#1305| ‘lol im blonde’

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today after church i lounged around on a bed waiting for the green light to go like a burrito of irony ft. tragedy.

five things off the top of my head

1. i don’t know why my cat waits patiently outside the bathroom while i shower just so she can pounce on me when i emerge when she doesn’t like water. Is she psycho?

yeah, i thought so too.

2. sometimes i place too much significance in promises made in passing. for example too many things i wanted to do before the age of twenty like learn to SEW and maybe have done a little bit more with my life and today i looked up and realized CRAP ITS JUNE my body clock is ticking and i am getting old.

3. most of you should have gotten your college acceptance letters by now. if you’re headed for NTU’s School of Humanities and Social Sciences then you can and probably should apply for this year’s Freshman Orientation Camp now- On Stranger Tides.

you might end up in the hybrid vampire-pirate breed, klaus.

4. yet another advertisement i wish i thought of first

so simple yet effective. reminds me of the durex happy father’s day ad, which also reminds me, happy fathers day you all.

5. you’d think that after almost a year i would be used to it but no, some days i still wake up and go lol I’m blonde.


#1302| If any bank can pull this off, it’s probably OCBC. (In other news, win yourself an ipad!)

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Hi guys,

So, i know you all clicked on this because of the ‘win an ipad!!!!‘ bit up there in the title (see, i know how my readers think!) but before that:

Guys, my cat is RIDICULOUSLY popular on facebook. I posted this up right before i went to sleep with her curled up on my sheets like this, and i woke up to 40 and counting likes and a bunch of private messages inquiring if she had siblings/was pregnant/was for sale. And when i post up a picture of say, the current book im reading, noone gives a shit.

This reminds me of a sofa conversation i had with my sisters the other night.

Baby sister: “wow check out this amazing singer i found on youtube.. wait a minute, why does she only have five hundred views??this is a great song!!”
Middle sister: “lul check out this cat on youtube meowing. FOUR MILLION VIEWS.”

People on the internet love cats is what we concluded.

Right after i typed this i turned around and yelled, ATHENA BABY, YOU’RE POPULAR! And she didnt care. Oh well.

Anyway, to the point.

I’ve been a fan of FRANK by OCBC ever since I got the invitation to be one of their initial fifteen digital influencers mid last year. No, this isnt an inflated sense of ego speaking, it’s the voice of someone tired of long DBS ATM machine queues and cumbersome confusing bank websites. In any case, the OCBC Launch of their new banking site i attended at Group Therapy back in September last year had smoked salmon canapes instead of the normal cubes of raw food companies somehow like to serve, and i was won over. I really, really like salmon, okay.

Since then, FRANK by OCBC (their new youth bank) has been rolling out one great initiative after another- have you SEEN their beautiful banking site??? – and it seems to only make sense that their next campaign is premised on Pinterest.

Charming: even the theme colors of Pinterest match the OCBC colors.

The brainchild of the gorgeous Sarah Chong from Wild Interactive, the campaign leverages on two vital principles of social media strategies- the incredible appeal of the highly visual, and co-creation. Did you know that the Vitamin Water drink by Coke was completely co-created by the Coke community, right down to the label design and drink ingredients? Now you do.

Now to the ipads you all were eyeing.

Basically, this campaign is a search for a new FRANK by OCBC card design. They put out a call for the FRANK community to create a new pinboard named #FRANKbyOCBC Card Design, and pin images which you think will best inspire a new card design. The three winners will get a special FRANK card printed with your new design, and .. yes yes, the latest ipad.

Oh and also, bragging rights for the rest of your life, having a credit/debit card with your design on it. I mean, COME ON.

this is the judging criteria, in case you were wondering.
No need to get all your friends to like your board or anything like that! Personally, i dislike like-baiting competitions, though i understand why companies would employ it in their campaigns for virality’s sake.
But, dont you ever get tired of being asked to like this and that and asking your friends to like pictures they honestly dont give a hoot about?

The entire inbuilt custom application tab for facebook is well designed, clean, neat font with a designer slant. Quirky enough to look like it has a personality, yet not too outlandish so as to undermine it’s professionalism. Very much like a shoulder length hair cut actually- long enough to look swishy yet short enough to remind whoever you’re conversing with that you’re probably smarter than them? Well, i dont know what that means for my waistlong hair so nevermind im not continuing down this train of thought.

