#1771| d’good d’best

College lunch breaks dont get better than this. Alright, it’s not exactly on campus, but it’s near enough to pull a cheat code. D’good cafe at Holland Village invited Drea and I down a couple of weeks ago for a food tasting session ft. their new menu items, and proceeded to cheerfully and determinedly stuff us. Above you see our starter course, though I have no idea how a selection of cakes and coffee (option for latte art) qualifies as.. starters. Strawberry cheesecake, triplet cheesecake and maple sea salt cheesecake pictured above, and it’s a good thing they didnt demand a favorite pick because damn. The strawberry and triplet (chocolate, cheese, oreo) are delicious renditions on standard cheesecake flavors, but the maple sea salt cheesecake is probably the first of its kind- usually we get sea salt caramel, but d’good created their own signature maple version. Pretty damn good is what it is.

Main courses include the standard eggs benedict, chicken tikka masala (served with Japanese rice) and Chilli crab pie. Now, i didn’t get to try the chicken but Andrea said it was pretty good. You cant ever go wrong with eggs benedict (i think). But the Chilli crab pie was mindblowing. I’m not saying its the best crab ever made – in fact i only started eating crab recently so i wouldnt know anyway- but crab eating is a generally messy process, and the packing of our national “authentic” dish into a neat little tasty pastry is genius. So much yum in one circle!!!!! Definitely, definitely recommend this one if you’re popping over between classes.

One of the main things about d’good cafe is the option of creating your own custom blend of coffee- something a coffee addict like me will go crazy over. You fill in a coffee journal and do the following:

1. Survey to determine your coffee preference
2. Coffee Cupping to confirm preference and beans for blending
3. Blend, brew and name your own coffee blend

Picture of me being ~intense~ with coffee.

Coffee cupping is this process where you sniff the coffee then slurp it in the most unglamorous fashion ever because that helps you pick out the taste, body and acidity of the coffee. I really wouldn’t know because I was too busy giggling the entire way (hello, slurping) but I’m sure discerning coffee drinkers would be happily slurping away.

I very imaginatively named my coffee.. morningcoffee@jemmawei.com. Because, you know, it’s my email. And people have coffee in the mornings. I don’t know. I like my brew bittersweet and very, very strong, so if that’s your kind of thing you know what to order! They key in your custom blend details so if you want the exact same thing you just go back and tell them what your brew is called. Drea’s is called the Dreagon. Which is apt.

Anyway yes, as you can tell we left d’good cafe so very stuffed that day. The cafe has always been a hot favorite because of how pretty it is- we filmed our episode of On the Red Dot for Channel News Asia here and countless blogshops shoot here because of the great lighting and superfun indoor garden swing. Definitely one of those hang out places before/after/during school. Which is great news if you guys are regulars/ want to try this place out, because they’re very kindly offering all our readers a 10% off all ala carte food and drinks!

All you have to do is like their facebook page here
Flash the like on your phone/whatever to the counter and quote “Jem” OR “Drea”

and you’ll get your ten percent off!

Thanks so much d’good cafe for the wonderful brunch- and happy slurping, you guys.

d’Good cafe
273 Holland Ave Singapore 278992
+65 6219 9807


#1759| hello kitty cafe x

All over the world I hear a collective girly squeal. I don’t know yet exactly how I feel about the fact that I used to be a hardcore hello kitty fan… and by hardcore, i mean hardcore. I collected memorabilia like keychains and wallets and bags, and engaged in heated discussions regarding her lack of a mouth (she has a mouth, it’s just hidden under all that fur! watch the cartoon and you’d know this, for goodness sake.) Yes. Anyway. The point is. Some way later in life I realized I didn’t just like hello kitty, I just liked cats in general, which is why I’m.. the way I am today.

In any case, after catching up with Elissa over dinner in Hongdae, Seoul, we popped by the Hello Kitty Cafe just to see what all the hype was about. I mean, c’mon. You cant come to Seoul and not visit the Hello Kitty Cafe. It’s basically an icon. Walking in was like being hit in the face by a flurry of general cuteness. Kitty shaped couches! Kitty latte art! Interior decor in varying shades of pink! If i were a guy I’d be incredibly uncomfortable. But we’re girls, so we proceeded to do what we’re biologically wired to do: take five million photos.

Coffee is a huge part of Korean culture- someone described it to me as the post-meal, where you have to go get coffee after a meal or you essentially cant do anything else. It ties in with the very romantic culture: according to my host, guys get paid more than girls here in Korea because they pay for meals on dates (even if you’ve been dating for years), but girls pay for the coffee. Elissa got the sweet potato latte while I got the relatively less adventurous vanilla cafe latte. A word of warning- it sucked. We were prior warned that the food/drinks here were mediocre, which is true, Elissa’s sweet potato latte tasted exactly like horlicks. The cafe is unpretentious enough about the fact that you’re there for the kitty and not the food- all the (apparently terrible tasting) food was kitty-shaped as well. So cute.

