As you can tell I’ve been spending a lot of time in the kitchen like the woman i am. Sorry. It’s like, two months out of school and I’m regressing and accidentally knocking back the feminist cause or something. My prof would have a fit. It’s terrible though, I totally blame tumblr and all those pictures of breakfasts that make me want to google recipes and walk around in aprons. Also because it’s summer and I’ve been reading things both serious and frivolous like gaiman and chick lit, i decided to run out and get my leather jacket a girlfriend… see picture of cream colored leather jacket above. So much love. I’ve already gotten licked like, twice, because apparently my new jacket “looks like butter”. Either I have weird friends or i need to sit down and manage my expectations on personal boundaries.

Other things I’ve been excited about include shooting this incredibly fun episode with Willabelle Ong aka perth fashion blogger superstar paledivision, that qtpie in the photos above. Episode to be released.. no idea, actually. Hopefully by the end of the month. Meanwhile you can watch our latest episode just released today on how to cut and paste… okay, no. Simple DIY projects you can embark on if you’ve got classic rapunzel complex and hate needles:

Also, late night skype calls and impromptu decisions means I’ll actually be jetting off to Seoul, Korea, on a spontaneous trip with one of my favorite people tonight for a couple of weeks. You know how they always say living spontaneously is the best? Well yeah, but they also always leave out the bit where it drives you incredibly broke. Still. I’ll be lugging my macbook there with me so expect blogposts squealing about their famous cat cafes and stuff, but here’s a shameless plug for my instagram and twitter for on the go korean doses. Don’t hate on me if i turn all sickly cutesy and start doing that peace sign thing in my photos. I’m essentially asian after all. Represent, y’all.