#1796| Soft kitty/ Warm kitty.


When I was eighteen I sat down and made a list of all the things i had to accomplish- be a princess, go to new york, have a white christmas, be published by twenty one.. and it’s barely been a month since I’ve turned twenty one, who would’ve thought it? Yesterday was the book launch of From The Belly of the Cat, a cat-themed anthology Nick egged me to write for (thank you nick!), and one of my short stories about a disgusting little boy has found its home there. Lots of firsts all around: first time reading, first time reading at the singapore writer’s festival, first time being asked to autograph books and books, first time having short fiction over advertising copy published – ripping it out of context here but you know how they always say your first time should be special? mmhmm.

Huge thanks to Drea and Cinch for coming all the way down and immortalizing the event in photos; you can get your copy of From the Belly of the Cat edited by Stephanie Ye at booksactually or Popular bookstores. Heh, popular. Sorry. I’m the youngest and most inexperienced author of the lot, so if you like my writing from the day to day, you’re in luck because there are fourteen whole more cat-themed stories that are written by multiple award winning authors locally and internationally.

& going by the theory that all that was written when i was eighteen must necessarily come true sooner or later.. i guess next up is my white christmas. Either that, or I’m becoming royalty. Huzzah.

Thank you Stephanie x Booksactually, I feel so legit x



  1. OMG WELL DONE JEM! Congratulations!!

  2. Hi Jem,

    Is there anyway I could subscribe to your blog so that I can get notifications via email when you update it?
    Tried looking, but couldn’t find it.


    • i dont currently have that function, but thanks for letting me know- i’ll look into it! meanwhile i think you can use bloglovin to get updates on when i post x

  3. You look so much better in short hair and bangs!!!! love the new hair <3 <3

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