Floral T shirt, Inky blue jeans and Brown leather jacket c/o Ted Baker | Candy bag in glitter gold from Furla | Heels from Topshop | Hair by Urbanhair

Seriously, years and years of arguments in favor of comfort and convenience have never managed to coax me into a T shirt, but Ted has – and a floral one at that, I don’t even do floral, it’s too sweet. This is probably the most casual you’ll see me go – complete with the over the top amazingly lush brown leather and fur jacket. What is it about impracticality that is so attractive?

Attended the Benefit Cosmetics Push and Pop party with Drea last night, and the invite said Sephora ION so I turned up in a t-shirt and jeans.. to general horror. Turns out they constructed an elaborate set of champagne, stage and lighting outside Sephora, and invited a whole bevy of cocktail dressed stars. Seriously, the one time I wear a T-shirt..

I’m lucky it was such a nice Tshirt though, I’m thinking. We were supposed to pop by FIDe Fashion Weeks show last night but both of us were completely pooped after the long day (and week, I suppose) so that didn’t happen. A happy side effect is that I wore whatever I was going to go to FFW in to the Benefit event – and I know what you’re thinking, who the hell wears a t shirt to fashion week – but I’m holding up the excuse that it’s a Ted Baker T shirt and therefore absolved of all judgment. Besides, isn’t it pretty?

Speaking of which, I walked into Urbanhair earlier that day and explained: Guys, I’m wearing a T shirt today, so lets go with a nice ponytail ok?, promptly fell asleep while they were styling my hair, and woke up to this elaborate sculpture on my head.


Is this not amazing.

I think we both need to review our expectations and definitions regarding ponytails, but what a happy accident- it’s so theatrical, I love it. Felt so very adele, with the big poufy ‘do. And since we’re on the topic of hair (kindaaaaaaa?), I might as well do to mention that the Benefit event was somewhat related in a second cousin twice removed kind of way: they threw a party to celebrate the wonder that is their Benefit: They’re Real! mascara. Now I don’t use mascara myself because I get my lashes extended on a monthly basis, but I’ve got plenty of friends who swear by this mascara – and obviously Drea uses it, so if you want to look pretty like Drea you know what to do.