hard, it is hard to me because I cannot do it. Perhaps for some people designing draws from an unlimited flow of inspiration and they are only limited by the hours of the day and upon seeing my declaration – Designing is hard – they think, what is she banging on about?! Lucky people, those. But for me, I cannot do it, and so I greatly admire the people who can. There were a lot of squeals this year during the Run After show, and I would say about half of them were about the pieces showcased on the runway.

The other half, it has to be said, must have come from the incredible show. Over the past few years I’ve attended quite a few fashion weeks, and nothing makes me happier than to be able to stand here now and say that one of the best ones I’ve seen was created by a Singaporean designer. The Run After show was incredibly inspired. From the seamless flow between the trailer video and the actual show, to the lithe dancer opening the show showering petals on us all, to the live band crooning to the beat of the runway.. it was fantastic. I was really impressed. I suspect the unconventional angle comes from Melissa’s personal travels – if you follow her online, she attends fashion weeks all over the world, the most recent ones being New York, Milan, and Paris, and raves about the more inspired show structures she’s seen frequently. (I’m remembering now a particular post gushing about Coach’s show..) Of course, this is speculation – but I think it’s given her the push to break out of the conventional blasé-cool runway strut, and to experiment with different forms. And I think it’s safe to say that it’s paid off. The show was engaging and memorable without overshadowing the actual pieces. That’s success, in my books.

I took a short clip of the show, which you can watch here.


Post Show Shenanigans with Amanda : Photos by Melvin from Multifolds

And that’s it for day one. After the show I went off to meet the boyfriend and his friends, and then we played DOTA. It was great until I started using a completely new character called Luna, which I only picked because she was sexy and also cos she rode on a lion. Big mistake. Couldnt figure out how to use it at all, and by the time I did I had died a gazillion times and was big-time grumpy. This is probably one of those dont judge a book by its cover moments, but whatever. Back to Viper it is.


#1812| cocktail parties: online, offline. / finalsip


I attended a cocktail party sometime last week by new online startup Finalsip at Ah Sam’s Cold Drinks Store, 60A Boat Quay. Can we all take a moment to appreciate how absolutely adorable that name is for a bar?

Moment over. You can drop by Ah Sam’s for his custom tailored drinks (much like Bar Stories, they create a drink for you based on your personality and preference type) or just to ogle at, well, Ah Sam. (He’s very cute.)

Ah Sam’s Cold Drink Store
60A Boat Quay
Singapore 049848
6:00 pm – 3:00 am

Anyway, I was there for a cocktail party/ workshop where I (pretended to) learn to make my own cocktails at home – they even sent me on my way with a starter gift set of liquor and a cocktail shaker – courtesy of Finalsip. It all kind of links in with the overarching theme of drinking, and you’ll see why in a minute. Finalsip.com is one of those social sites which is gamified for an element of fun, and this one simulates a virtual club environment where you get to meet real people (safely) and clock points which can in turn be exchanged for real prizes (legit) from places like MBS, Miu Miu, Chanel, or if you’re more practical, Tangs, Robinsons, and Courts. It’s all very Iggy Azalea.

I tried it out that day on my mobile (currently it’s web based but they’ll be releasing an app version soon i should think) and this is how it works.


1. Register. They’re very concerned re: spam and trolls, so you need to wait a while for them to make sure you’re a real person and verify your account personally. Consequently, a profile picture featuring your actual face is required. They dont ask for much in the sign up process to preserve your privacy, you don’t even need to enter a bio byline. When you register, they give you a free bottle.

2. Try to pick up someone.
Much as one does, in a bar. It’s a bit like ebay, really. Everyone has a virtual bottle, and you buy shots off them using your points. You start off with a few thousand free points which regenerate each day, but obviously there’s an option to purchase more for a starting point of about ten bucks if you’re the impatient sort. If you’re the last person to buy a shot, you get the option of messaging them to ask for a meet up in real life. So for example my bottle has five hundred shots and people have been buying ten or twenty off me at a time. The person who buys the very last shot and empties my bottle can send me a PM to chat me up. There is no other way to contact or communicate with a user on the app.

3. Actually go dating.
If you end up meeting this dude who bought your shots (or girl), you should snap a photo of yourselves together because that gives you like a zillion extra bonus points online which you can use to redeem like, a Chanel bag. If you have enough points i mean, but that goes without saying. Finalsip is very careful to emphasize that this is not a dating app, it’s one where you meet people like yknw, friends, and get to know more people and socialize, but i think it’s rather inevitable that people are going to start using it for it’s dating function. Lets be realistic here. But sure, you can go on it to try and meet more girlfriends or something, just buy up their shots and chat them up. You really never know. 5 meet ups also win a mystery dinner somewhere each month, so that’s that.

