Top, Jeans, Jacket c/o Ted Baker | Heels from Topshop | Photos by Ceph from Uniquecolors

Today’s photos are brought to you courtesy of Ceph who thought it’d be funny to show you what my ‘natural state’ is like, ie. consistently trying to flag a cab. Thanks, Ceph. On a more serious note though, I love how the twilight lighting makes my hair look such a misleading shade of rose. I’m only ever going to take photos between 630-7pm under street lamps from now on.

I’ve worn this before, a couple of posts ago, but we decided to take some proper shots of it this time because it’s too lovely not to immortalize in 16 megapixels on the internet. Or something. If I could name this series of photos, i’d call them pretending to cross the road for a pretentious fashion OOTD. Between you and me, quite a few cabs actually stopped and got a bit pissed when they realized we weren’t actually trying to flag a cab. But, you know. You gotta do what you gotta do.


I was thinking to myself- now here’s an outfit that’d be perfect for a seasonal country. This brown leather and fur jacket is so luxe, if completely impractical for our local weather. Of course, i doubt it was meant to be worn locally.. which explains the weird stares I was getting the whole night. Like i said- you gotta do what you gotta do. Eek. So much love for this T-shirt. And eek again- because I never thought i’d say that about a T shirt.

Thank you, Ted Baker! xx