It’s that time of the year again, when social life starts grinding to a halt and everyone begins buckling down for the finals. Or at least, it should be.. The past week (or month, or life?) has been insane, with midterms, papers, and assignments due alongside my parallel life shooting, attending events, and hustling over the Fashion Week Weekend. In other (small) news, I passed my BTT last week, after years of declaiming female drivers (ladies should be driven, not drive!) because life and practicalities have caught up to me, as they do.

In all the bustle we tend to lose sight of the things that matter. The past week I’ve been slightly under the weather, something I completely didn’t realize until pointed out to me, and had a minor meltdown in a very WHAT IS LIFE kind of way. It would be easier if I hated what I do, but I don’t. So the pin shifts and shifts and has nothing to tack blame on to. It’s briefly disconcerting. This morning, a friend sent me a picking of quotes and one of them stood out:

Everything doesn’t have to be perfect
To idealize is also a form of suffering.

And isn’t that the crux of the matter? For years I have replied countless emails telling girls to learn to be happy with themselves, all the while aiming higher and improving, and it seems I have unwittingly exempted myself from the rule. It is the carnal sin of punishing yourself for imperfection and I am guilty. In clarity comes brightness and lightness and the fog that has presided here for awhile has lifted.

In any case, unlearning and learning and I am getting there. I just popped in to say that yes, I’m still alive, I will get around to replying all emails and ask.fm questions soon, and thank you to all the lovely people who have come up to me over the past week to say hi. Buckling down all right, and as Philosopher Britney (as dubbed by Shane) likes to say: it’s time to Work, bitch.