Recommended: if you’re a hello kitty fan, then yes 4.5/5. if you’re not, there are a ton of other cafes along hongdae that serve fantastic coffee and food- like Mobssie Chocolate Cake Cafe which has fantastic lava cake and coffee.

Hello Kitty Cafe Hongdae
358-112, Seogyo-dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul, South Korea

s/o to one of my favorite streets in seoul. Night lights and city bright and all that. x


#1395| the time traveller’s chives.

Were there actually chives in the delicious brunch of scrambled eggs we had? I have no idea (and a sneaking suspicion the answer is no), but ever since watching the perfection that is gordon ramsay and his scrambled eggs, i’ve always associated them with any form of eggs im ingesting at the moment. Hm. Moving on before the awkwardness of that sentence structure gets to you- i had brunch yesterday with Christel at the Coastal Settlement. Truly a place displaced in time- we lounged around for a couple of hours before realizing that it was getting late. It’s impossible to feel panicky or worried in this place- it’s like a little dempsesy, but in the east. (On a separate note, i visited dempsey for the first time yesterday- but that’s another story)

We ordered a classic brunch set, a salad, and a soup to share- i dont remember the exact menu names of all the dishes except the soup (Ocean Tales), because, wow i could subsist on that alone. Incredibly flavorful, served with a side of the lightest toasted bread for dips, and you’ve got to love the fact that it comes in the same nostalgic soup pot your grandma used to use.

On the other hand, somewhere this precious of course comes with a host of other challenges, a bit like when you have to clear all those levels on supermario to get to the princess. It’s incredibly hard to get to unless you drive, and even cab drivers will have a bit of issue finding the place. If you’ve been to fairy point treehouse chalets you’ll know what I’m talking about- that place is similarly a narnian dropout, incredibly difficult to find. Or maybe that was because we were looking for it at night the last time we went down, im not sure. Either way, I dont recommend trying your hand at public transport.

Coastal Settlement
200 Netheravon Road Singapore
6475 0200

In other news, the new baby of the family and my new favorite- the furla candy bag in glitter gold to match the twinkling fairy lights up and down the length of town, also, the most dramatic bag i’ve ever seen or used. Despite being incredibly sparkly and looking like it was made of fairy dust it’s also insanely functional- i can fit my ipad, instax camera, and dslr in that with space left over for a novel, wallet, make up pouch and phone.. also consequently it weighs a ton and i can use it to thump any pickpockets over the head. Sweet. Thanks so much Bagaholic Boy! x


#1351| Off Manhattan at Club Street Social

Off the edge of gemmill lane, so obscure it warrants a few quick checks to ensure you’re not in the wrong alley, is tucked a classy restaurant that melts seamlessly into the rest of the white brick and slanted vespas. I thought she was kidding when Nadia said it was like being back in Manhattan, but she’s right- it’s like being back in New York sans the airfare. And a thousand eight is surely a tad too much to pay, even if it is to get a good brunch.

Only the most causal disregard for the function of time, sitting there unabashedly ordering brunch at 8pm. There was no salmon on the menu, so I had scrambled eggs with fontina and chives, which Brad said was the best in singapore– best, im not sure, i go around hunting salmon not eggs, but it’s pretty good is what i am saying. Nadia had truffled egg toast (divine, it really tastes like truffle fries) and Cindy had bacon, egg and maple butter panini (also very, very droolworthy), but the one that really stole the show was the Strawberry Nutella Panini

The most amazing.. !! Strawberries and nutella toasted in only the fluffiest of panini breads, crisp yet not overdone. Definitely a must try if you’re stuffed and dont have space for anything else, or if you’re just popping by for coffee with friends. The entire place reminded me of Clarks Restaurant down at Brooklyn Heights, arguably the best place for brunch if you’re in New York- take the subway to Clark St. and cross the road from the exit with the sushi shop, it’s right in between Henry St. and Hicks St. and doles out hands down the most amazing and generous brunches with friendly service on the side. All smiles around for brunches, no doubt.

5 gemmill lane, s(069261)
+65 6225 5043
Mon to Fri: 11am – 10.30pm
Sat: 9am – 10.30pm
Sun: 9am – 9pm

On a separate note, dear little Oi has found a loving home and has apparently been re-christened Adeva after the spa bag we popped her in. Well, there was talk that Oi wasnt the most appropriate of names for a kitten…
Thank you all for spreading the word! 🙂


#1337| best pancakes in singapore

Laid back saturdays in glass cafes wondering about clarity and backlight. In other news, we’ve found the best pancakes in singapore, these banana chocolate pancakes from Food For Thought are perfection on a level our GPAs could never achieve. I mean, i’ve tried pancakes from Strictly Pancakes, Wild Honey, and the arbitrary hotcakes so necessary for the collegiate experience, but these really take the cake. Nowhere else than 8 Queens Street really for such great afternoons seeking refuge from the heat. Of course, everything changed once we stepped out of the cafe and into the sun but that’s a different story altogether.