Top: Pomelo / Camera: Nikon D750

It’s been a pretty unproductive week for me – I think because I’m falling sick. It must be a bug that’s going around because people around me were sneezing and now my brain feels like its made of damp cotton candy, the kind turning slowly to mush and mould. Still, I trudge on to my office everyday, partly because of guilt, I know. Two weeks away from Singapore – tokyo for work then bali for mel’s engagement – and i come back heavy with the guilt of fun. How dare I, i ask myself, be traipsing off having a good time when things i.e. the THESIS is due??! And so everyday sees me in the office staring at stacks and stacks of words and my brain, slowly, turning to potato salad.

The timing of it all, though, has been propitious. I submitted a first draft (the submission is stage four, the first three stages of research, interviews, and writing, have been ugly) literally the day I flew off to Tokyo, in the airport lounge waiting for my flight to depart. Ho hum, out of my hands – and then the week I got back from Bali, the feedback came in, and so I’m right back to stage four, draft two. I found myself grateful for the perfect precision with which the timelines of my academic and commercial life intersected – even leaving me four days in between touchdown and the revised first draft comments coming in so I could finish up work on some commercial projects. Upcoming soon: a Disneysea Hacks and Guide, Tokyo snacks guide, Tokyo convenience store food post, and Mel’s wedding photo journal (which i thought was a waste not to document since it was such a beautiful day!). And if you haven’t already read my Airbnb Audiowalks post on The Last Bookstore, please do because I wrote it when I was down with a Raging Flu.

I guess because of the being sick business, and this seems rather common as with every time i fall sick, I have been thrown into the midst of a Quarter Life Crisis wondering what is up with my life and where it’s going, etcetera etcetera. I suppose I assumed that I would go straight on to the PhD/MFA right after my masters but right now I’m exhausted guys, no two ways of looking at it. And so perhaps a break is in order, but who the hell takes a break at twenty four? It seems indulgent.

I didnt come to the blog for answers, just for journaling I suppose. Which is what blogs were meant to be about to begin with, but we all seem to forget that nowadays. Be back with the regular programming soon guys, i.e. the travel guides, so stay tuned while I go blow my nose again. x