Pardon the cliche rhyming scheme, but yes. Last week, upcoming online ice cream boutique The Inspired Chef sent me a gorgeous box of gourmet custom crafted ice cream, no doubt a luxurious defense mechanism against the ridiculous Singaporean weather. The Inspired Chef (which launches today, so you heard it here first) is a gourmet online ice cream boutique with handcrafted signature flavors by four of Singapore’s most renowned culinary chefs.


Currently Available Flavors

Double Peanut Fudge
by Willin Low, Founder of Wild Rocket
Raspberry Cheesecake Rumble by Pang, Owner of Antoinette and the Sugar Daddy Group
Divine Chocolate Tart
by Daniel Tay, creator and founder of Bakerzin
Caramel Popcorn Avalanche
by Janice Wong, founder of 2am dessert bar.

I’ve dined at all the above restaurants and I love them, especially 2am: Dessert Bar @ Holland Village, so I’ve already got some level of faith in the chefs pre-sampling the ice creams. I tried the Double Peanut Fudge and the Caramel Popcorn Avalanche – and what I noticed was they seem to be marketing this not just as an ice cream, but as an entire gourmet experience. You read decadent descriptions of each flavor on their website, choose your flavors, and they’ll deliver it to your door complete with engraved metal spoons and exquisite pint boxes. Apparently they turned up at my door with a banner too, except I wasnt at home to receive it and my mum signed for the delivery instead (oops). I’m particularly impressed by the engraved metal spoons though (see photo above), because they look incredibly dainty and complement the packaging so well. Pretty worth it for fifteen bucks a pint, considering how your pints of Ben and Jerrys or Häagen-Dazs easily top that even though you have to get off your ass to get it from your local grocery store.

I had it after dinner with my family, and we were split down the middle quite evenly- my sisters and I preferred the Caramel Popcorn Avalanche, while my parents preferred the Double Peanut Fudge. Don’t get me wrong: we loved both, but I personally love the slight sea salt tang to my desserts, so the Popcorn ice cream was perfect. I mean, the official flavor description is A rich sea salt ice cream bathed in sweet caramelized popcorn and crunchy pecan nut bits topped with sea salt caramel swirls. How amazing does that sound?! Pretty damn amazing is what. The five of us couldnt finish the two pints too, so we had it over a couple of days. Mmmm.

It’d be pretty mean to leave you guys with your cravings after all that, so have some ice cream on me. (heh) The Inspired Chef is very generously giving five of you guys two pints of your choice ice cream each, so here’s what you have to do:

Answer these two questions:

1.[Factual] What will the TIC ice cream pint cups be packed with, when they are delivered to you in a bag? (Tip: Check the To Your Door page)
2. [Creative] Which flavour matches your personality the most and why?

And email your answers to along with your Name and Contact Number! Giveaway runs from now to the 20th of August, 5pm, and the winners will be announced the next day, so hurry.

Thank you to The Inspired Chef x Lewis PR for dessert x




Ren Ying
Natasha Maniar
Syazlina Haniff

for winning my TIC x Jemmawei giveaway! Check your emails, and Bon Appetit, guys 🙂