4. Be materialistic.
And use those points to get stuff. I actually redeemed a hundred dollar TANGS voucher on the day itself while playing, but im the type to spend all my points in any game the minute i reach the minimum needed to redeem stuff. If you’re patient, you can persevere till you get a Miu Miu or iPhone (yes it’s an option).

You can sign up and start playing here at their website, or check out their facebook page for more details. Here’s an instructional youtube video also, in case i wasn’t clear enough or if you’re the visual type.

Personally: I can’t wait to see if this actually takes off in Singapore. I can imagine this flying with people in Europe or America, no problem, but singaporeans are relatively more conservative crowd. It’s true that everyone is subconsciously or otherwise out to get something out of meeting another person, and this app incentivizes that, which is quite clever, but to be told face up that they know your motivations are materialistic can be dicey ground for some people. Also, it’s purely superficial- without a byline or bio, the only way people decide whether or not to chat you up/ hang out with you is based on that profile picture you upload. It also simulates real life really, in a bar or club, you trade in the currency of good looks, but once again, i dont know how people will react to their intentions being exposed to transparently.

Still, it’s a clever idea, and i’m not sure if it’s been done before but if apps were giving away free MiuMius i’m sure i would have heard of it sooner. You technically dont have to fork out a cent since the app regenerates points for you each day, so there’s no harm in trying it out while it’s still so new. You know what they say about small pools and fishing chances.


Picture credits to: Richard Oey, Estelle Kiora, Reieek and Wardrobe Trends Fashion Singapore. I’m wearing a floral dress c/o Her Velvet Vase.

Thank you for the invitation, Finalsip!
& to the rest of you, quite literally, cheers.


#1806| It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas ~

Andrea - Jemimah Christmas Party-37Andrea - Jemimah Christmas Party-28Andrea - Jemimah Christmas Party-148

Christmas came early this year you guys. Last Friday, Andrea and I hosted a Black&White Christmas party for all our close friends in college as well as some of Drea’s blogshop industry friends at Shane’s place, and even though it was waaaay early (7th Dec, to be precise), at least we managed to get everyone in one place for the final time before twenty thirteen closes. Here’s to some of the best people of 2013:

CLASS OFAndrea - Jemimah Christmas Party-107Andrea - Jemimah Christmas Party-17Andrea - Jemimah Christmas Party-61Andrea - Jemimah Christmas Party-74Andrea - Jemimah Christmas Party-60Andrea - Jemimah Christmas Party-41Andrea - Jemimah Christmas Party-49Andrea - Jemimah Christmas Party-129

So very grateful for these people in my life. I’m pretty sure they’re the best thing to come out of the past two and a half years of university. There was a period of time (i think it coincided with the recent A level results release) where I was getting all these emails and askfm questions from you guys on whether i thought trying for university or just going straight to work was a better idea – go to university, guys. It’s not just about academia and a degree: you just don’t get this level of free spirited fun and youthful recklessness that comes with making and keeping friends at this level anymore / slight breathlessness as everyone accelerates towards the huge gaping hole that is working life and beyond, the underlying sentiment that this is it; it’s time to make the most of this. I love it.

Deceptively gorgeous photos from a terrifying giant popper thing I was convinced was going to explode in all our faces..

Andrea - Jemimah Christmas Party-117Andrea - Jemimah Christmas Party-1141Andrea - Jemimah Christmas Party-128


This Christmas party thing seems to be becoming a sort of tradition around these parts. We had it at Lexy’s place last year, and this year we were supposed to just have a simple home cooked dinner at Drea’s house but… things kind of got out of hand. In the best way possible.

Everything you see here was a result of the generosity of several companies we worked with, as well as the product of a slightly panicky party planning mind map (kinda) (we planned this in the midst of our examination period).

Andrea - Jemimah Christmas Party-130

The gorgeous photos, for example, were taken by Adrian Seetho for Multifolds Photography, whom Drea engaged to shoot at our party, and without whom the party wouldn’t have been immortalized in digital film so beautifully. If you’re planning a Christmas (or any sort of) party you should definitely think of getting a photographer – you won’t get such gorgeous candid moments otherwise, and in group photos you wont have to wrestle with the self timer / have one person missing in the photo because he/she is behind the lens. You know what I’m talking about.

