There is really no greater vote of confidence than the ability to say “Do whatever you’d like” to your hairdresser. It says “I trust you”. It’s the hairdresser-equivalent of the sacred I love you in any relationship.

I have raved about Hairloom’s cuts for months now, but I thought I’d take things a step further and document their all rounded proficiency in all things hair. A couple of weeks ago I stepped into Hairloom for a shoot, with no idea what they were going to do to me that day. As with all millennials, I am both afraid of and all for embracing change. So with equal parts anticipation and excitement, and a full beating heart, I settled into the hallowed hallways of hairloom and waited for them to work their magic.

And work their magic they did.


Done by Reno of Hairloom, Conceptualised by the Hairloom team + founder Calvin Gan.

The resulting hairdo they gave me turned heads everywhere – from back home in Singapore to along the streets on the Gold Coast, where I flew the week after for work. The ashy blonde streaked with shaded blue and green hues created the illusion of volume that I’d never known before. And everytime I moved my head, it shimmered.

Ever since debuting my new hair, the first major change since I embarked on the ombre four years ago, I’ve gotten compliments both in real life and via email/snapchat/instagram comments, and this is something I say with no shame because it is the work of Hairloom, and credit must be given where it’s due.

My hair is bleached thrice over, and in between each round of bleaching Hairloom religiously applied their new Olaplex treatment to my tresses. It’s been three weeks and till this day there’s been no hair breakage, no noticeable split ends, and no additional dryness. This Olaplex is a godsend and it is made available to the masses via Hairloom. You don’t have to take my word for it – reviews about Olaplex all over the world are taking the internet by storm. For people lusting after the different hair trends – be it a new type of perm, rigorous bleaching to achieve a new hello giggles trend, or rebonding – the Olaplex treatment now lets us have our cake and eat it too. It has taken the term ‘miracle’ and applied it to real life. It’s the treatment we always knew we needed, and now have access to.

The introduction of both Olaplex and the newly debuted hair shading technique you see on my new ‘do is really testament to Hairloom’s ability to take me by surprise everytime, to their dedication at making the salon better and better perpetually. In the short six months that I’ve been attached to the salon, they’ve improved their already strong offerings and every time I’ve walked out of the salon I’ve been happier than I’d thought possible. I’ve thought about this, and I think this is what it is: in every Hairloom ‘do, is heart. The stylists love what they do, and they’re passionate about creation. And that’s what your hair is to them – a creation. Their instagram page is a continual feed of inspired haircuts and styles that they can and should be immensely proud of – you can see what I mean there. And I think this is what sets it apart from the masses – the careful dedication to creating the perfect look customised from every head of tresses they touch. And the resulting effect is always that: heart, soul, perfection.


Hairloom Singapore
100 Beach Road
Shaw Towers #01-50/52
+65 6295 2088


PS. I wanted to plug that as part of Hairloom’s April promotions, they’re giving 20% of all hair services for the whole month and $20 haircuts till April 9th. More details here.