There’s no easy way to say this, so:

A couple of days ago on the train, some bitch pushed me in an attempt to get to an empty seat, causing me to drop my brand new tablet on the floor. I picked it up, thanked God that nothing was wrong, and went on reading my lecture notes on it.

After awhile, I realized the screen was acting a bit strange, which was when I legitimately scrutinized it and – there was a fine hairline crack running across the length of the entire screen.


And upon further inspection, the reason why it wasnt working right was because the entire area above the crack was completely unresponsive to touch.

That’s right, my touch screen tablet won’t be.. touched.


And after staying up an entire night for the Microsoft service center to open, the people on the phone told me that

1. they dont do repairs, they do replacements.
2. my one year warranty is useless because they dont cover hardware damage at all.
3. they want me to pay approx 300 bucks for the replacement, which is more than i paid for the damn tablet itself.


I tell you, guys, last night was a dark, dark time for me. I basically sat on my bed and bawled for forty five minutes straight. It was ridiculous. What sort of company doesnt do repairs for their own devices?! I searched everywhere and it seems nowhere does screen replacements for the Surface RT because it’s so damn rare. Maybe I should have gotten a samsung, i dont know. And there’s no way im paying 300 for a replacement because I can’t justify spending over five hundred bucks total for a tablet that i only use to take notes and watch The Vampire Diaries on. /wrist.

The thing is, I don’t usually buy things, so when I do it’s kind of this mega deal for me. And I debated for a month before dropping the cash on my Surface RT, waited 3 weeks for it to arrive, and in two weeks.. it left a tablet shaped hole in my heart.

I feel like I had a summer fling which I was hoping would turn into something more, but which dumped my ass the minute summer was over. Actually, no. Summer is three months long. This love affair lasted two weeks. I HAD A RECESS WEEK FLING YOU GUYS :'(

I even googled the seven stages of break up, and discovered that while I’m over the denial stage, I’m currently in the hide-under-the-covers-and-cry-all-day stage. Apparently anger comes next. Which means my roommate is going to have a tough time when I start throwing flowerpots at the wall and screaming at Microsoft on the phone, or something. Some of my friends said; it’s okay Jem, maybe you can get a new one but I was like; guys this is my origin story. Job got three new daughters because all his kids died but HE LOVED THE ORIGINAL ONES TOO. YOU CAN’T JUST REPLACE PEOPLE WITH NEW PEOPLE AND HOPE IT’LL BE OKAY. BECAUSE IT WONT. And then my friends started backing away from me cautiously.

It seems to be the season for break ups though. My roommate just texted me to announce that Mirander Kerr and Orlando Bloom broke up, and I perplexedly replied: .. but i just read a Cosmopolitan article on them saying they were still very much in love even though it’s been six years!! Because if it’s on Cosmo it must be true.

In a really sad mood all around so.. goodbye guys. Break ups suck. Stay single.