You can view the full photo set on the Multifolds Facebook page here.
If you want to engage them as well, quote “Andrea” to get a 10% of all services!

Andrea - Jemimah Christmas Party-83Andrea - Jemimah Christmas Party-81Andrea - Jemimah Christmas Party-79Andrea - Jemimah Christmas Party-85

Food – of course, integral to any party or social gathering because our friends are hungry monsters that consistently have to be fed, was done by Oh’s Farm Catering. We’ve known Jiahui since we did a food tasting for Pitchstop over a year back, and we couldn’t ask for someone better to trust with our food. It was amazing. This was our menu – but they gave us a ton more options and we spent ages pouring over it to pick our favorite dishes per category for appetizers, mains, and so on.

* Starter: Cold Meat Platter Combination – Salami Beef, Chicken Ham, Cheese Sausage, Turkey Ham, Pepperoni compliments with black olive, Onion rings, Cherry tomato, Gherkin & Cranberry sauce
* Salad: Farm’s potato salad topped with tuna flakes & tossed with chef’s salad dressing
* Chicken: Marinated rosemary whole chicken with pan jus
* Prawn: Cheese baked Atlantic Prawn
* Red Meat: Beef stew with root vegetables
* Fish: Baked Salmon Fillet with White Cream Sauce (my friend were raving about this!)
* Vegetable: Oriental Green Vegetable with Chinese Mushroom
* Staple: Sauteed Pasta with Vine-ripened Tomato (my favourite!)
* Side dish: Breaded scallop with tartar dip
* Dessert: Assorted French pastries – cocktail cream puff, chocolate eclair, marble cheese cake, strawberry fruit tarts – and Honeydew Melon with Chilled Sago
* Beverage: Apple Cordial

And this was legit, legit food, not the cold cut catering you get at most events. It sometimes feels like catering swings from extremes – either the really standard but kind of boring catered food, or the incredibly expensive canapés that you eat and then go grab a macs burger after. Oh’s provided a fantastic bridge, with really, really good food that also comes in servings big enough to fill your guests up. This is their festive set, going at $27.50/pax but they’ve got other sets as low as $17.50/pax too.

Imran (drea’s boyfriend) actually arrived a bit later and when he started eating he went This food is the sex! during an unfortunate lull in conversation, much to Drea’s horror.

Andrea - Jemimah Christmas Party-209

If you are intending to get Ohs Farm to cater your event, be sure to mention either Andrea or I when booking to get a free pastry assortment platter for the catering order, so long as you spend a minimum of $350/delivery.

Door Gifts/ Goody Bags were also awesome, even if i’m saying so myself. Really really grateful to the following sponsors for being so generous:


Playboy Fragrances For Him &Her. This is their latest Superhero line released for the festive season, and I think you can get it in Watsons and most departmental stores. I’ve worked with Star Asia before for the Playboy VIP x Asia’s Next Top Model campaign, and they’ve also been incredibly generous to me over the past year, so I’m really happy to be working with them again. And also, if it’s good enough for the ANTM girls, you know it’s good enough for you.

Facebook | Website


Fish eye, Telephoto, iPhone color filter and Macro phone camera lenses, courtesy of Ming from Peek Singapore. The fish eye lens is so trippy I swear – you snap the lenses on with this magnetic ring and immediately all your photos look like some holographic drug trip without the actual.. drugs. I brought it with me to Guangzhou this week and check it out:

fish eye


Talk about an epic door gift. So applicable to anyone who has a camera phone (which is.. everyone) and so impressive. It’s retailing at about $25bucks on other sites like photojojo, but you can get it at $15 from the Peek online store / walk in at 36 Armenian Street #01-04. I think they’re having a christmas sale now too if you walk in, and if you’re a film buff you’ll love it – they have lomo cameras, impossible project films, and so much more analog photography equipment.

Facebook | Instagram


There’s some famous saying that Christmas season is all about candy. Or maybe I made that up. But check out these adorable jars of christmas themed sticky rock candy!!! So much color and santa faces for the kid in you. Huge thanks to Keow Yuen from LollyTalk for these babies – you can get them at their Plaza Singapura Shop, B2-20. This is their Christmas Mix because it’s only appropriate, surely, but I was eyeing up the minion designs.. which is so perfect, you know, if you’re wracking your brains over mass christmas gifts for kids that are also extremely presentable.

