Not gonna lie, I’m actually like, offended that July flew by so fast.

It was a good month, if good means being so stressed you constantly want to vomit. Why the disjointed classification then? Well – firstly, because in my personal experience this level of stress (and seriously, i’ve never been so stressed that my face spontaneously combusted into rash before) only comes when I throw myself into something that i care deeply about. So there’s that. The things that have fazed me most over the years have always been things that I’ve poured my own heart into. So be it. Secondly – it has been a good month because friendship. It sounds trite but I always fall back on my net of friends who provide me with so my joy and comfort that it’s almost stupid. One particular instance – this month my soul mate visited – she’d moved to sydney awhile back, leaving me wondering why all my loved ones always displace themselves all over the world. It was a good couple of days, the days she was in town. And this month my best friend migrated back home from London, and for awhile, all was right with the world. I’ve never been one to collapse into loss when people leave but I’m always glad when they return. And every time I think it, it strikes me true, but – for me, home is in the people.

Come at me, August.