imagesLondon / Stuttgart / Bavaria

Recently developed my second roll of Kodaks since coming to Europe – this roll spans london, stuttgart and bavaria, which really is a bit indicative of my calming down a bit in real life re: kodaks, i excitedly used up all 27 shots of my first kodak in Paris. Still, the relatively more sporadic use of the second kodak roll produced quite a few pleasant surprises upon collecting the roll at the photo shop – i’d forgotten i took half of them, and it was a pretty nice moment sitting there reliving borrowed moments in silence. I could go over the wonders of film photography once again – the nostalgic grainy quality one usually associates with home made videos from childhood, the magic element of surprise with not knowing how each photo’ll turn out.. but they’ve been said a million times already by almost every one who’s come into contact with a film camera. Still, they call them cliches for a reason, and if every reason is as pretty as this one, im not complaining surely.