Top, Jacket & Skirt c/o Ted Baker | Leather paper bag clutch my own | Chained leather boots c/o mollyfromspace | Hair by Urbanhair

I’m generally very overwhelmed this Fashion Week because of everyone who’s been very nice to me – even though I keep emphasizing that I’m not a style blogger, I’m a guys how awesome was the latest episode of The Vampire Diaries?!?!?! kind of blogger. In any case, when Ted Baker invited me down and gave me free reign in their store last week, I basically went crazy. This FIDé Fashion Week, I’m lovingly dressed by Ted Baker.. and I read like a cheesy advertisement too.

Here I’m being predictable in the most luxurious way possible- an update on my standard leather jacket look with this gorgeous number in black and maroon. The detailing on this thing is amazing. The zippers are a gentle rose gold, with T E D B A K E R engraved on every tiny zip, the floral silk inner lining is beautiful even though only i’m going to be seeing it, and the leather- oh, the leather- it is so soft, like shea butter and cream and sweet dreams. I paired it here with the most flattering of deep reds and this leather paneled black knee length skirt, both also from Ted. I’m very taken by all the bright and jewel hues this season, and favoring the relatively conservative mid-length skirt silhouette, something my parents are particularly pleased about. Here are a couple more outfit shots, simply because you dont get to wear five hundred dollar pieces every day:


What, up. Anyway, we were there filming a style episode on fashion week fashion (lol) which was pretty exciting, so watch out for it! I’m actually pretty excited about it because it’s pretty different from anything else we’ve done. You’ll see what I mean.

In between shoots we caught the Porsche Fashion and Anne Fontaine runway shows, getting a bit overly excited about our front row bragging rights. I mean, essentially we’re just two college kids trying to graduate on time and here we are all being fancy



The shows, though, were something else. I personally preferred the Porsche Fashion show although I know most people were there for Anne Fontaine, because it embodies so much of what I love- leather details, panelling, minimalist clean cut silhouettes. The models that walked for Porsche were pretty good as well- in particular, this Chinese one, and I’m not just saying this because I’m asian myself. That’s not to say that Anne Fontaine wasn’t great – possibly just less accessible to my demographic. I bet I’d be all over Fontaine if I were twenty five.


It’s like if i reach out, I can touch them.. or slip them my number.

All the runway shots are taken with the Sony Nex 3N, which is very quickly making it’s way to the top of my what’s in my bag regulars list. So sharp even in low light. Outfit shots are taken by Drea on her Nikon with a 50f1.8 prime lens.


Ending off with a photo with our darling Willabelle, whom we obviously interviewed again, so that’s another reason to wait for the upcoming style edition episode. It’s 3am and I’m really sleepy now, but I know that fashion week blogposts accumulate fast and backlog faster, so here I am.. and there I go. Sleepytime, y’all.

PS. To all the people who came up to me after the show- I really enjoyed meeting you guys, even if i was a little zoned out! Thank you, thank you, thank you.


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