And there you have my shameless self plug.

I (obviously) entered too, because i read the T&Cs back to front and theres nothing in there about OCBC digital influencers not being able to enter. It drives me crazy every time i run a campaign for a client and I’m not allowed to enter, like last year’s AirFrance/KLM valentine’s day competition. AIR TICKETS TO EUROPE!!!! But the ’employees and family/relatives of may not enter’ clause gets me every time.

This is my own pinterest #FRANKbyOCBC Card Design page! I started out pinning pictures of cats and sketches like this:

My life, every morning, except slightly less glamorous.

And then the more i pinned, the more convinced i was that FRANK should totally launch a superhero comic/ fairytale graphics range of cards! Im currently using the galaxy design, courtesy of FRANK, but i would drop it for one of these babies anytime. I’m still deciding between a Batman and Ironman graphic designer card in my head, from the imaginary line of cards that they’ve already launched in my brain.

It would be like one of those insane macdonald hello kitty crazes, except with unisex appeal. I would seriously go mad changing my card design every month or so. Gotta catch them all, and all that. No wait, that’s Pokemon. Ah, now that’s a thought.

Peruse the rest of the Marvel, DC, Pixar and Disney graphic designs i pinned here: http://pinterest.com/jemmawei/frankbyocbc-card-design/

You can enter the competition here.

I wrote a Very Pinteresting Deck (ha ha, im so punny i make myself chortle) late last month, and noted how companies in Singapore seemed slow to catch on despite Pinterest being huge in the US. I know Metro Singapore made small waves by being the first retail departmental store in Singapore to create a pinterest page, and it comes as a nice surprise that a bank is also at the frontier of such a trend. Very nicely done, FRANK by OCBC.

Banks seem to be trying to move away from the stuffy image a financial institution is burdened with, and social media seems the obvious choice of poison. First, it was Standard Chartered with the World’s Coolest Intern initiative, and now we have OCBC being the hippest bank in town.

Your move, DBS.


#1296| not about the cat

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every night i make the mistake of thinking i can finish up my work at home and then this happens:

about three days ago someone texted me a url i had forgotten about and i stared a little while at a few numbers that made no sense and thought the words ‘validation’ and ‘shallow’ in quick succession.

i did ‘vain things’ after work then went to the airport and watched my sister fly off to europe, an echo of a younger self two and then four years ago. i gave her popcorn and then asked her why she was wearing my jacket and she avoided the question so it is safe to assume there will be slowly discovered gaps in my wardrobe for the next few days probably at most inconvenient times.

today i watched my cat run into the wall and i thought to myself ‘i thought you were supposed to be an intelligent creature’ and then i realized i wasn’t talking about the cat at all.


#1295| the wheel of death.

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Hi guys

So you know what’s annoying? The Wheel Of Death.

For those of you unfamiliar, the wheel of death looks like this:

i finally got fed up with lugging around my fujitsu last year- it was a good 2+kg and it was a fantastic machine, also, it was hot pink so i got all sorts of compliments from random strangers (srsly especially during JC PW period), but it was a GOOD 2+KG- so i gave up and bought a macbookpro at the beginning of my college life.

my ex-laptop

Now, I’m not a huge apple fan. I hate the iPhone because i think its awkward and overrated and unimpressive, so by extension i also have a relatively antagonistic relationship with my iPad because its something like a huge iPhone. (It was a gift) But i love my iPod (mostly because i didnt have to pay a cent for it, won it in my first national blogging competition and it was a HUGE deal because before that my music source was my 256MB sony ericsson phone) and I’ve had it for a good five years now. I’ve also always been rather dazzled by the apple desktop computers and i always stop and stare when i pass them in challenger because they’re MASSIVE and VERY SHINY. Ok you know what i don’t know why I’m caps locking those words i sound like a child. i shall cease.

Anyway, i was won over by the macbook because 1. you don’t have to shut it down. i am a lazy ass so things like skipping the whole process of shutting down and waiting for it to start up is a huge deal to me. 2. the battery life is supposed to be amazing. 3. i like the macbook decals on etsy and now i would have a reason to get one (but as usual i procrastinated and one year later i still don’t have one. see above re: lazy ass) 4. no viruses apparently and 5. Its supposed to be super fast.

