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Obviously I’m exaggerating as usual, but hey hey! Christmas season is upon us again, and this dysfunctional relationship we have where you know me and I don’t know any of you always makes it a little hard for me to express Season greetings in a way other than via type. This year though, beyond all the giveaways I’m holding, I wanted to do something a little different:



If you look above, I’ve introduced a little fun stuff section in my header above, replacing what was previously Reader Benefits where all my discount codes go. (It’s now a subsection!) I always get questions on my doodles as well as on where I download backgrounds for whatsapp, especially when I post conversation screencaps to twitter (I make them). So anyway, I’ve created three new backgrounds that are fully downloadable for the iPhone, one festive themed, the rest free for use all year round. I’ll continue to update it as and when I’ve drawn new ones, but for now, I hope you like them!


Most of you already know I’m an ambassador for Spotify, and that I swear by/ love the music service via my many mentions of it through my travel posts or as and when I scream song lyrics on twitter (sorry). This year, in the spirit of Christmas, I’ve teamed up with them to giveaway three month Spotify premium codes to ten of you – all you have to do is leave a comment below and tell me what your favorite christmas song is right now. Mine is Kristen Bell x Straight No Chaser’s new single, Text me Merry Christmas, because it’s adorable and also because I won’t be around for Christmas this year. So text me, friends!

Some of my absolute favorites

Extra points if you link me to your own Christmas playlists on Spotify!

I’ll pick my winners by the New Year, but meanwhile, keep the cheer going and bells jingling!

All my love,

UPDATE: Winners have been picked and emailed – thank you for taking part everyone!


  1. Hey Jemma!
    My favorite Christmas song of the moment would have to be Pentatonix’s That’s Christmas To Me !:) It’s one of my favorites from their new Christmas release because it reminds me
    of all the heartwarming things about the season-spending time celebrating with the ones that matter and remembering to be grateful for the little things.

    Have a great time during the festive season!:)


  2. hi jem 🙂
    my favourite Christmas song right now is Mary, Did You Know? covered by Pentatonix!
    (it’s just. that. good.)

    this is my Christmas playlist for this year: http://open.spotify.com/user/1196271738/playlist/6C66nN9mTXmW68dhBsTcYn

    blessed christmas!

    @fideohfish on instagram

  3. Hey Jem!
    Im currently lovin White Christmas, by Michael Buble 🙂

    With love,

    Instagram @greyrabbits

  4. Hey Jem!

    I guess I’d stick to the ol’ good classic of Last Christmas by Taylor Swift because it makes me nostalgic!

    Have a great Christmas and remember to eat damn good dinners and keep warm wherever you are!

    xx Lynette

  5. HEY JEM!

    I’m not a belieber (haha) but I love Mistletoe (mee soto hahaha, I had to) by justin bieber. It never gets old!

    Happy Christmas and Merry New Year! x

  6. Hey Jemma! Merry Christmas!

    My favourite Christmas song is Santa Claus Is Coming To Town covered by Cimorelli~

    Tracy (:

  7. Hey Jem,

    It’s awesome you’re doing this. I don’t usually leave comments or send in contest entries but i think its great fun to share our Christmas songs and playlists! My Christmas song would be White Christmas by Bright Eyes.

    Have a wonderful Christmas!


  8. Hi Jem!

    My favorite Christmas song is “All I Want for Christmas is You” – Mariah Carey.
    I don’t know if you have seen it, but there’s this viral video of her really messing up while singing up this song live a few weeks back. Regardless, this song is still my jam and it makes me want to dance lol!

    Have a great Christmas Jem! 🙂

    IG/Twitter: @msemding

  9. Hi Jem!

    My all-time favorite Christmas song is All I Want for Christmas Is You by Mariah Carey! Its always the song which I put on repeat almost every Christmas.

    Merry Christmas Jem!! 🙂


    IG: whoeva_i_wanabe

  10. Hi Jem!

    My favorite Christmas song for this year would have to be “Baby It’s Cold Outside” by Idina Menzel and Michael Buble! (Love love love duets!!!!) Here’s my Christmas playlist! http://open.spotify.com/user/mahzzz/playlist/5JsqCqubrsMdFQ7SEb5qR3

    Have a great Christmas! <3

  11. Hello Jem 😀

    My favourite would be Do You Hear What I Hear? 🙂 Especially the choral version and when we’re all singing together in carolling sessions.