Facebook | Instagram


Christmas Soap balls!!!!!!! These are courtesy of April from Lush Singapore. They’re responsible for that wonderful smell in the Wisma basement/ Suntec atrium. I feel like they’re the famous amos of soap, you know? Free smells, and then you want to buy up the whole shop. Anyway, they’ve just released their christmas line so each of our guests got a couple of soap balls in various christmas themed shapes. You pop them in your bath and have like some magical bath soak experience. If you don’t have a bath tub, do what i did – stick them in a pretty glass jar and put them in your room. Now my entire room smells like fairies and flowers.

Facebook | Instagram


Atas tea sets from Betjeman and Barton. They sent us tea caddies and satches of amazing sounding things like English Breakfast and Autumn Blend – and you can also get them from their Raffles City B1-33 outlet or via their online shop.



Jara Petit Cheesecups – which is exactly what it sounds like, cheesecake in a cupcake form. Great for people who can never finish a cheesecake on their own because it’s too jelat. My favorite was the Strawberry cup, but they come in all of nine flavors including Durian, Matcha, and of course, Original. They cost $3 each or $12 for a box of 4 / $25 for a box of 9.

Preorder them at jara.petit@gmail.com | Website

Andrea - Jemimah Christmas Party-132

And finally, the perfect party dress – Her Velvet Vase very generously sent me their Gatsby Embellished Swing Dress in black for the party, so appropriate for the black and white theme with a hint of sparkle.

While wrapping up the party with exhilarated smiles and exhausted feet I thought to myself how frequently I am blown away by the kindness showered upon us by strangers. A huge round of thanks to everyone who helped out, our fantastic sponsors, and of course, the best company a party could ask for.

Cheers to the end of the year.
Have a great Christmas you guys. x


#1791| FIDe Fashion Week lookbook: Blackout


Leather insert peplum top and Textured pants c/o Ted Baker, Necklace from H&M, Furla Candy Bag c/o bagaholicboy, Heels from Topshop | photos by Andrea

Women’s couture night at Fide Fashion Week, and I’m completely blacked out courtesy of Ted Baker. Second in my series of four outfits from them – and first in the number of times I’ve tried a peplum top. I’ve always maintained that peplum sounded like a rather silly word, like a stuffy old english man sneezing, and anyway it’s always seemed like a bit of an unnecessary wardrobe addition because for some reason I assumed it would be an unflattering cut. But this piece.. Wow. There is just so much I love about it, and I don’t know how to start without sounding weirdly inappropriate and affectionate about what is essentially a shirt, but the leather details, and the cut, and the sleeves… Goodness.

And for some reason, my reflex has always been to reach for a skirt, but this season’s emphasis on the boss lady look had me eyeing up pant-type silhouettes, resulting in this happy accident of a full on black outfit. The slightly shimmery embossed pattern details on the pants also go a long way in adding a little character into the outfit, so let noone accuse me of coping out of adventurous fashion choices during fashion week.

Speaking of adventurous- fashion week this year saw a whole lot of completely and outrageously gorgeous but unwearable pieces this year, giving me the impression that haute couture is moving more towards art than anything else, really. There were dresses with trains weighing thirty kg – perfect, if you’re going for a sit down dinner, not so much if you’re skipping out to grab a burger after the show. Of course, what do I know, I’m just a college kid. Besides, they’re all absolutely beautiful, which goes without saying, just .. completely out of my league. Of the more day to day wearable collections, I quite liked the Moiselle runway show though – very chic – so check out the brand if you haven’t.

Marina Bay Sands Singapore 018972
+65 6688 7768


Being goofy on the runway because I’m Andrea’s standard test subject for camera lighting.

Which also frequently results in candids like these:


Basically looking like I just fell asleep on the runway. Brilliant.


With both our favorite to-go handbag sized camera, the Sony Nex 3N.


Met so many amazing people that night- and for some reason, I’m always slightly surprised in a who, me? kind of way when readers and viewers come up to us in public.. everyone was just so, so nice, and it’s entirely too gratifying to be receiving so many words of validation in real life from you guys. Completely pooped by the end of the night, which explains why i look so tired in most of my photos with viewers, but it was just so lovely. Small favor to request from you guys though– please tag me on the instagram photo so i get to keep it in my tagged photos, i like knowing who you all are, and not just mention me in the caption because that notification frequently gets flushed away all too fast for me to get a proper closer look. It’ll come in handy someday when i want to do some stalking of my own… I’m only kidding. I think.

So much love all around, thank you to everyone who came up to us and a huge thanks to Ted Baker for dressing me this fashion week, as always x