Hey guys,

After over a year of representing Laneige in Singapore, I’m super thrilled to announce the launch of my limited edition gift box for Christmas!! This is actually a pretty exciting thing for me – because originally the idea was to just curate a list of products I personally use and recommend. But then we thought – why not pick the best two, and throw in a whole bunch of other stuff? And so.. The Jemma x Laneige’s Christmas Gift Box was born 🙂

So essentially the idea is that for the retail price of both products, we package a selection of other things to pad your gift box with in addition to my two star items. The two pieces I picked (which I feel are both absolutely essential and totally workable for anyone who enjoys makeup) are the Laneige Brush Pact for All Skin Types, and the Laneige Intense Lip Gel in Rosy Nude.

The Laneige Brush Pact is my absolute favourite product from Laneige because it’s so handy. It’s essentially a two in one – a compact powder and a fluffy kabuki brush hidden in the pact that you can twist out (see gif above). Because it’s so compact, you can carry it everywhere with you to touch up your powder on the go, which i find especially useful for shoots, or on hot days where I’m running to and fro and I want to mattify my face in the middle of the day.


I also wipe off the brush and use it to contour in the mornings – I like that it’s such a fluffy brush cos then your contour line becomes very subtle and the entire look is just more natural. Easy for beginners who’d like a failsafe way to contour or shade because it works in such broad strokes! The brush hairs are super soft and fine, and feel amazing against the skin. Which is awesome, because after years of trying out different brushes, I can tell you that cheap brushes can feel really scratchy and gross, but good ones are mad expensive!! So this is (to me) a really good way of getting both a good brush and a compact powder at the same time without having to spend twice the price.

The retail price of this brush is SGD42 instore and online. I love it so much that I’ve already bought three because I’m so afraid that they’ll discontinue it or have it run out of stock when I need it the most!!

I picked my second item – the Laneige Intense Lip Gel in Rosy Nude – because Laneige is so known for their lip products (the lip sleeping mask and two tone lip bar, anyone?) but make up beginners may find it intimidating to try the two tone bars if they’re not familiar with lipstick application. The Intense Lip Gel is great because it’s super versatile while retaining the high quality that all Laniege lip products are known for.

On it’s own, it’s a gorgeous glossy nude that’s got a pink undertone – totally wearable on its own for an everyday look. I personally wear lipstick or gloss everyday because my job is very client facing (or camera facing) and I find that some lip color makes you look generally more put together. This is a very non-intimidating start because it’s sooooo subtle and gorgeous.

It’s not exactly like gloss or lipstick either. Lip Gel’s texture is slightly thicker than gloss, and less sticky – it is essentially like a super pumped gloss that resembles gellish nail colors when applied, and it’s very moisturising. Plus it smells amazing!


But the absolute best thing? The lip gel also doubles up as a great top coat. I picked the nude because it’s great both on it’s own and as a top coat – if you feel adventurous enough to wear a bolder lip color, a dash of the lip gel on top of that finishes the look off with a nice glossy sheen. I do this a lot with my other lipsticks, especially matte ones, so I can wear the same color as either a matte or glossy look depending on how I feel that day 🙂

The retail price of the lip gel is SGD36.

And so if you’d gone into the store normally to just purchase them on their own or together, the total price of both items would have been SGD78…

But for that price in my gift box, you get a whole bunch of other stuff as well as a gift from us to you!


*I must clarify that I am not getting commission from this ok this is a fun thing for me. So please go show Starbucks and Laneige some love for their generosity since they have zero obligation to give me extra things to put in the box lololol!

The Jemma x Laneige Christmas Box contains:
– Laneige Brush Pact
– Laneige Intense Lip Gel in Rosy Nude
– Goodnight With Laneige Sleeping Care Kit (travel sized water sleeping mask and lip sleeping kit)
– Travel Sized Laneige Water Bank Mineral Skin Mist (although tbh this is damn decently sized la can use forever and can keep in handbag also so useful!!)
– Laneige Trial Kit (Travel Sized White Plus Renew Essence, Fresh Brightening Cleansing Oil, Clear C Advanced Effector)
– One box of Starbucks Teavana Tea Set (you’ll either get the Emperor Cloud Mist, the Earl Grey Black Tea, or the Youth Berry Blend)


I actually really really love the travel sized items because skincare is such an annoying thing to pack when you travel! Over 100ml cannot carry on plane, then if you pack your full sized items in your checkin bag they might spill out… And you’d definitely want to moisturise on the plane too because plane air is awful and insanely dehydrating, but decanting your product into tiny bottles is just SO TROUBLESOME and always ends up wasting the product!!!!


But the thing is, these travel sized items are not for sale. So the best way of including them was to just beg Laneige to throw them in for free, to which they were like, sure! HAHA. And then I asked Starbucks if they’d like to give out some tea boxes, and they were also like, sure!

So effectively what this means is that my box is AWESOME.

I put in a lot of thought into this box so please if you like it go purchase a box/ tells someone who you think will like it. Because we only have a very limited number of boxes available, so once they’re gone they’re gone! You can now shop the box on Laneige’s Zalora page, and they’re having a 12% discount storewide with any Laneige purchase. Link here.

Ok, so that’s about it! Really happy that this is finally live :3 Now go check it out, and tell all your friends! ◡̈

Till next time