Mood board: Grand Budapest Hotel

When planning XQ’s birthday picnic surprise we wanted to get a baker to custom create the Mendl’s Courtesan au Chocolat pastry (from the Grand Budapest Hotel movie which both she and I adore), but no baker could do it in time, and so we bought random pastries and arranged them on a picnic mat with printed Mendl cake boxes off the internet and said: hey we tried.

The idea was not entirely our own, it was because for the last two years our dear girl has been going on and on about how she wants to organise a dessert style tea party, but never actually did. And so we, as one might say, took a hint, and did it ourselves for her birthday. I think we did quite well, honestly, except when she walked in on us we realised that we ruined the surprise by not hiding our shoes outside her door.

Rookie mistake.


Happy birthday princess x