I dont know what possessed me to think that wearing a knit sweater out on a thirty five degree day was acceptable or even a legitimate idea. This is the problem that is real and happening when you get dressed in an air conditioned room – you think the world will adapt to your chilled ideas of how it should be, nice, cool to the touch, unflustered. And then you step out and the humidity assaults you and it is too late to go back and change and you have to fake-smile in all your photos when you’re really crying inside. Still, it is a cute sweater. And really, this is a privileged problem. Complaining about temperature differences between airconditioned room and the outside world: really, Jemma? This is a new level, even for you. Ah well. These internal monologues might serve to check one’s privilege, but can they also double up as an amusing blogpost? Yes. Yes they can.