Obviously I’m exaggerating as usual, but hey hey! Christmas season is upon us again, and this dysfunctional relationship we have where you know me and I don’t know any of you always makes it a little hard for me to express Season greetings in a way other than via type. This year though, beyond all the giveaways I’m holding, I wanted to do something a little different:



If you look above, I’ve introduced a little fun stuff section in my header above, replacing what was previously Reader Benefits where all my discount codes go. (It’s now a subsection!) I always get questions on my doodles as well as on where I download backgrounds for whatsapp, especially when I post conversation screencaps to twitter (I make them). So anyway, I’ve created three new backgrounds that are fully downloadable for the iPhone, one festive themed, the rest free for use all year round. I’ll continue to update it as and when I’ve drawn new ones, but for now, I hope you like them!


Most of you already know I’m an ambassador for Spotify, and that I swear by/ love the music service via my many mentions of it through my travel posts or as and when I scream song lyrics on twitter (sorry). This year, in the spirit of Christmas, I’ve teamed up with them to giveaway three month Spotify premium codes to ten of you – all you have to do is leave a comment below and tell me what your favorite christmas song is right now. Mine is Kristen Bell x Straight No Chaser’s new single, Text me Merry Christmas, because it’s adorable and also because I won’t be around for Christmas this year. So text me, friends!

Some of my absolute favorites

Extra points if you link me to your own Christmas playlists on Spotify!

I’ll pick my winners by the New Year, but meanwhile, keep the cheer going and bells jingling!

All my love,

UPDATE: Winners have been picked and emailed – thank you for taking part everyone!