photos taken by the nex 3N c/o Sony Singapore

It’s week four and i dont believe i have said this yet, but it is good to be back in school. Doing things like falling off skateboards and living with two other girls in the square box we call a room, late night cookouts and regular sashimi hunts, reading, reading, a lot of reading.. it’s a very well packaged neat little bubble of fun. It’s all very well to be working and studying, or working during your holidays, but once it becomes full time without the option of running back to college life to hide in your dorms, well, graduation is going to suck.

I wrote a piece on hall life for CNB x Live it Loud recently, and you can read it here. The timing’s a bit off since all the freshmen would have matriculated snugly by now but hall life is really one of the best things and if you have the option: take it. Between that and my best friend’s temporary return to singapore, life is good. It’s september, and im turning twenty one on the twenty first soon, but if im honest with myself I’ve felt twenty one for a long, long time and the most exciting thing about it for me is the ability to buy groupon massage vouchers without ‘parental consent’.. is this sad. Well. Doesnt matter HELLO GROUPON.