So imagine my chagrin when i first saw this.

At first i was confused and slightly panicked. WHAT WAS IT?! Why is there a rainbow colored carousel dancing around on my screen? Then i realized everything else was frozen and it was truly a horrifying moment. MY MAC WAS DYING. And I’d never even dropped it before! I was completely convinced that i was some sort of electronic jinx and started wondering if i could get a refund on it when everything returned to normal, so i assumed it was some sort of once off thing.

It happened again slightly over a month later, when i was out with PGC. “ITS HAPPENING AGAIN” i yelled, and grabbed the nearest person in fright, who happened to be an unfortunate Su.

“Oh.” She said, knowledgeably. “Thats the Wheel Of Death.”

She said it all casual too, and obviously that scared the crap out of me because she used the word Death in conjunction with my mac. Obviously being a mac newbie i assumed it was the equivalent of the Windows OS Blue screen of Death. After freaking out for a considerable period of time, the PGC informed me that it just meant my mac was lagging.

My first thought was, thank God, its not going to die. Thank God the entire PGC uses MacBooks or i wouldnt have known what to do.

My second thought was that too.

Then slowly, a third thought imposed itself upon me.

My Mac had lagged on me.
It. Lagged.

I felt so cheated. I bought my mac precisely because it wasn’t supposed to lag! Ever! Okay, fine, so it was only one fifth the reason i bought the mac. But one fifth is quite a lot, isn’t it? I mean, your nose is approximately one fifth of your face. If you take that away you’d look like voldermort. And one fifth of the approx 2k i paid for the mac is about 400 bucks. i could do a lot of things with 400 bucks. Fly to bangkok. Twice. And still have ten dollars left for a happy meal, or something.

See what i mean. Deal sites are the way to go man.

Anyway, i mentioned this to a few friends and all of them laughed in my face in a very lol you seriously think your mac won’t lag you think its magic is it kind of way, but i still feel somewhat discomfited by the wheel of death every time it appears. I also don’t know what the point of this post is besides to express my hatred for the wheel of death. Things like that are what gives me trust issues.

Yes yes i know what you’re going to say. What a spoilt brat computer lag also complain what a first world problem some kids don’t even have a computer but hello, i’ve been working on this all day

And being faced with the wheel of death ever so often is not particularly fun when you’re trying to work, okay. It’s incredibly frustrating. And yes, i just used that to conveniently show off my new deck! It’s an internal one i crafted for Havas, on Pinterest, the newest social media kid on the block with pretty impressive statistics for one so young. It’s very pretty and addictive too, very tumblr-ish concept except more adaptable to business models, but you need an invite to get in. They’re not difficult to get though- either request one from pinterest (you should get it in a few days), or alternatively, email me (morningcoffee@jemmawei.com) and i’d be more than happy to send you an invitation!

I also want to talk a little bit about Pinstagram- the web based equivalent of what would be if Pinterest and Instagram copulated and produced a love child.

Essentially a web based instagram application which also allows you to pull your feed pictures and pin them onto your pinstagram boards. Very visually appealing and easy to use- and so convenient too. I like it a lot better than ink365 and all the other web based interest applications!



Yeah, I’m just gonna keep doing that.

Goodnight, y’all.


#1294| “It’s not Tiffany’s, but it’s a start!”

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What do you get a girl who has no modicum of self control and buys everything she wants immediately?
Something she never knew she wanted, probably.

Ranice turns twenty in three days so the PGC planned a surprise for her today. I think the last time i saw her was a good six months ago, although i could swear i’d just met her yesterday.

We had a bit of a wild time looking for a suitable gift for her. Firstly, she goes through a million phases a month- hello kitty, colors, bag brands, toys, etc etc, and we can hardly keep up. Secondly, her current obsession is this ridiculous plastic collectible bears, bearbrix or something like that, which looks like the five dollar plastic animal shaped money boxes from pasar malams but costs about 200 bucks a pop for the big ones. Also, knowing her she’d outgrow these things in two weeks..

