Leather insert peplum top and Textured pants c/o Ted Baker, Necklace from H&M, Furla Candy Bag c/o bagaholicboy, Heels from Topshop | photos by Andrea

Women’s couture night at Fide Fashion Week, and I’m completely blacked out courtesy of Ted Baker. Second in my series of four outfits from them – and first in the number of times I’ve tried a peplum top. I’ve always maintained that peplum sounded like a rather silly word, like a stuffy old english man sneezing, and anyway it’s always seemed like a bit of an unnecessary wardrobe addition because for some reason I assumed it would be an unflattering cut. But this piece.. Wow. There is just so much I love about it, and I don’t know how to start without sounding weirdly inappropriate and affectionate about what is essentially a shirt, but the leather details, and the cut, and the sleeves… Goodness.

And for some reason, my reflex has always been to reach for a skirt, but this season’s emphasis on the boss lady look had me eyeing up pant-type silhouettes, resulting in this happy accident of a full on black outfit. The slightly shimmery embossed pattern details on the pants also go a long way in adding a little character into the outfit, so let noone accuse me of coping out of adventurous fashion choices during fashion week.

Speaking of adventurous- fashion week this year saw a whole lot of completely and outrageously gorgeous but unwearable pieces this year, giving me the impression that haute couture is moving more towards art than anything else, really. There were dresses with trains weighing thirty kg – perfect, if you’re going for a sit down dinner, not so much if you’re skipping out to grab a burger after the show. Of course, what do I know, I’m just a college kid. Besides, they’re all absolutely beautiful, which goes without saying, just .. completely out of my league. Of the more day to day wearable collections, I quite liked the Moiselle runway show though – very chic – so check out the brand if you haven’t.

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Being goofy on the runway because I’m Andrea’s standard test subject for camera lighting.

Which also frequently results in candids like these:


Basically looking like I just fell asleep on the runway. Brilliant.


With both our favorite to-go handbag sized camera, the Sony Nex 3N.


Met so many amazing people that night- and for some reason, I’m always slightly surprised in a who, me? kind of way when readers and viewers come up to us in public.. everyone was just so, so nice, and it’s entirely too gratifying to be receiving so many words of validation in real life from you guys. Completely pooped by the end of the night, which explains why i look so tired in most of my photos with viewers, but it was just so lovely. Small favor to request from you guys though– please tag me on the instagram photo so i get to keep it in my tagged photos, i like knowing who you all are, and not just mention me in the caption because that notification frequently gets flushed away all too fast for me to get a proper closer look. It’ll come in handy someday when i want to do some stalking of my own… I’m only kidding. I think.

So much love all around, thank you to everyone who came up to us and a huge thanks to Ted Baker for dressing me this fashion week, as always x