    Blessed Christmas 🙂

    P.S. I loved your 2014 favourites post!

  12. Hi Jem!

    My favourite Christmas song now would be Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas. I love Nora Sagal’s rendition, it feels a little sad yet at the same time so comforting especially when you’re alone. Sam Smith’s version is great as well!

    Have a Merry Christmas!

  13. hi hello!

    my favourite christmas song right now is carol of the bells by the bird and the bee because it’s the cutest and it sounds so whimsical and calming also it has this slight creepy undertone which is pretty awesome

    also merry christmas and a happy new year ur the cutest too! (not just sucking up)


  14. oh and i have a christmas playlist!!! hahahahaha ok sorry


    : )

  15. Hi Jemma!
    My favourite Christmas song would be “It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas” by Michael Bublé! This song brings out a cozy and delightful atmosphere to it. I can totally imagine myself drinking some hot cocoa while listening to this song in this cold weather!!
    Merry Christmas to all!


  16. lilrednose88 says:

    Merry Kissmass! :*
    My favourite christmas song right now is “Winter Wonderland / Don’t Worry Be Happy” by Pentatonix (feat. Tori Kelly)!

  17. HI JEM

    My fav xmas song is Frosty the Snowman. I am not cool but this is a really happy song LOL. I HOPE I WIN THIS PLEASE. I have been stuck between “Oh my god GIMME MY SONGS make these spotify ads stop” and “But is it worth it… or should I just live with these ads and wait like 30 seconds between every 3 songs”. HAHA.

    p/s: love the f word. hehe.

  18. Amanda Woo says:

    Hi Jem,

    My all time fav christmas song is Santa Baby by Taylor Swift because its so happy and joyful to listen to! 🙂

    Heres my xmas list on spotify:


  19. Hi Jemma!

    Just wanted to say, thank you for the freebie wallpaper. I love all three I can’t decide which to use but for now I shall use the fairy lights, christmas is never ever over heh. Thank you again & have a blessed 2015! x

  20. hi there jem! 🙂

    my fav christmas song is taylor swift’s christmas must be something more! firstly cause the tune is vv uplifting and secondly cause the lyrics are incredibly meaningful, so it isn’t just another funky tune with repetitive lyrics that don’t mean anything oops. here!!

    “what if ribbons and bows didn’t mean a thing? / would the song still survive without five golden rings? / what would happen if Christmas carols told a lie? / tell me what would you find / you’d see that today holds something special / something holy, not superficial / so here’s to the birthday boy who saved our lives”

    okay if i were to link you to my spotify christmas playlist then it’d be both glee christmas albums bc i really really love covers a lot and idk they never grow old for me 🙂 so yup!!!

    wishing you a vv merry christmas (although we’re just about halfway through already) and a very happy new year! been following that f word ever since the first episode and i think y’all have come very far and it’s kickass how the both of you just grow stronger and better in spite of the hate comments that noobs like to leave. 🙂

    keep being awesome and chirpy — HAVE AN AWESOME 2015!!! (sorry i don’t know how to end non-awkwardly so i shall end this way) oh yes little drummer boy is a close second fav song too hehe pa ra pa pa pum

  21. Hi Jemma! 🙂

    My fave festive song currently is Baby It’s Cold Outside by Haley Reinhart and Casey Abrams. Sadly this version is not on Spotify yet so I listen to the Idina Menzel version there instead.

    Thanks so much for the giveaway!
    Have a great new year and stay beautiful xo

  22. hi jem!

    my favourite christmas song is christmas lights by coldplay. not the happiest christmas song but who says everyone is happy during christmas haha

    here’s my christmas playlist on spotify, i hope you like it: http://open.spotify.com/user/yellowsandals/playlist/1aecKRyMM61WAXKnuaU6yg


  23. Hi Jem!

    Hope it isn’t too late to participate in the giveaway.

    Here’s one addictive Christmas song that grew into a ear worm when I was working Christmas at Universal Studios.

    Check out “My Only Wish (This Year)” by Britney Spears.

    Please hear it before you judge it!


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