This is what a bearbrick looks like

the small keychain sized ones are about nineteen ninety, to which i say GET AN INSTAX CAMERA AND SPEND THE MONEY ON FILM INSTEAD. But, you know, to each her own. We ended up getting her a gorgeous Guess charm bracelet, which made her cry:

But I’m getting ahead of myself. Anyway, we headed down to F.I.S.H. at 313 Somerset which pleasantly surprised us with a free flow salad bar with every main course ordered- everyone was really pleased by this except ranice and syaf because they are unhealthy and do not eat veggies. the only thing ranice could eat from the salad bar were the nachos (don’t ask me why there are chips at a salad bar i know its ironic) and she got so agitated when the nachos ran out that she practically shoved the empty glass bowl into the waitresses’ surprised arms, leaving me to explain apologetically “she really likes nachos”

A drink syaf bought from tampines. I got relatively excited over this because i liked the packaging. In fact, i think i might have scared her a little because i grabbed the bottle and went “WHERE did you get this???” and she went “umm.. tampines…” while cautiously trying to pry the bottle away from me. I just get very excited over packaging, okay.

still obliviously making origami out of.. okay wait a minute, i have no idea where she got that scrap of colored paper from. Possibly she nicked it off a passing child. I wouldn’t put it past her.

Dragonboater Connie with her amazing glow and tan.

She was so happy she cried. I really liked the sparklers too- apparently, the F.I.S.H. staff asked if we wanted the electronic happy birthday played over the speakers and for the staff to come out and sing.. but su said “no we would rather like to still be friends with her after this”. Loving the bluntness. Earlier she stared at the bearbricks and demanded “why is this so expensive but wrapped so cheaply” to a very alarmed action city salesman.

Some people are good with photos, some with words, some with doodles. Syaf here is good with video collages- its an interestingly unique niche, and she’s putting together a video story of today with four second clips she took at random times. She’s very good at this- i’ll post it up when she’s done!


She’s done! Here’s the video, done in the style of old school home videos.


A word on this cake.

It’s from Chocolate Origin, and safely one of the best chocolate cakes I’ve had in Singapore. It’s probably better than Awfully Chocolate’s, and that’s saying a lot because boy oh boy am i an Awfully’s fan. The chocolate cake (original) from Origin’s is nice and smooth and thick and solid, and doesn’t melt while you’re eating it, which is nice. It’s also amazingly delicious, obviously. Everyone couldnt stop eating it despite being very full with salad and fish.

However, we also suspect they lace the cake with drugs/dope, very possibly WEED. Its definitely not alcohol because we would have probably been able to pick that out. The more cake we ate, the more giggly we got, and by the time the cake was gone so was our sanity. We were openly laughing at everything that moved and at one point i swear su shouted “WHY IS EVERYTHING SO FUNNY TODAY?!?!?!” After that, things were a bit of a blur. I shit you not. I vaguely remember traipsing around Forever 21 and H&M and doing all sorts of ridiculous things. There is video proof of this.

Nonetheless still one of the best cakes.. ever. It also comes in dark chocolate but we didnt try that. Very affordable too- the basic original 6 inch cake is $29 dollars, and $36 for the dark chocolate cake. The price increases as the cake grows, and the 12 inch one is $174 if I’m not wrong. They obviously also know they taste good- you’re allowed to have a free sample at the counter before buying the cake. Ive never seen anyone walk away from it after trying a bite.

Chocolate Origin
313 Orchard Road
#B3-10A Singapore 238895
10am – 9.30pm

my new baby which i picked up from singpost this morning ^^
All in all a lovely evening spent with the PGC.xxx

i hope you guys don’t think that I’m going to let you go without talking a bit about Athena. it’s seriously a compulsive habit that i have to talk about my cat at least once every few days on my blog. i also mention her very enthusiastically to people i meet, friends, colleagues, random old people on the mrt.. and last week i got so emotional i yelled at a friend: MY CAT AND I COME AS A PACKAGE!in response to a comment regarding dogs and their loyalty/cuteness.

Baby kitten needs to be hugged even to sleep.
Normally i run from the first sign of excessive touchiness/clinginess but with athena i am relatively helpless

Seriously all i want to do is to hug her all day.

I think my consistent rambling about athena has rubbed off on some other people- clement got a kitten too, today, and I’ve been asked questions on breeders, where to buy a cat, cat breeds, and so on. To which i say, WELCOME TO THE FELINE FAMILY.

What was that they said about cat lovers never being able to talk about cats without coming off as slightly crazy?