Robe: Pomelo

Question: Will your cat ever love you, or is bitchiness just their aesthetic?

Aesthetic is a word i’ve been using quite frequently, in a mildly self conscious manner. The thing about living with two quote-unquote millennials is that they are always talking in this lingo i cannot understand, which seems specifically designed to make me feel old and out of touch. Damn you! I said. I am mainstream and in the know. Stop making me feel old! But my sisters just stared at me and sniggered.

They said. What’s woke? What’s shook? What’s triggered?

I know lit af
, I said.

And they shook their heads at me sadly (apparently not the same shook they were referring to earlier). Lit af was so 2016, jie, they said.

… Whatever. Get-off-my-lawn-style grumpy aside, it’s been interesting. All I’m taking away from this season’s millennial lingo is, kids these days sure are keen on the past tense.