I was a twelve year choir girl, ages seven through eighteen. When you’re a local chorister, you’ll be familiar with this: running in heels, or with heels in hand, padding across the bridge from Raffles Place MRT across the Singapore River, trying to get to Victoria Concert Hall. And then, hours later, slowly making your way back, exhilarated off the high of performance. Looking up at the Fullerton with misty, young, eyes. I remember once telling Jenna that the Fullerton looked magical, like some sort of castle, that I wanted to get married there in a huge ball gown. I remember her telling me it cost thousands and being mindblown. I remember sneaking into the Fullerton lobby to pee.

So it was with a strange sense of fulfilment that I stepped through those giant gold revolving doors again, as a guest this time. We booked the room the night before on the HotelQuickly app, the whole premise of the app being last minute staycations on discount, you know, when hotels push their empty rooms for sale on the day of or right before you’re intending to stay. We got this at a pretty decent rate, about twenty percent off, though I have to say right out that the app absorbed the cost of the booking for us as a media gift. Ha, will you look at that. I’m media!

The entire time we were there Singapore sat under a cloud of haze. So we stayed in and napped in the hotel room that I spent my childhood dreaming of, and then foursquared our way to what was apparently the 7th best ramen in Singapore, just down the road:


Ramen Bar Suzuki

We took it slow. When Singapore is hazy, it’s like the whole city swims in the thick air, in slow motion. Your limbs become heavier, your eyelids more lethargic. Why fight it? we reasoned. We have a grand hotel room. And what are hotel rooms best for?

After all, staycations.. are meant to be a break from work. You take the break you think you deserve, and all that. Or was that quote meant to be about love? Either way.


In the morning we yawned our way down to breakfast and then flopped back onto the soft white duvet, making lazy conversation until check out. Not having to jam-pack our day with activities was nice. Allowing ourselves a full day in a room with a huge bed that had one purpose and one purpose alone was nicer. Spontaneous breaks from reality.. are going to be a thing from now on.


Thank you for the introduction and quick break, Hotel Quickly Asia! x