Featuring: NIVEA’S Intensive Moisture Body Milk

I’ve long maintained that NIVEA is one of, if not the best drugstore brand out there. I grew up on NIVEA – their lip balms were an essential part of my childhood, as were their body moisturisers. Their body milk as well – although the last iteration of their body milk I used came in a pump version, which I remember thinking was pretty much a household product as a kid. And then, of course, I grew up and instead of just quietly minding my own business and using their products at home, I jabbered about it nonstop on the internet as well. Isn’t technology great?

Anyway. NIVEA has been Singapore’s top brand for hand and body moisturisers ever since forever (there’s actually data to back this up, I’m not just talking out of my ass) so I’d never thought their products really needed any sort of introduction. But recently it’s been made known to me that their moisturiser is so good that it actually has a 100% Money Back guarantee – if you don’t feel smoother skin within 14 days, you can get your money back this summer. Etcetera – see more here.

It was hilarious.

Firstly, the idea of aunties going up to the store trying to get a refund for a six dollar product – which is honestly way affordable for what, 250ml of moisturiser that gives you silky smooth skin? Ridiculous. And the idea that anyone would even want to return this product in the first place was simply ludicrous. It’s fantastic!

Anyway, it got me thinking. Although I’d been using their products for years – and their moisturiser has been their bestseller for basically since the beginning of time, ok – I was so used to having it around at home that I’d never really thought about using it with the notion of critiquing it in mind. Would anyone really be able to find it in their hearts to return the product? What if you were just super auntie and hell bent on doing it? I was determined to try.

Mission Money Back


So here I had the 250ml bottle of NIVEA’S Intensive Moisture Body Milk for Dry to Very Dry Skin. What it promises is visibly moisturised skin within seven days, with a light and non-sticky application. Let’s pretend that I’d never lain eyes on this bottle before even though I basically grew up with it. What would my first impressions be?

Ok, fine. No complaints so far. The only thing I could imagine people complaining about if they were hell bent on complaining would be picking on the color of the bottle, which is the iconic NIVEA blue. But branding what, what to do? Other than that the bottle is just a pretty straightforward bottle with a matte finish and a flip cap that clicks into place to prevent accidental spillage. This version is $6.90 and available in all major drugstores and grocery stores, like Guardian, Watsons, Cold Storage, so on and so forth. They also have the $9.90 one, which is 400ml. Come to think of it, maybe that’s the one with the pump application.


After applying it on my wrist area

The product smells exactly like what every other standard NIVEA product smells like – clean, fresh. It does have a very distinct smell though, so some people may find it strong. When I first poured it out I thought it would take awhile to absorb based on experience with other moisturisers in the same amount, but the product actually disappeared into the skin really fast, so I guess it does absorb very quickly. And it’s non greasy as well – in the picture above, I’d already applied it to the inner wrist area so you can see how non-shiny it is. It actually feels a little bit matte.

I kept it on my bedside book/multifunctional-use ledge so I could slap it on before bed and when waking up, and because it’s non-greasy it didn’t feel like it’d rub off on my sheets either, which was nice. The amount of product you see in the photo above is pretty much enough for one limb, like an arm or a leg, so it spreads nicely and I expect it to last forever. Obviously since this is a new bottle, I cant verify this, but I don’t expect I’ll have to replace it anytime soon based on how little product it takes to cover my skin.


The thing is, I dont have particularly dry skin, and I’ve also grown up using NIVEA moisturisers, so it’s hard for me to definitively say if this product makes a huge difference right now because I’ve been using it all along anyway. But when I was applying it with the specific intention of critiquing it, I did notice things I didn’t notice before – like how it does create this immediate impression of smoothness upon application, and how it really isnt greasy in the least. I keep mentioning this greasy thing because it actually makes a difference to me and the way I live my life (lol!) I guess. I have the habit of being a bit obsessive over moisturising my feet, and whenever I’ve used moisturisers that are the least bit greasy it gets really slippery when I get out of bed to go about my day (my floors are marble).

Anyway, verdict. Mission Money Back is a no go.

I really cannot imagine anyone who would actually go to the trouble of returning this product because 1. why would you it is fabulous and 2. it is SIX DOLLARS. Just the thought of having to start the refund process, keep the receipt, take a bus down to the store, and return the bottle is so exhausting already, and totally not worth it for the six bucks. Your transport to and fro the store is probably half of the refund amount!


Nightly Netflix n Skincare routine anyone?

If anyone has used this moisturiser and returned it, I’d actually be interested to hear it because I honestly cannot imagine anyone not being satisfied with the product. Also, six dollars. I cannot get over the price because it is only six dollars! Okay, that’s saying six dollars too much. Six. Dollars.

Final verdict: Worth the hype.